Smart-Fab Art and Decorating Fabric

Smart-Fab Art and Decorating Fabric

(♪♪♪) ALICE:
Hi, I’m Alice Watson, and I’m an elementary
school art teacher. I want to introduce you to
a new dimension in creativity for teachers
and children. It’s called Smart-Fab. It isn’t cloth,
and it’s not paper. It’s an innovated
non-woven fabric that takes the place of both. Smart-Fab is
colourful and soft, strong yet flexible,
water resistant, and it’s extremely durable. Look at all these brilliant
non-fading colours. Imagine all the wonderful
projects you can make with your students. Beautiful decorations and
designs for the classroom, long-lasting arts
and crafts projects, scenic designs for
plays and stage decorations for ceremonies,
even colourful costumes! The possibilities
are almost endless! Smart-Fab is really
easy to work with. You can cut it,
sew it, fold it, paint and mark on it, and even form it into
three dimensional shapes. And, you can afford it. Smart-Fab is much less
expensive than cloth, and much more flexible
and long-lasting than paper. And, it fits
standard paper roll racks. With all those advantages, you can turn
your classroom and your entire school into
a really special place, and add an extra special
touch to parties, pageants, and sports events. So go ahead and turn
your wonderful ideas into beautiful creations. Explore a world of
endless possibilities. Just start with Smart-Fab and let your imagination
do the rest. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

8 Replies to “Smart-Fab Art and Decorating Fabric”

  1. @rtd1791 Smart Fab is closer to a recycled plastic and is not heat or flame resistant – please do not heat this material or use an iron on it. Thanks for checking!

  2. @jkomen Smart Fab is not biodegradeable but it is recyclable! While it is very fabric-like, you would recycle it with plastics.

  3. @THEDUDE4219 Not sure I understand your question or what the confirmation email is. I'll try to help if you can be more specific. Thanks

  4. @THEDUDE4219 If you are referring to an email in response to an order through Blick Art Materials, please contact the order department directly through the Blick website dickblick. com – or call 800-828-4548

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