Size 4 & Size 12 Try on the Same Outfits from Forever 21!

Size 4 & Size 12 Try on the Same Outfits from Forever 21!

43 Replies to “Size 4 & Size 12 Try on the Same Outfits from Forever 21!”

  1. Maybe you should size up when ordering online, but you always get a sure thing in the store. I really loved the dress on both of you, put on a red or yellow cami underneath would make a great colorblock.

  2. The Navy blue and white bandana dress was actually the most flattering on both of them. The track suit was okay…

  3. Actually no yellow is not a blonde color it is the same color as your hair why would that look good sorry

  4. I'm In middle school so it's normal for me to eat whatever i want. Today i realized something.
    At lunch i was eating pizza and this girl who was like 12-13 asked me 'do you know how many carbs are in that?'

    Now I'm not judging. But it made me realize how bad our economy is.
    All girls are forced to watch the carbs they eat and everything and its annoying

  5. Both ladies are beautiful and I love both there bodies. Sexy is not always skinny. The Cuvier girl is very lovely and sexy and so is Lisa.

  6. The blue dress looked GREAT! LOVE how the bra shows. Sierra you look chic as!! Yess honey show that bra 😉

  7. when Sierra finally is going to realize that she is actually a size 14 not a 12 ? I mean we all get weight and the problem is us getting weight not the shops

  8. Forever 21 is a bit to mature for 12 year olds but it's ideal for high school and college students. Older people can still shop there if they find correct pieces.

  9. Lol. Girl. Since when does being a mother mean you dress a certain way? I didn't start wearing pant suits just because I pushed a baby out of my ladybits 😂

  10. I am a 10/12 in uk size and the xl can sometimes be snug on me so i am pleasantly surprised that some of it fit a more shapely figure so have not ordered certain things for this reason so maybe i will give it another try

  11. The issue is that she is NOT a size 12!!!!! She is a 14-16. The clothes were cute, u just need a bigger size. And I'm a fat girl, they don't even make my size, but u can be super cute out of this store!

  12. It bothered me that Lisa always waited for Sierra to rate the clothing first, as if she felt bad to admit they didn't fit as poorly as she expected. It was so insincere.

  13. US have different sizes comparing to EU sizes, size 12 in EU is M usually (40 in different scale). So whatever I get I have to think which scale is used to describe the clothes.

  14. It’s so nice to see that some things just look better on one size than the others but the same reversed. I like it!!

  15. I feel like if she just wore a bigger size then there wouldn't be these problems.. and there's nothing wrong with that, it's just a number. That's the problem with vanity sizing too- sure she wears a 12 at some stores, but literally clothing companies will make their clothes stretchier and larger so women feel better about their size. Cough old Navy cough

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