Simple Life Hacks & Habits You Can Copy From Billionaires

Simple Life Hacks & Habits You Can Copy From Billionaires

– [Host] Billionaires
are super successful, but how do they become successful? Many billionaires are self-made, and along the way they
figured out simple habits and life hacks to save
money, boost productivity, and make great decisions. Intrigued? Keep watching as to learn these 20 simple habits and life hacks you can copy from billionaires. – Amazing! – [Host] Number 20, scheduling
and productivity hacks. Apple founder Steve Jobs
believed in honing in on the best three projects at a company and disregarding all the others. The big three is the
ultimate productivity hack to simplify a complex life. For your own life, choose three things that can be reasonably
accomplished within the day. Ideally, they would be things that have fast-approaching deadlines,
like paying a bill, things that have been causing you stress, or things you’ve been
procrastinating about. You’ll feel great once they’re all done. Repeat every day for
unparalleled productivity. You can also get the most out of your day with some high-octane
scheduling, Elon Musk style. He schedules his time
in five minute blocks, but then he is running two
very notable companies, Tesla and SpaceX. In order to save time changing
between the two companies, Musk spends two full days
each week at each one, and Friday is divided between the two. Knowing exactly what you
need to be doing and when saves time procrastinating
about what task to do next. Here’s another one. Do you suffer from
Monday-itis and spend the day procrastinating about the week ahead? Jack Dorsey, the founder
of Twitter, doesn’t. He hits the ground running on Monday by spending some time
on Sunday reflecting, strategizing and preparing for the week. Try it, and you’ll find
your productivity will spike and the transition from
weekend to working week is that much easier. Number 19, invest in time. Do you know that very successful people spend a lot less time watching TV than the average person? That’s because they have
a greater understanding of the value of time, like the
richest person in the world, Warren Buffet, who made his wealth by taking a long-term
approach to investments. But he also knew how to
prioritize in the short term. Buffet once advised his personal pilot to ignore any goals that
weren’t in his top five. That way, he wouldn’t be distracted, and would be more likely
to achieve those goals. While our goals may not
be as large as a pilot’s or a billionaire’s, it doesn’t mean we can’t use the principle. Just like Facebook
founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who has eliminated TV
watching from his life. It’s easier when you don’t even have one. Number 18, avoid alcohol and smoking. You might expect someone as
ostentatious as U.S. President Donald Trump to have
more than a few vices, but you’d be wrong if you
thought drinking alcohol and smoking were among them. Trump believes in a
straight-edge lifestyle as a precursor to success. Without distractions like
alcohol and cigarettes, you not only increase financial stability, but are likely to be in better health and receive a better
education, and not miss out on opportunities to succeed. Number 17, eat healthy. It’s hard to be at the top of your game when you don’t feel your best. While some larger health
issues may be outside of your control, a healthy
diet is easily achieved and can work wonders
on your energy levels. David Murdock, Chairman of Dole Foods and CEO of Castle and Cooke,
believes his healthy diet is a huge factor in his longevity. In fact, Murdock believes he is going to live to 125 years old. He has been a vegetarian
since the age of 60, and at 93 years old, he has the health of a much younger man. He’s not only interested in
furthering his own health, but the health of others
through collaborating on science research and wellness programs. Number 16, take public transport. You’ll be starting to pick up on a trend that many billionaires pay attention to how they spend their time, money, and also have concern for
the world around them. This brings us to the next simple habit of taking public transport or
using self-powered transport like walking or cycling. Two billionaires known for
this are David Cheriton, founder of Distributed Systems Group, and Chuck Feeney, co-founder
of Duty-Free Shoppers Group. It’s so easy to implement
in your own life. You’ll be saving dollars and reducing your carbon footprint in no time. Number 15, adopt a
glass-half-full mentality. Elon Musk’s shoot for the moon attitude is particularly evident in the work of his company, SpaceX. He is literally shooting for Mars, which he hopes to colonize one day. Musk believes his undying
enthusiasm gives him an edge over less optimistic competitors. His lesson is that if you
don’t have hope for the future, it will meet your expectations
and never be better than what it is now. So think positively and help
yourself achieve greatness. Number 14, meditate. Want a super easy habit to incorporate into your daily life that is
popular with billionaires? Try meditating, as well
as reducing stress levels and improving memory,
science has also shown meditation can boost the immune system. Two billionaires who
profess to daily meditation are media extraordinaire Oprah Winfrey and Jack Dorsey, CEO
of Twitter and Square. Sessions of stillness can also result in improved creativity, sharp focus, and a more positive outlook,
all vital to productivity. So how often do they do it? Well, Dorsey opts for
30 minutes upon walking, and Oprah manages an impressive
20 minutes twice per day. Feeling more encouraged
