Soviet M35 – Uniform Impression

Soviet M35 – Uniform Impression

Hello everyone and welcome to this new uniform presentation video. Today I will introduce a Russian infantry uniform, early war model. Before to begin the analysis, you must know that this video is just a base that will serve to build up your uniform. Nothing prevents you to add elements, or to remove. It will be an invitation for you to search for your own informations, on Internet, books or magazines. After this, you’ll have your own uniform, customized by you. I’ll only present the elements I wear, to avoid you a video of two hours. After you can easily contradict me showing me old photographs that prove the opposite of what I say or prove that I forgot some stuff, or I wear something not consistent. With old pictures, we can say all and nothing : This is not because there is no picture it did not exist, and this is not because there is a picture that everybody had it and it was regulatory. Equipment itself is dated before the time we want to reproduce, so it’s consistent. You can find in the description the link for all items which compose this uniform, it’s your kitlist. HISTORY As I did for my Rangers uniform, which you can find by following the link in the description, so I chose a division and a regiment. So I am part of the 13th Rifle Division of the Guard, 39th Regiment of the Guard But nothing is specifically done for this regiment. The uniform and equipment can be used with any other Rifle Division. Why this division? Because she has participated in many major battles, such as Operation Barbarossa, the Battle of Kharkov, then the battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of Kursk, They then participated in the liberation of Ukraine and participated in Operation Bagration, then the battle for the Elbe and the battle for Berlin. To have the complete history of this division, follow the link in the description. Before to be the 13th rifle division of the guard, it was the 87th Rifle Division, which performed admirably for his fighting during the Winter War in Finland. After this, she changed her status to become more prestigious by becoming the 13th rifle division of the guard, the January 19th, 1942. Little focus on the famous battle of Stalingrad: the 13th Division of the Guard reinforcements arrived September 15, 1942, with 10,000 men. The film “Stalingrad Enemy at the Gates” from JJ Annaud starts during this attack, the September 20th, 1942. Five months later, at the end of the battle, there are only 300 men, which made a loss rate of 97%. One might think that it is huge, but at the time, it was insignificant. Loss of scales on the Russian front were not the same as ours. The life expectancy of a Soviet soldier at Stalingrad was 48h. UNIFORM I present to you now an outfit M35, so that will be used from the beginning of the war until 1943 approximately. One might think that the outfit I wear is a political commissar outfit, well no. I wear a sergeant of the infantry uniform, so very classic. The Gymnastyorka M35 is an evolution of the 1924 model, the ranks have been reintroduced on the collar tabs. It has two pockets on the chest, which will be used to transport small items such as paper or a portfolio. You see now the summer version for the infantry, because it is also a winter version as well as versions for officers, winter and summer. The collar tabs shown here on burgundy background, black border, which corresponds to the infantry. The 3 triangles correspond to the rank of Senior Sergeant. The badge with a cross target two guns shows that I am attached to the riflemen. Each soldier had a booklet to learn all essential information, as well as its assignments, medals and collection equipment. It will also see the history of his injuries. This is the equivalent of “Soldbuch” that we can find the German side. Note that it is also a photo on the front page, which is now done since I shot the video. The photo must be front and naked head. For the headdress, there are many choices, and I chose to wear a cap for the infantry, model 1936. It is specific infantry as a bandeau and a burgundy border, thus the same color as the collar tabs. An enameled red star will be added in 1936 on the front and has a steel strapping inside to keep its shape. The pants M1935 comes with Gymnastyorka M35 and is composed of the same components, that is to say, beige or brown cotton, depends of fabrications. This pant has reinforced knees to avoid damaging too fast. It also has a lace at the cuffs of the pants to more easily enter them into boots or leggings fix. Chinese copy shown here, which has lost its color just after the first wash. While the M35 jacket comes from Belarus and ages very well. The boots called “low boots” are here German boots. But it is very difficult to find Soviet boots, whatever in original or copy because the boots were more convenient to carry, so preferred. But the boots and leggings were much more economical to produce and allow better mobility in tough environments, such as mud or snow, the boots remaining systematically jammed, due to the absence of lace. I chose to wear German boots because they match the typical profile of boots of the time: hobnailed. But you can also choose the type of US boots with rubber soles, more practical in buildings. We can find this kind of configuration on the actor Jude Law in the film Stalingrad. You will need a lot of practice to put leggings successfully, and especially that they will stay in place more than 10 minutes once placed! EQUIPMENT The canteen is part of a must in the soldier equipment. I chose to take a shoulder strap, so you can keep the bottle independent from the rest of the equipment, it is not attached to the belt. WW2 Soviet gourd can be glass or metal, and if that were the case, it should be of aluminum color, the color green being appeared after the war. So I took a post-war gourd and I sanded it. It will be noted a marking within the cover, and a lace for holding the canteen inside. Then we add the belt with numerous accessories, we will see in detail. Note that I put the belt on top of the bottle to prevent it comes to bother you during your movements, for example when you lean forward. The magazines pouches of this type was designed for curved magazine of PPSH41 or PPS43, which can contain 35 cartridges. As NCO, I can have a gun in addition to my main weapon. On the front of the holster, we can find a small compartment that can hold 14 cartridges, enough to feed 2 cylinders. This is a Nagant M1895 from Gun Heaven, so in airsoft versions. This allows to have a back-up if something goes wrong with the main replica, or for a specific scenario. You can find the review link in the description. The cleaning rod will be placed on the side of the holster. It is natural that it is not compatible with the airsoft model, it is more than 6mm in diameter. The holster is a new copy, it is still hard to be manipulated, the leather being sturdy and thick. That’s why you see me having a hard time! Of course, we need a belt to support all this equipment. The pouches for PPSH41 magazine can contain a camembert magazine of PPSH. Drum magazines can hold 71 cartridges. The classic soldier was therefore carrying 176 cartridges: 3×35 + 1×71. Indeed, the curved magazines were easier to handle. This additional pouch can carry either Mosin Nagant clips, or CO2 cartridges for Nagant, or as here, a F1 grenade. Don’t put Nagant cartridges, you might lose them. F1 grenade is a defensive fragmentation grenade, which was inspired by the French grenade F1 model 1915. His small nickname is limonka, which is short for “lemon”. Its operating range is 30m, but fragments may reach 200m from the point of the explosion. The bag here can carry the SM-1 gas mask used by the Soviets during World War II. It has a small canvas strap that secures the cover around the waist, but unless you bother to make a knot, it is useless and it bothers more than anything. The gas mask is composed of three parts: the mask, the tube and the cartridge. Note that before any use, it will be necessary to remove the cap from the cartridge. There have already been deaths because of this… It is easy to find Soviet gas masks, these having been produced for a long time after the end of the war. We still find many models of Eastern European countries sold as new stock. The gas mask ShM-41M that I wear here is a derivative of SM-1, and is one that most closely resembles the one worn by Soviet troops during World War II, the modern model that was developed in the 60s. I can wear it without risk, because I deliberately neutralized, ignoring the exact contents of the cartridge. I didn’t particularly want to get lung cancer. So I made a hole on the top of the cartridge, so as to be able to bring in fresh air through the tube, without it is too much visible. Therefore, if I close this hole, it will be … poorly … sad… To neutralize the cartridge, I emptied the most of its coal, and I clogged up with plaster. In this way, I protect my lungs, this mask having no vocation to actually serve against gas! Admit that it gives a great look … Ladies, I can’t please everybody, so I’ll take just the loveliest of you! Finally, we will add the weapon, or airsoft gun in this case, of PPSH 41, from ARES. You can find the link of the video in the description. Here is the final result, once all equipment worn. SUMMARY We start with the M1935 trousers, with its laces and its reinforced knees. Closing with buttons and with a metal hook will be noticed. This is a Chinese manufacturing passed only twice in the washing machine. I let you judge the quality of the pants… Then we have the low boots with leggings. The boots are copies of German boots, while the leggings are copies made in China, probably the same manufacturer as the pants. Gymnastyerka soviet jacket model 1935, two front pockets with military book slipped into one of them. The collar tabs of senior sergeant of the infantry, attached to the collar that must be closed by a small metal hook. The cap for the infantry, model 1936, used by officers and NCOs. Caution, a cap of this kind doesn’t mean that you are facing a political commissar. The canteen with his shoulder strap, canteen which must be of aluminum color. The shoulder straps type keeps the canteen independent of the rest of equipment. This type of bag was also popular with nurses, which could give water easily without having to move all their equipment. Here is a complete view of all equipment hanging on the leather belt. Please note there is an order to respect, the buckle serving as a stop. The pouch for magazine of PPSH 41, the additional pouch with F1 grenade, leather belt, holster M1932, the Nagant M1895 and pouches for curved magazines of PPSH41 or PPS43; Above, we supplement with the SM-1 gas mask stored in its bag. This is a copy model postwar easier to find, called ShM-41M. And we end with the airsoft PPSH41 from ARES. Again, you can find the link to the complete review in the description. It ends this video, if you liked it, don’t hesitate to share it, add an up thumb, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment! I’ll see you soon for a new video! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With Mireille’s help And Guy Special dedicace to Grisette, the hen that has not yet been eaten by the fox.

