Silhouette Cameo3 – Fabric Cutting

Silhouette Cameo3 – Fabric Cutting

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel Avanti Morocha. In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Cameo 3 and the fabric blade to cut fabric First, you must stabilize the fabric, you can use stiffing spray or HeatNbond. I’m going to show you how to use heatnbond I’m going to show you how to use Heatnbond. This is my favorite method because allows you to bond the design to another piece of fabric. Now let’s begin. choose your preferred fabric I recommend a thin material you’re also going to need HeatnBond, I’m using the lite version because it’s what I have at home but if you’re going to buy one I recommend the ultra hold version. For this project, I’m using an EasyPress
but you can also use a household iron. The HeatnBond has a shiny and rough
side with the other being opaque and smooth. Now, I’m going to cut a piece of HeatnBond that matches the fabric piece. Now, I’m going to fuse the materials. First, I’m going to iron the piece of fabric and remove all the wrinkles. Turn around the fabric. Place the HeatnBond with the shiny side facing down. The shiny and rough side is the one with the adhesive. Bond the two materials using the
EasyPress, you can also use an iron. This is going to take you no more than 20 to 30 seconds. As you can see the two materials are fused, now you can remove the HeatnBond backing The adhesive of the HeatnBond has
been transferred to the fabric. Keep in mind that the adhesive side of the
fabric is not sticky. This adhesive will only activate with heat. place the fabric on the mat. I’m going to turn around my mat because I know this is not as sticky as the other side. when cutting fabric, I recommend using a
nearly new mat. This is Silhouette fabric blade, it works with Portrait and Cameo3. The blade will need to be manually using with this adapter. as you can see the depth is set to six
and I’m going to change it to four You can also use the Ratchet or Premium
blade. which you should reserve to be used only with fabric It’s similar to fabric scissors and if you want to keep them sharp you shouldn’t cut paper with them. I’m going to place the fabric blade in tool 1, which I manually set to a depth of 4. You could also place the blade in tool2 If you place it in tool 1, you’ll hear the adjusting sound characteristic of the auto blade but rest assured nothing is being modified since we’re not using the auto blade. For this project, I’m going to use this whale design, as you can see, it’s a simple design. When you’re cutting fabric, I recommend avoiding designs that are too complex, the more lines you have in your design the more chances you’ll have to ruin the cut along with the fabric. I’m going to remove this design Press “SEND” I’m using tool 1, material: Fabric Thin (Cotton Print) The action is cut. and in tool, you need to put Ratchet Blade I’m going to increase the depth to 4, the
speed is 5, the force 33 and the passes 1. Now load the mat and press send. Since I placed the blade in tool 1, you are going to hear the noise the machine does when adjusting the auto-blade, rest assured, nothing is happening with the fabric blade. As I mentioned before, the fabric blade can only be adjusted manually. I fast-forwarded this part of this video, the process to cut this piece took about 30 seconds. Unload the mat. Remove the excess material. Now removed the design. I’m going to bond this design to a t-shirt, but you can also try it on a onesie, pillows case, tote bag, etc. I’m going to use my EasyPress to attach the design to the fabric; you can also use an iron. First I’m going to remove any moisture and wrinkles from the t-shirt. Place the design in the center. I’m going to press my EasyPress on the t-shirt for 30 seconds; you can also use iron. Remember, the heat activates the adhesive to create the bond. Turn around the t-shirt and press it for 15 seconds. All done. The design has been fused to the t-shirt. You can machine watch this t-shirt; however, I recommend turning it inside out and using cold water. if you want you can add heat transfer
vinyl to the design As I mentioned in the beginning to cut
fabric with Cameo3 you must stabilize the fabric However, this is going to
change with Cameo4, The new Cameo has a rotary blade, with this you don’t need to stabilize the fabric You can cut it as it is. The release day for Cameo4 is September 2019. I hope you’ve like this video and you find it informative. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. If you’re interested in a cameo, I’m going to leave you the links where you can buy it in the info box below the video. If you’re new to my channel and you like what you see hit the subscription button, Tab the notification bell so you get informed every time I release a new video. Don’t forget to visit my blog, follow me on my social media, like this video and share it with your loved ones. See you soon. Chau Chau

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  1. Hola Avanti mi nombre es Maria landeros y soy nueva en el uso de la cricut y las flores de papel que me encantaron l malo es que no se hacer ciertos diseños como uno en partícula de un círculo con pequeños circulitos dentro para hacer un girasol utilizando el programa de cricut crea que me puedas ayudar

  2. This is such a good idea!!! I REALLY like the idea of a fabric design more than heat transfer vinyl. I think it would have a nicer feel to it. Great video ❤

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