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  1. Thank you so much for this video. I was do undecided but know I know for sure I am a soft natural!

  2. Could you please make a video about the differences (clothing, facial features, key pieces to try to identify…) between soft natural and soft classic. I'm so confused about this to types. Thank for your videos.

  3. This helped so much! I always wanted to go to Flamboyant Gamine… so SO not my body/face once I watched your videos, but I kept justifying it with the "weight gain" aspect of it and being a "clear spring" it's just easier to find clothing that matches up with it more. Once I saw the "edgy/artsy" looks, I could see that that is much more the styles that look good on me and keeps the style that I like. 🙂

  4. Hi thanks a lot for the video? What’s the difference between soft classic and soft natural? Is it the height? More ‘male’ energy? I’m a bit confused! I think I’m soft classic but I’m not that 100% chiseled or symmetrical but I seem to have everything in proportion, everything not too big or not too small and moderate height.

  5. oh my gosh, thank you for this great video! 👏🏽Lots of material to go on to help me put together my newly identified body type! Yay!🎉😀

  6. I will never figure out my Kibbe body type as I am quite an hourglass but also broad at the same time with hips and shoulders almost equal in size with bust only slightly smaller.

  7. Also, as a note, I feel like the more yin-fleshiness a soft natural has, the more romantic elements they need to pull. For example, though they're both soft naturals, Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff don't look good in exactly the same lines. Hilary needs more tight fitting pants with tapering at the ankle, waist and wrist definition, etc. The cut cannot be as relaxed. SN flesh is very yin, and the more flesh they have, the more they need to compensate with romantic lines as to not look wide.

  8. I'm amazed. That's exactly what i love to wear and my "fashin fear"!
    I use to wear this very open neckline shirt with ruffle in basic color, loose blazer, skinny jeans and oversize sweater. Thank u for sharing!

  9. you say the same look will appear differently on other types, could you do some 'tester' items where it makes a type look one way and type b another?

  10. Hello, could you please do the same for flamboyant natural? And thank you, this is very useful video.

  11. I'm not sure yet if I am soft classic or soft natural, but definitely a soft something. Some elements (loose, feminine) are part of both styles, so it's ok for now. Anyway, I always struggled with corporate outfits, I think regular Blazers look just terrible on me, so severe and strict and really not meant to work with my body. But everybody seems to wear Blazers, it is recommended as a staple in every essentials video and I just couldn't qear them, but I want to! Sometimes you just need serious outfit, and Blazers are perfect to convey that. But I really understand and put it in words now, WHY it didn't work. Thank you so much!!!

  12. Hi Merriam,

    Thank you for your wonderful videos. I was wondering where I can purchase your Soft Natural Look Book? I’m sorry if I’m being a bit 🥴. I can’t see a link and I’ve had a look on your website… help!
    Kind regards,

  13. This was amazing. It was like a seminar on verbalizing the style I’ve been wanting to achieve for so, so long. I have some new style icons to look to and I am armed with some new information so I can update my wardrobe!

  14. I was confused between SD or SN. But I'm Diffantly a SN. I just have small eyes, medium bust, broad shoulders and a big bum ( read that it should be small).

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