Should you Wear Gloves for Training?

Should you Wear Gloves for Training?

There are a lot of exercises in bodyweight training that require you to hang from the bar. Pull ups, some abs exercises or levers are only a few examples. If your grip strength isn’t sufficient, then you will fail sets because of the grip, not the muscles that should be engaged by the exercise the most and it shouldn’t be that way. But this isn’t the only problem. Even if your grip is strong enough then the skin inside your hands may not withstand the pressure and it starts to hurt and finally tears. It’s a big problem especially in the beginning when your hands aren’t used this kind of effort yet. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to train because of this. Gloves are helping in that case by preventing your skin from tearing, because they essentially lower the friction between your hands and the bar. This is both good and bad for your performance. High friction between your bare hands and a bar is a good thing for exercises like pull ups, because it helps you to stay on the bar longer and it makes hanging easier for your forearms. On the other hand, this high friction is also a reason why your skin tears and that’s a pretty bad thing. It can practicaly be compared to getting a minor injury, because you need to take a break from hanging and let the skin heal. Chalk is the opposite of gloves in that regard. Athletes use it before doing a set, because it increases the friction between your skin and the bar, so it’s even easier for your muscles to hang. However it’s also easier to tear your skin if it’s not strong enough because of this very same reason, so you need to be careful with it. In the past, I’ve been using a few different types of gloves, I tried bike gloves, gym gloves and even cheap gardening gloves like these ones. They all seemed to work to some extent, but also shared the same problem. Having a layer of cloth between your skin and the bar makes hanging harder strength-wise, because the grip gets thicker and more slippery Also, when you’re doing long sets or more complex exercises like muscle ups, the gloves keep sliding off your hand or get curled up. The best way to protect your hands I found was using bandages. They’re very thin and you can control how many layers you need. So this is what I actually recommend as far as using gloves goes: if you’re having problems with sore hands from hanging, I recommend having gloves with you, but not using them all the time. Your skin needs to be exposed to the stress to start growing calluses and get thicker. If you would train in gloves all the time, your skin wouldn’t get the impulse to grow. You can start the workout in the gloves and take them off halfway through it. This way you will be able to do everything you’ve planned on doing and exhaust your muscles without tearing the skin, but also slowly get your hands used to this kind of stress. After a few months you’ll have your skin on your hands thick as an elephant, that will be able to withstand a lot of hanging. At this point I don’t recommend using any gloves, because they will just hinder your performance and cause more problems than they solve.

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  1. Dude, I don't if you're focusing on skill training, or if you're trying a different type of diet plan, so I'm not gonna judge, but you were looking way more muscular about two months ago. Just giving you an honest feedback 🙂
    Keep up the good work, you're amazing!

  2. Boxing wraps are also good. I don't use anything to cover my hands but for those who want something, boxing wraps are thr best IMO

  3. i use a gym glove and is great, but it is broking and im transition to a new one thinner than that, and agree with you. Started this year, but with the time my intention is doesn't need gloves anymore, slowly.

  4. Trzeba mieć rączki niepokaleczone i nie ze zgrubiała skóra:) najtańsze wampirki z cienką wartwą gumy się sprawdzają.

  5. I saw your video with 300 push ups for 30 days, and want ask you what you think about 10 push ups per minute for 30 minutes? I saw that my max push ups decreased a little but endurance increased a lot, I also think that is better as you done

  6. Totally agree with regard to pull-ups. Bare hands all the way for the feel of the bar. Build up the calluses on your hands and ditch the gloves asap. Having said that I suffer from Reynauds and have big problems if I touch cold things so I've had to learn to use super thick waterproof gloves for outside training when the temperature drops and always do my pull-ups indoors during the colder months. Getting older is a bitch sometimes.

  7. In your video "Full Body Home Workout – Routine for Beginners" You gave up many optional exercises to do. Can you make on using rings?

  8. First few weeks are hard for your hands and skin…like bouldering. after that your skin adapts to the stress and pain, scratches dissapear and your skin becomes pretty strong.

  9. In addition to the budda tatoo at your right arm, are you familiar with Alan Wats lectures? If not then I highly recommend u check them out. He's got a very interesting philisophy of life.

  10. I only use gloves when my skin has already ripped to reduce the pain it helps to not give excuses 😉 lol of course if your really injured don't do it obviously

  11. Thank you so much for making YouTube videos. I am so inspired by you and your channel. I am 14 and also extremely bad with calisthenics and anything physical…yet I have a desire to be stronger. This channel is helping me at my start. I also find your way of thinking interesting and agree with you in some ways 🙂 Keep making videos, doing what you love and inspiring more people.

  12. i would love to see a video to guide beginners on where to start, building strength and then what progressions they should start with when becoming a calisthenics athlete.

  13. i use nivia pro wrap gloves available on amazon they are quite slick when it comes sticking to barbell as they use relatively soft rubber kind of cloth and it wears off in 3 months only but they provide good protection and optimum grip

  14. Gloves are good because it forces you to have a stronger grip, but you need to have callouses too so dont use them all of the time.

  15. The problem with gloves is that most of the time the guys forget them because they accidentally left their purse in their car.

