why are we so tired skin side because there's nothing more so much it so much I'm boring I still think it's great hey guys welcome back to my channel hey guys welcome back to Jacquelyn Channel today we are super excited because we are gonna be doing a t.j.maxx when I got my sister-in-law but now I'm living out my title because it's video so I did one on my channel if you guys want to go check it out of what she got me yes yeah and she didn't have pretty good job so you guys should go check it out um but today I'm gonna show you guys what I got her now do you want to tell them guys we are so nothing is like except it's 250 which is really 355 ok so we had a little mix-up yes um so we were on the way there we did not like plan this video out very well just cuz it was like hey let's just do this video and so I said something along the lines of yeah let's do 50 dollars and she meant total or she thought total I'm a little fifty I was like ok yeah I met her outfit so we got two outfits yeah so most likely definitely my fault but it's okay so she only spent 25 on each outfit it was harder is hard yeah but you yeah it $50 per often probably so I'll keep that in mind as I'm reading it yes thank you because my outfits that she got me I think we're a little more quality oh yes I'm excited though oh yeah I feel like in my heart to shop for though your heart really sometimes without the budget without a budget now I thought I kind of know you yeah but I feel like what I got Jacqueline kinda reminds me of her I don't know why it's something that she wears I feel like a lot but maybe she does out really yeah so I had a theme okay but uh black and white stripes oh I do wear stripes a lot and I got her this dress I was looking for that in my size to buy my tailor I'm not even kidding but is a medium yeah that's why did good but that's okay yeah so we're trying to find a small cuz she's tiny so she's what it looks like it was only ten ball I wanna know why I wanted it because I can wear a regular bra with it oh yeah you yeah cute okay start reminding me of you yeah 15 dollars in the budget yes to go with that I got you this you're gonna like this but French French Connection if it's the real deal I've never heard of that but they were my name used something fancy so just a little accessory because I don't I didn't I didn't have a big budget guys yeah okay this is the dress yeah this is the dress she wants it to be a little bit smaller I yeah I just wanted you like a little bit like this Yeah right up here that's it though I love it it's so comfy and on early yeah I'd probably buy it but if I'm gonna be serious so I'm gonna get me set up yeah for $10 yeah the studies are okay oh gee I wouldn't buy them they kind of hurt whatever you put them on and I have some similar so that should like give you some points actually so I'm gonna give this a nine out of ten okay you killed she's better than me I'm sorry people eyes next okay so this next outfit is the same thing kind of stripy themed I do wear stripes a lot yeah and she likes kind of beachy relaxed stuff sometimes yeah for sure so I got you this shirt with a little tie cute at the bottom and I thought that was cute like a creamy white v-neck yeah and then maybe a little low oh yeah I know but then you just kind of tilt it yeah tilt it and this is $12.99 but guess what these shorts we're also $12.99 these might be a little short on you I don't know maybe not maybe not uh what's a website seven out of 28 is that of juniors those are gonna be humor one or a three but I don't buy no okay they're gonna be here didn't look at the sizes isothermal area done first oh I was just talking on the phone there okay I thought that might look cute something casual yeah pair jeans but very many very mean yeah okay so guide are not already guys so this is the outfit so these shorts aren't terribly big but I really love this top yeah I love it it's like just easy beachy yeah and I have it pulled up down a little bit yeah that's cute I got you a medium which I probably should got you small it looks good sake I like it okay these Jean Schwartz oh they're cute they are they're cute for sure so I would say my rating of this outfit altogether I'll give it an 8 out of 10 you know yeah because I would wear it I just wish the shorts fit okay gotcha my camera is about to die so if you guys liked this video be sure to like it check out my well not my video but like me picking out Hanna's clothes I'm just gonna make picking out his clothes on her channel I'll have it linked down below and be sure to fall in his room and we'll see you guys hopefully soon bye guys

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  1. Jaclyn, so i know how you love saving money, shopping online and aerie/american eagle. Something that i love using is the AE app (american eagle) because almost everything is one sale, and i know how you love cute, stripey t shirts and blouses and AE almost always has those shirts on super sale! just thought i’d let you know. BTW, christian girl to christian girl , you new channel is so helpful and i absolutely love hearing your point of view on god and how you view him.

  2. Loved this video! This was such a great video idea! Loved Hannah's video as well!💕

  3. You guys should bag shop for each other totally because I need to obsess over other bags that I need

  4. i love you so much!!! i love your sister in laws so much too!!! you’re such an inspirational person!!! i would love to meet you one day!!

  5. Does anyone know where Jaclyn’s necklace is from? I love it and see it all the time but idk where it’s from. Can someone help ya girl out?😂

  6. Hey Jacklyn, yessssssssssssss girl i really love this video and have a wonderful Friday beautiful 😁😁

  7. Jaclyn u said that u liked one dress because u can where a regular bra with it idk but I wanted to tell u if u like regular bras and some sundresses u can’t wear with regular bras I have this bra also use it for dance recitals too it’s strapless but it came with clear straps it’s also super comfy!🤗 Ps hope I explained good👍🏻🤗

  8. I love your videos Jaclyn you’re such a big inspiration to me! Love you and you’re so amazing ❤️❤️

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