what's up crazies I'm feeling the heck out of my ponytail yes anyways in today's video I am going to do a rom we try on home it's one of these online boutiques where you get clothes for like ridiculously cheap I got tossed for like five dollars ten dollars four dollars like dresses jumpsuits like I went crazy on this website I'm gonna go ahead and open up this package and I'm gonna show y'all what I got and I'm gonna try it on for you I called my friend Jalen to come you know see the stuff and be a part of this slay or throw away with me yes we're doing another slay or throw away y'all and at the end of this video you have a chance to win followed the clothes in my can so watch until the end of the video let's go ahead and open this package and call up Jalen because he helped me do the damage okay like it's his fault white spent all this money on this website things were so cheap and we were adding so many different things into the basket I'm a gasps yes yes yes yes now the only see that I didn't like ooh let me a rat real quick the only thing I didn't like so after I purchased everything like three days later they contact me they emailed me and said oh we don't have this item anymore in stock it was in popular demand and it's very popular and it's super popular and everybody wants this product and so we can't ship it to you at this time like trick then why did you allow me to go through with the purchase huh God is greedy for y'all $5.00 I see how it is but anyways I've got me a little refund even though I didn't want me to point out one of my pants okay anyways let me go ahead and open this package with you what I got I can't member just click a bunch of clicks Jalen did some clicks – anyways slash hey earlier I wasn't able to come over and teach me how to merely rock and I'm like I got my rom repackage and Jill was here when I was ordering a bunch of stuff yeah the courage of five dollars we have our half a thousand dollars right here in clothes and I'm going to try everything on and we're just going to judge everything jamming the stylus to get a fashion I get in there I say basic oh my god what y'all doing looks like a dog in a bag dude up well I'm a bird if the fur coat no yeah cool I'm like you I have to get this well you know it did not look like this definitely not other websites too easy you like it you might you love it written here might know like this not overly Polly I don't like it yeah but lady like this it's okay we're not but it's not like getting the I love it yeah I think you should okay I think it's a man really I don't know it's in New York amazing I'll link everything that I try on in the description box below oh yeah all the rules from last time my lasso weights are still in here you will be giving them away to our lucky crazy this is a part of it throw away let me try these jeans back yo G oh my god G oh yeah and I like them though I don't like them look we can do ourselves but we can actually could have done this ourselves no what is this is dumb no that way I have to crank and I don't like the crotch area leg about it so big and bulky gonna stop what's happening anyhow I get low on the data core this is missing yah how many items did we get we've got that over 50 bro it was a half you know what yeah yeah yeah oh me yeah let's see you yeah love bins yeah that looks nice this is the sling for sure I love a mess right here the awesome sink it's different yeah I like that I think it's cute it's different yeah it's really different I think that's hold our Navy boys nah that's cute still you know that's cute that's vinegar that's like a Christmasy like dinner what is this triggers I can you know what I know you mean like that part is a little bit like cooking but it's different I like that though I guess cute am I gonna wear this can you picture me wearing this I can picture you were again early and I don't like it okay I'll keep this white shirt is attached wait hold on so you have to button it now let's see what is here that is so odd wait no I hate cause it can't be okay but we're the other button I think it just wait yeah Wow that's me is it though like what no whose idea was it to put buttons on this shirt and then what is this no this is like a cowboy fashion like yeah yeah but that's not even where though this is definitely a throwaway you can slay this [Applause] this is so cute is it though everything that I bought was under $20 yeah everything was everything this is cute how much I'm just gonna say that every off the shoulder top looks good I know this even with this even with that I love it no this is that's that's later yeah love it no yeah no I keep murder I can't call it the other that's cute I love it yeah yes you know this is like I'm 16 Peggy and I'm trying to be cute that was the always fight all tops like this when I was like pregnant with Samia my first pregnancy this is like a cute pregnant like a maternity top else oh you like it's supposed to be like this really nice for me so what would I wear this with obviously I think you should just people are black black like in Congress maybe even some black card yeah yeah yeah like this okay that's the slate that display yeah say I don't understand that's cute yes yeah no I get it cute okay it's just really cute yeah yeah yeah but like where am I going with is like to the moto jacket oh great okay what kind of path it will come to remember some dark path like Doug can searching how am I gonna wear this though I think you should wear it I look like one of those grown up shop at Abercrombie Road in fact you're still alive it is there yeah yeah yeah I know I don't think that's a so this is a throwaway if you're gonna keep it yeah well we don't have these right now okay so whether go on this point into throw away throw away this is kind of cute I wouldn't keep this okay so regardless even if it's a nativity on I can't read through the club at all no definitely not with them he'll definitely not know no strictly banned I like it this is like like waiting to meet the parents yeah I like that that's cute is it yeah it's cute let me see if I can picture it like some like nice dark jingling is so cool it's differently with like a handbag walking with your like a nice black she yeah I like there yeah like that this is so cute it's cute oh my gosh is website it's like more slaves yeah more slaves than ever yeah yeah that's nice so I'm doing it done ways with all goal this bin looks kind of like full I have look like sent your mom leg is going to oh my god you look like those fashion-forward moms the high school that I like oh my god Cynthia's mom yeah okay y'all if y'all are into off-the-shoulder items you have to get like a bunch of them from romwe because they're all super cute and they're cheap like five bucks yeah I'd like everytime when you try it on yeah yeah yeah yeah what are the back of there you go yes yes thank you yeah like that I like this camera just died they don't want your display very cheap ah then why got a favorite you might recognize okay so the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it so with all of my throwaway items I'm actually going to give them all away y'all thought that was really I would heck no we won't give it away to one of y'all you're gonna have to go over to my Instagram page which is Instagram calm / Latoya forever and follow me there and after you follow me comment on my latest picture something funny make me laugh and the person to make me just go crack that back up it's gonna win these clothes I'm gonna reach out to you through DMS so make sure you keep it open for me I'm gonna ship out to when y'all thank you so much for watching and if you like these videos please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want pre-close because every sling or throw away I'm giving away the clothes every second every second every second thank you right thinking one that I do I'm gonna give the clothes oh wait okay so that will be our thing and yeah I up in the slave stuff that I think look good on me anyways thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and check out jamuns channel gaming AKA lick my fashion ya bum / like my fashion ya [Applause]


  1. 500$ in ROMWE clothes you should have thousands of clothes not a small boxπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  2. Latoya! This is my first time watching one of your videos… I absoloutly love your personality! Also you are Stunning, you looked good in all of them, your gorgeous girl!

  3. its so nice to see you grow. ive been here since the first story time. Im beyond proud. Love you girl keep it up!!!!!

  4. I got a bunch of hoodies from Romwe, AMAZIN WEBSITE, I don’t live near one (1 week to come) Ppl say it’s bad quality not what I think, there amazinggggg

  5. You are awesome, instead of throwing clothes do gifted them❀ This is really a good personality.

    New subscriberπŸ’œβ€πŸ’œβ€

  6. The red dress that was β€œcute” actully didn’t look dat goodπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€βš–οΈπŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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