So I’ve just watched In Fabric (Movie Review)

So I’ve just watched In Fabric (Movie Review)

[Music] I [Music] I’ve just watched in fabric and my melon it’s completely twisted let’s watch the trailer why try and figure out what that what the hell I’m actually thinking a [Music] purchase on a horizon I’m just looking thank you the hesitation in your voice zone to be an echo in the recesses of the spheres of retail in the dress is your image on to what you project through an illusion just going on a date I don’t normally wear this kind of thing be bored your date will complement you I would like you to announce the numbers to your telephone oh one six three two seven six and stuff as promised yeah all I need a few more minutes what’s your machine went bananas you who wear me will know me to me it’s just a cheap bit of mystery I think something’s wrong about that first don’t tell me you’re scared of a dress the dog ripped it to pieces surprise fuckin Commerce [Applause] anything nice in the sales just a dress [Applause] okay I guess we should talk about this this movie I just saw in stood in in fabric okay so this is gonna be a kind of like initial thoughts sort of thing more than an actual actual review because I literally have just come back from the movie and my mind is a jumbled scrambled mess I’m not entirely sure what I just watched I mean it kind of looks like it was shot in the 80s poorly and then run through a videotape and refilmed some of the acting is really good some of it’s terrible it’s like they’ve chosen the worst possible take pattern and stuck that together there’s some just truly bizarre camera angles and cuts the story makes no sense the plot is a mess I don’t know if it’s a comedy or a horror or something else it’s like tales of the unexpected made by someone with extremely jittery hands due to too much DMT intake I mean to quote the skinny guy from Steven Soderbergh’s remake of Solaris I mean I could I could tell you what the film is about but I don’t think I would be telling you what the film is about and it’s left me frustrated flustered edgy awkward and in any other film all of those things would be negative but in this film yeah wow that’s a words escape me I okay so I’m going to okay god this is so hot this is gonna be like the hardest review ever to try and describe this movie I mean like go on the Wikipedia page and you’ll find that someone’s tried to describe the film and they’ve given up it is probably one of the shortest Wikipedia entries going it has been so long since my melon has been this noodled okay like I I’ll try and explain the plot in fabric is a 2018 British horror comedy film written and directed by Peter Strickland it stars Marianne jean-baptiste Hayley Squires Leo Belle Gwendoline Christie amongst others it is a sort of weird throwback to British tells of the unexpected type stories and it is sort of a weird 80s straight-to-video horror film with comedy elements but not obviously comedy it is I’ve just discovered now but it’s not it’s made now with today’s technology it is strange beasts and this is my first movie by Pierre Strickland I have been recommended time and time again to go and see this this weirdo and I just never got around to it Bavarian sound studio starring and Toby Jones is one of the films I I was told I would love so immediately after this review I’m gonna go and watch it now I was going to do a double I was going to go and see this and see Bavarian sound studio online and do it back-to-back but I think they might end up being separate depends how fast I get them cut together I’m not going to get time tonight to watch the barbarian sound studio because I’m off to see spider-man yeah so look back back on I am I’m back on board we this is sort of like a vignette a sort of it’s basically two stories in one I guess the primary story well the first story is Marianne jean-baptiste she is bored lonely housewife who sought trab and no one really pays her any attention she goes to a store having January sales which is like the British equivalent of the Black Friday back in the day and this is sort of it appears to be taking place in the early early to mid 80s although the fashion is all over the place it’s like elements of Victorian fashion the the staff addressed in a real gothic hammer house a horror kind of thing and so anyway I’m sorry I’m gonna be jumping around all over the place because it’s that kind of movie so she goes into a shop to buy yourself a dress for a date to cheer herself up and the sales the system see that she likes her this red dress and basically persuades it aware of the red dress however with the red dress comes a curse or the dress itself is alive or a ghost or an entity or something so when she takes the dress home it starts giving her a terrible bad luck and starts to literally horn fer and this sounds like dis I know I know what I’m saying it’s the words coming out of my mouth making this sound like this is some kind of really weird B grade a lockheed movie and in many ways it is if it was a schlocky b-grade movie made by a baby by David Lynch Oh David Lynch who had grown up and was raised in middle suburbia in the early eighties it’s a very odd film so we basically follow her getting haunted by the dress and the dresses then passed on to a young man ee-oh bill who is a coded soon to be married tumble dryer and white wear appliance repairman who is just oppressed on all sides by its wife by his father-in-law and by his workmates and the dress starts to haunt him so these two stories sawed smashed together and they’re interrelated characters wander from one to the other this is probably going to be the shittest review I have ever done it almost plays out like a comedy almost plays like a series of vignettes that’s all been smashed together with no coherent narrative but that’s not fair because there clearly is just not getting it and it might just be as simple as that the dress is evil the dress is haunted there may be no deep tricky meaning in all of this film it might just be the film trolling me and trolling the audience but it’s wonderful and I’m not sure I laughed I know it’s supposed to be funny in parts but it’s an uncomfortable laugh so at times you don’t know if you should be laughing with the characters or against the characters or the things that you’re laughing at are necessary