to try mindfulness now? Number 13, be brave and fail. Sounds crazy, do you think? Not for a minute, according
to these billionaires, who believe both bravery
and failure cannot be underestimated in the path to success. Richard Branson is likely
to be the first billionaire that comes to mind. Not only is he brave when it
comes to physical adventures like hot air ballooning, but he also uses the same philosophy for entrepreneurship, like when he started Virgin Airlines, despite having never worked
in the aviation industry. Sir Richard’s theory behind his success is that his burning desire to be creative leads him to do things not for money, but the act of creation. Similarly, when Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg LP, was
fired at the age of 39, he branched out and started a new company based on an unproven idea, the epitome of brave decision making. He doesn’t believe in wasting
time worrying about failure. Number 12, play hard. They say all work and no
play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, though Richard Branson and Elon Musk are considered to be so
passionate about their work they border on obsessive, they
are in no fear of being dull. Elon Musk celebrated his 30th birthday by renting a castle in England
for his friends to join him and play the hide-and-seek game, Sardines. And that’s just one
example among occasions like costume parties
and driving fast cars. Aside from his passions for kite surfing and record breaking, Richard Branson tends to have a lot of fun with his work. This usually happens when he
has a fantastic marketing ploy to execute, like driving
a tank down Fifth Avenue, or driving an amphibious car all the way from England to France. His spirit of adventure
is a crucial aspect of his creativity and success. Number 11, exercise. Now, we all know we’re
supposed to exercise every day. These billionaires provide
the proof that we should. Shark Tank investor Mark
Cuban does on hour of cardio at least six days a week. Exercise is great for
boosting memory and focus. Richard Branson gets up
at 5:45 AM to exercise, and believes the energy
and motivation it provides manifests as four extra hours
of productivity every day. So, before you blow off
the gym again today, just think, what would a billionaire do? Number 10, act now for long-term goals. If you don’t make
decisions in the short term with your long-term goals in mind, they will be impossible to achieve. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, nailed tough decision
making in the short term for incredible success. Take a look at eBooks, for example. While everyone else was selling eBooks for the same price as print editions, Jeff Bezos saw an opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. He foresaw eBooks having
a lower price long term, so he made the move to drop
Amazon eBook prices early on. He lost money, and it was
an unpopular decision, until it wasn’t and he was proven right. After all, Amazon is the top
choice for eBooks these days. To implement in your own
life, make sure you have at least one defined long-term goal. Think about the smaller decisions that could affect that goal right now. Maybe there was a course
you want to study. Instead of spending your last
$5 for the week on a coffee, save it towards your course. Number nine, pay attention
to relationships. It’s important to give time and energy to the people close to you. Fostering good relationships
is not only great for business in a direct sense, but great for mental well-being,
which engenders success. Billionaires like Bill Gates believe in giving back through relationships. Although he had a fierce
reputation in his early career, Gates became a valued mentor to some of Microsoft’s top leaders. Mark Cuban knows the important
of every single person who featured in a
successful ride to the top. He realized he never would
have achieved it without help, so he was and still is
charming to everyone. No room for jerks here. Number eight, be thrifty. You may be under the
impression that billionaires would be inclined to live large, but that isn’t always the case. Some billionaires continue
to live by the habits that helped them achieve their success. No matter your income, it’s important to live below your means. Like Mark Zuckerberg,
who continues to drive an entry-level sedan, or Warren Buffet, who prefers to use a flip phone, despite technological advances and the fact that a
top-of-the-range smart phone costs about the same amount of
money he makes in a second. Yes, that’s right, only a single second. Also, buy cheap clothes
like early Google investor David Cheriton, who sticks
to jeans and t-shirts rather than designer labels. Carlos Slim, one of the
richest men in the world, believes in being mindful
of how you spend any of your extra money. If you find yourself in
possession of a windfall, think like Slim, how can I
invest this for a bigger return, rather than spend it immediately? Slim is known for his frugality, resisting any urge to
purchase luxury items like a yacht or a plane. Number seven, be self-sufficient. Wouldn’t it be nice to afford a restaurant-quality lunch every day? Well, yes, it would. But it’s nicer to have
completele independence and be self-sufficient, according to self-made
billionaire Charlie Ergen. The Chairman of the Dish Network makes his own lunch every day. It’s usually a sandwich and a Gatorade. It’s great to have support,
but billionaires usually get to where they are by
holding themselves accountable in every aspect of their lives. Number six, wear the
same clothes every day. Most people seem to dislike uniforms, but billionaires can see the beauty in not having to waste time choosing what to wear every morning. Rather than agonizing over
