20 Replies to “Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas!”

  1. Im just in grade 9 but I want to be in a sorority when im in college but i dont know what they they do in a sorority

  2. these outfits were so cute! I have that same Tobi dress and was planning on wearing it during recruitment haha

  3. Love you and your videos Lindsay!! Just wondering, is it weird to rush as a junior? I've always wanted to but I went to community college my first two years so didn't get the chance to do so sooner. I'm just scared that I'll be looked down upon being so old

  4. my only advice is that you might try to stay away from having to wear a strapless bra because those tend to slowly slip down and you dont want to spend the entire time pulling it back up. But I love the outfits they are all super cute

  5. hey girl love this video ! u r so pretty i subbed mind checking out my channel and maybe sub back if u like my videos? <3

  6. i just subscribed…….so happy with these vids! love you!

    can you do a night routine

    also organization video for dorm/school/study tips


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