  16. Thing is, I'v been training for a long time now and my hands are used to that kind of pressure, but recently I'v been tearing my hand a lot more often than I would have two years ago because my job requires me to work with my hands all the time so it has been a bit frustrating. the combination of work and training is just too much for my hands . I used to think gloves are for pussies, and I do enjoy the feeling of the bar in my hand, but my hands just refuse to cooperate lol.

  17. I tried wearing gloves recently when some of the hardened skin suddenly peeled off. However, I found it very awkward and harder to maintain the grip. I just waited out until my hand healed and never used gloves again but now I am thinking that there may be some benefit to them – like using Fat Gripz.

  18. I can confirm what he said is 100% true
    I've been in gym for 7-8 months , at the beginning my grip was weak and my skin used to tear and burn sometimes . Now I have thick skin and I never feel anything while hanging . Just my LATS get tired (forearms became solid now when their weakness used to be the reason while I stop hanging, pulling up and even stop many other excercies bc of the failure in my forearms)

  19. Ome time I got on a pull up bar, did like 5 muscle ups and all the skin in my hand got ripped off (very old and rusty pull up bar)

  20. Some of my friends are training with sponges, I personally use gauze bandages, but not all over my hand, just around the beginning of the fingers.

  21. I just don't want to fuck up my hands I couldn't deadlift the amount of reps I wanted cause the bar kept pinching the skin on my hand I'm more confident in my grip strength than my pain tolerance

  22. your channel ,your videos , and calisthenic the way that you do…. gives a lot of inspiration to me , in a way that calisthenic has become my passion !!!

  23. Love all the "real men don't wear gloves" comments, because as a woman, I don't lie sleepless at night worrying that someone might question my penis size if they see me wearing gloves while doing pull-ups. All the bs you guys heap on each other … it must really suck to be a man. Of course, I still get the "women don't…" or "women shouldn't…," but at least no one's questioning my womanhood for wearing gloves. Ha!

    Having said that: 1) one of my hobbies involves materials that would be detrimental to my health if used with broken skin, and since this is where I need a great deal of sensitivity, I don't want to put gloves between my hands and my work so the solution is to avoid broken skin at all costs; 2) my boyfriend would be less-than-pleased with my having man-hands, 3) I would be less-than-pleased at having man-hands.

    I guess I'm fortunate in that the gloves I use have nice grippy bits on the outside and happen to fit my hands exceptionally well, so I don't experience "sliding" while wearing them (either off my hands, or off whatever I'm holding on to), but they're going to wear out eventually, and I'm thinking I might try the wrapping (someone mentioned gymnast gloves below — that sounds reasonable too).

  24. Lol I am a glover :)) I dont get it why ppl bash it so much actually it is harder and develops forearm and grip like you were using fat grips but for me I have to use gloves simply because my hands sweat a lot and I would just drop everything lol . When I dont wear gloves I have to wipe my hands every set and it is annoying lol .

  25. Isn't it more slippery with bare/sweaty hands instead of gloves?
    Gloves only reduce the friction when compared to dry hands right?

  26. i have a problem of wrist pain, i found during weight training, the wrists withstand many pressure, as they are the source of tendons grasping the weight, therefore i have wonder should i use gloves or my training problem. thx.

  27. I live in the desert, and a metal bar will cook your hands if you don't have gloves!!! Plus, my wife doesn't like the calluses scratching her. But to hell with it, who needs a sex life if you can do one more pullup?

  28. I want to ask this:What if the reason I use gloves is that I have really sweaty hands and always slip and cant hold for a long time?

  29. Quick tip: if you need to have soft hands to work (massage therapist here), even if you workout every so often without gloves, simple hand cream every day will keep the skin in good shape and prevent it becoming a problem

  30. It’s not cool to have calluses. Especially that I wear a suit and shake hands every say. Nobody wants to shake rough hands with calluses

  31. I stopped using gloves three years ago. I still do a ton of pullups, but my hands look like I do no pullups because I perfected my grip on the bar. There are videos that teach proper grip technique.

  32. If you are against gloves in the gym then you can’t wear elbow straps, knee straps, wrist straps, or weight belts either.

  33. doesnt ripping your skin increase recovery time due to your body having to invest time and resources into replacing skin cells

  34. You know what.. it's practical and inexpensive if you are using bandages instead of gloves. Appreciate your honesty

  35. i use schiek 425s, they are great and already hold up more than 3 years of training where others just disintegrated over the periode of weeks

  36. I've been training calisthenics for 4 years now. My hands are my biggest problem. Trained both with and without gloves. I always get blisters behind the calluses that hurt alot. Any ideas?

  37. throw away your bitch mittens and start working out like a man. if not make sure to bring a purse that can match your gloves, that way you'll be considered 100% gay and there won't be questions about it

  38. My problem is that my hands are always super sweaty and even if my grip is strong, I slip easily so I thought I'd need to try gloves

  39. Id say use gloves when doing exercise with textured bars, they ruin your skin real easy. I got quite bad wound from one.

  40. Glove user here too. I need it for Radial Tunnel Syndrome in my arms. Without my hands just stop working and the pain is insane. It is what it is 🙂

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