coordinating pants and shirt, or selecting suitably-appropriate
attire every day, Mark Zuckerberg simply selects
one of his gray t-shirts. This helps keep his focus
on what he does best, serving the Facebook community. After all, he already
makes so many decisions that making any more could cause fatigue. Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only billionaire who does this, though. When Steve Jobs tried to
implement an Apple vest, modeled on Sony’s idea of
bonding employees to the company, Apple employees resisted. Jobs then took to wearing
his own uniform of sorts, the now-famous black
turtleneck and jeans combo. Number five, follow your
passion obsessively. When you think about obsessively
passionate billionaires, Steve Jobs would be at the
top of many people’s list. Jobs believed that you
need to find what you love in order to generate enough passion to lead you to success. Success takes a great
deal of perseverance, but it’s difficult to persevere if you don’t love what you do. Another billionaire who
believes in doing what you love is Hewlett Packard’s CEO Meg Whitman. Whitman doesn’t think you
can be happily successful if you’re forcing yourself to pursue something you don’t naturally enjoy. Number four, read widely, every day. Billionaire investors
and business partners Warren Buffet and Charlie
Munger are the best examples of how reading leads to success. They are continuous learners,
which means they have developed as independent
thinkers who can solve problems in different ways to most people. Buffet has also developed
an incredible rationality, which allows him to make
decisions which appear risky but result in incredible success. He estimates that he
spends 80% of his work day reading and thinking. Now, while that may not be practical for the average person, you
certainly can read something every day and continue to get smarter. Alternatively, you can
follow Munger’s path to becoming an expert generalist. Instead of focusing on one field and studying that intensely,
Munger has studied a large variety of fields in depth, from psychology to
microeconomics to biology. Munger combines knowledge
from everything he reads to make better investment decisions. You too can see the world more accurately and have more breakthrough ideas by reading every day widely. Start by reading something
you wouldn’t normally read. Or even better, just watch all our videos. Number three, find a mentor. Successful people choose
to surround themselves with positive, smart people. One person who can prove indispensable in the road to success is a mentor. In fact, you’ll often
find that billionaires become mentors to future billionaires or other successful
people, like Steve Jobs, who mentored Napster founder Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg. Smart people know they
don’t have all the answers, so embrace support and advice from others. You don’t need a
fabulously-famous mentor, though, to receive the benefits. Mentors come in all forms
and from all walks of life. For a student, a member of the faculty could prove to have mentor qualities. At work, try seeking out
someone who you respect and is a couple of levels above you. You don’t even have to find another person to be your mentor. Books can provide wonderful mentoring. Try reading a book about
a successful person you admire instead. Number two, develop
multiple streams of income. Most people have one job. There is absolutely
nothing wrong with that. But looking at the most
successful people in the world, you realize they usually have
multiple streams of income. This is useful because
additional sources of income give you security if something
happens to your main job, as well as boosting your
financial situation overall. Richard Branson is the ultimate developer of multiple streams of income, as founder of Virgin Records,
Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Airships, Virgin
Mobile, and Virgin Australia, to name just a few. Try putting your eggs in multiple baskets. Save at least 10% of your net income to invest in options for passive income, such as rental property, stocks and bonds. Also, try to develop a side business in addition to your main job. Number one, get up early. Really, getting up early
is our number one hack? Well, it might seem
obvious, but this habit is the easiest one to implement, and can have impressive results. Unless you’re an adamant night owl, mornings are generally the
most productive time of day. Your brain is sharp
and motivation is high. It’s a no-brainer that
the earlier you get up, the more you can accomplish that day. An overwhelming number of
billionaires know this to be true. Jack Dorsey wakes at 5:00
AM to ensure he has time to meditate and exercise
before his work day. Likewise, Richard Branson wakes at 5:45 AM to exercise and spend
time with his family. Other billionaire early
risers include Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Group,
and Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re the type of
person who leaves things to the end of the day only to
find you’ve run out of time, try getting up early and
turning your day on its head. Your productivity will
skyrocket, and you’ll feel great. Now that we’ve inspired
you with the life hacks of billionaires and some
easy ways to incorporate them into daily life, it’s time to begin. Which life hack could
you use in your life? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to Be Amazed. We’ll be making more videos
like this in the future. Thanks for watching.

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