Simple kids dress (How to sew)

Simple kids dress (How to sew)

Assalamu’alaikum, hello friends… in the previous video we have learned to make children’s clothing patterns we cut the cloth now, we will learn how to sew it I hope you can understand the lessons in this video Enjoy watching still remember these lines? hold the center line folded up then sew here this is a baste stitch or temporary stitches fold it like this, then iron it This results after being ironed it’s a spiral pattern use wolsum stitch, for the outer side inner side, sew 0.5 cm from the edge of the fabric after stitching cut the inside like this now, sew a spiral pattern to the bottom front pattern sew the front top pattern with the bottom front pattern fabric position like this the temporary stitch that we made earlier, after opening, the results are like this we will sew the zipper this is the zipper limit mark 3 cm above the zipper limit make a fabric position like this sew from this mark down take a zipper foot sew the right side zipper first change the zipper foot to the left the result is like this the zipper head is still inside and looks from the outside like this now, we pull the zipper head out now sew the front and back patterns sew right and left shoulder then the right and left side of the pattern the lining of arm holes and neck holes sewing with a hemming machine on the outside You can add a tricot fabric for better results like this now sew the lining armhole make the lining position like this then sew here and here This is neck hole lining make the lining position like this then sew here and here now, we are sewing armhole lining this stitch should be one line with shoulder stitching pay attention again, this stitch should be one line with shoulder stitching then sew the lining to the armhole after stitching, cut it like this around the arm hole pull out the lining, then place the seam allowance to the right sewing stitches on the edge of the lining after stitching, insert the lining into the armhole again this lining we will sew, using a hand needle from the inside (blind hem stich) Now, sew neck hole lining hold the shoulder from the inside then take the neck hole lining make sure the two stitches are one line use straight pin fold the end of the lining like this hold the folds of the lining with the left hand then remove the straight pin with the right hand open the lining then hold the two parts together use straight pin then sew here also do for the right lining Also sew this part fold the end of the lining like this, then sew to follow the neck hole cut like this around the neck hole position the lining to the right, seam allowance position also to the right sewing stitch above the lining cut the seam allowance above the zipper then reversed the lining of this neck hole is sewn with a hand needle (blind hem stich) do it also in the arm hole Finally, sew the bottom (hemming stich) add accessories, Ok friends, the children’s clothes series with messina sydney s3572 is finished I hope you can understand, we will meet in the next video with a more interesting tutorial See you again, Assalamu’alaikum wr wb

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    Happy learning…..

  2. MasaAllah ellerinize saglik dilinizi bilmiyorum ama Rabbim harika el beceriniz var emeginize saglik on aylik bir kiz torunum var insaAllah ona oyle bir elbise dikerim becerirsem

  3. Beautiful im going to try and make this what fabric did you use or any tips what fabric to use. Love from the UK.x

  4. اني مافهم الكلام بس افهم لما اشوف التفصيل بالفيديو تسلم

  5. Very very nice dress.
    Please reply in English and tell me:
    1) the measurrments for 6 years.
    2) what type of fabric should be used for this dress ? You have used what type of fabric ?

  6. Omg i love it..
    The first Indonesian youtuber who explain how to sew step by step so clearly that even a dummy like me still able to follow it :3
    Thanks a lot for your guidance 🙂

  7. Wah.. saya nyoba ini alhamdulillah jadi dalam sehari. Terima kasih atas video yg super jelas penjelasannya ini, banyakin video tutorial anak2 lagi ya.. waiting for next video..

  8. Beautiful.Easy and clear explanations. Thank you so much from Canada. I will make this lovely dress for both of my granddaughters.

  9. sudah lama saya mengikuti chanel pak sentot..luar biasa….terlihat sangat berkembang,jauh lebih baik dari mulai penjelasan dan kualitas videonya..hasil editing yang sempurna…dan tentunya ilmu bapak sangat bermanfaat bagi penjahit amatir seperti saya…sekses selalu pak sentoto..anda panutan saya..

  10. Thank you so much for sub title i follow your all videos make them also with sub title in english its so nice i am from pakistan

  11. أحسنت صنعا.. أرجو أن تعتمد على تقريب الصورة وإيضاحها أكثر من الحديث.. حتى يفهمك الآخرون

  12. Я не знаю, почему это у меня в предложениях, я не знаю, почему я это смотрю, но я знаю, что мне это очень и очень понравилось. Это так мило. Спасибо.

  13. Асаламуалайку илтимос шу кӯйлакни қайтиб пичиб тикишини узбектилида. Курсатингизлар илтимос

  14. Nice- hallo from Poland-it's mine sweet dress 😊

  15. Iam also Indian beginner. We learn from your vedio and English scrolling bcz we don't understand your language.

  16. Ассалому Алайкум.Это какой язык.Хинди наверно.Очень красиво.Просто завидую таких мужчин👍👍👍

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