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  1. Très sympa moi qui éprouve peu d’intérêt coté Russe j'ai trouvé cela très intéressant et instructif beau boulot ! 🙂

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    Nan sinon très bonne vidéo comme d'habitude, super sympa l’aparté historique et tes uniformes sont vraiment jolis (Rangers et Soviétique) ! Continu comme ça Néo !

    PS : Désolé pour vos yeux …


  3. Salut Tovaritch ! Encore une très bonne vidéo ! On y après plein de trucs historiques ! 🙂
    J'espère qu'il n'y a pas trop de chlore dans la piscine, sinon ton pantalon va devenir blanc-crême 😉

  4. Super vidéo Néo! J'ai pensé à toi car dimanche je bosse aux musée Dead's man Corner à Saint-Come du Mont! Je pense que tu connais!

  5. Super vidéo Néo! J'ai pensé à toi car dimanche je bosse aux musée Dead's man Corner à Saint-Come du Mont! Je pense que tu connais!

  6. Moi qui trouve que le russe est "inutile" (en europe, bien que je respecte ceux qui font de la reconstit' soviétique), j'ai trouvé cette vidéo très bien et intéressante du fait que je n'y connais rien de l'équipement soviétique.

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    Sinon tu saurais pas ou trouver la PPSH-41 S&T? La Ares et un peu chère et c'est un peu la même chose.

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