things you should be laughing at and it makes the whole experience really uncomfortable and difficult it’s not it’s not an easy watch it is a challenge to sit through the whole thing and watch it but it is worth it because with the payoff or the lack of and I’m trying really hard not to spoil it not that I could spoil this film because it doesn’t make anything yeah maybe what I need to go is read up the look at other people’s reviews and then do you know what No there’s loads of great performances here Marianne jean-baptiste is is fabulous leo bill is great Haley Squires we’ve got Gwendoline Christie in there as well it’s all playing against type or her type so far yes an appearance by Julian Barratt who looks for all the world like he’s auditioning for the role of general fears in a standalone general veers moving or Donovan in Indiana Jones for obviously the same actors and he also is it’s it’s striking how much he looks like Julian Glover in this so I haven’t really helped you perhaps in your decision-making to to come and see this film you should come and see this film because it’s weird it twisted it’s bizarre it’s left me in a quandary as to what I have actually watched that the meaning of what I’ve watched and how I feel about what I watched and it has been such a long time since I watched the movie and not genuinely had a clue as to what was going on and what was about to happen you know there’s just it’s so unpredictable this film the way shot is beautiful actually the sound design is great it is the way that you’ve got this crazy beautiful 80s 70s loud synth the score that OverDrive’s itself at times that become so distorted you can’t actually hear what’s going on and the great play with the voices when Marianne jean-baptiste is actually in shop or she’s wandering around she can hear everyone whispering and it’s you know fades and it fades out very beautifully the sound design is is is wonderful the way it looks is good the costume design is ridiculous the way they’ve melded these two different genres of these two different style was together everyone that’s in the shop is looks like they’re in some kind of satanic cult which I guess they are or their weird perverted creatures and it just has an air of Menace about it it’s really unsettling and funny and scary and weird and disturbing really disturbing I it’s yeah great is awesome and people are can hate it I know people are going to hate they’re gonna hate this review that I’m not making any sense and they’re going to hate the fact that this film actually doesn’t explain anything it just go along and presents its case and there feels like there’s bits of the puzzle missing so you can’t really put this puzzle completely together and understand what’s going on and one of the issues that I had with hereditary because it was really dreamlike and had this beautiful structure when it descended into standard Hollywood slasher at the end I felt really disappointed even more disappointment at the end we’re literally a voiceover tells you exactly what the plot of the film was and what’s been going on which ruins the entire film I want to walk away not understanding not fully comprehending making up my own theories and this film has done it it’s put more questions in my head today that I had when I woke up and I will be thinking about this film constantly for a long time I think it will keep Rob agar in video essays for the rest of his life every frame a painting is kind of cream over this a it’s wonderful this director Peter Strickland it’s amazing I’m going to go and start watching a whole bunch of its movies now and we’re gonna see what though I can see what the fuss is about next up it’s gonna be a barbarian sound studio and yeah one thing with this if you can’t find it in your local theater I think it’s going to come and go very quickly there weren’t many people in the screen where are is that a lot of people I’m not yet turned on to Pete at Strickland and he’s not gonna be to everyone’s taste so it’s gonna be hard find this film but you can go online and download it from the Kozan website they do a streaming service now it’s expensive it’s London prices of tickets expensive so you need to get a bunch of you download it but if you’re gonna do that and you can’t find it as cinema like going to the cinema is your is your preference that’s what you should do you should go to the cinema to watch if you can’t do that make sure you’ve got a big TV in a big sound system because it’s all the visuals are amazing and the sound as well if you I was very lucky I saw on a great big screen a fairly big screen I was at the virtually the front roads I was enveloped by the beauty and the of the visuals of the colors of the dramatic presentation of the the editorial experience you don’t wanted to deprive you of that yourself with that so do try and find the biggest screen you’ve got if you have to download it get a couple of your mates together and go around someone’s house and gab you know whoever’s got the best sound system is where you’re going to be playing this movie this is this is odd this is weird this is strange if you’d like David Lynch films I think you’re going to get off on this if you David Lynch irritates you this is not going to be your cup of tea at all but it’s a great ghost story and with fantastic performances well put together well shot well directed beautiful sound and it does what a good ghost story should do its creeped you out and it does not with style that wasn’t too hard to do when that never snows that was an easy that was easy yeah yeah thank you this just one review today because I can see yeah [Music]

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  1. I'm jealous that you got see In Fabric. I don't think they will release the film here in cinemas, probably just VOD. I will definitely check it out.

  2. Hope you all dig the video. Remember to like, share, subscribe and tell your friends about my reviews. Every little helps. thanks Remember to visit my other project Babylon Undead. (Check out the playlist on my channel page)

  3. From the initial trailer (not the official one) it kind of looked like it channeled "the Love Witch" from last year's festival. Thanks for your review – helped clarify a few things about the type of film it was 🙂

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