Spider-Man Dog Costume | Houston Bjerken

Spider-Man Dog Costume | Houston Bjerken

♪ Happy birthday, dear Houston! ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ – Come here! Hope you like chicken. – It’s a little– – It’s a Halloween costume.
– Spiderman costume! – Put it on him! – [Boy] Yeah, can we put it on him? – Who’s going to match him? – Let’s see if he likes it. – There’s your toy. – [Boy] And there’s like the ear holes. – It’s so soft, I could see– – No, Daddy could be Spider man. – [Boy] No, Dad should be Green Goblin. – I love it. – [Dad] I’m a villain. – [Boy Yellow Shirt]
Don’t play with knives! – Yeah Green Goblin is a villain. – It’s in his face. – Oh! I got it in his mouth. – I bet it’s kind of hard putting it on. – There we go. Okay, now. – [Kids Singing] “Spider dog, Spider do, – Can he wear this for
the rest of the party? – Oh wow! (family laughing) – Watch out, watch out! – Yay! – Happy birthday! – [Mom] He doesn’t like the hood. – Wait, wait, wait wait. – Spider dog. – He’s so cute! He’s so cute! – He’ll just wear it like this. – Yes, he’ll wear it like a hood. – I think that dog was better. – Come on, let me get a picture. Houston! Houston! – Good boy! – Are you Spider Dog? – Braxton hasn’t done it. – Alright, what’s next? – Ready Houston? What’s this? Let him try it! – Oh, he’s going to get it. – Where’s your toy? – Where’s your toy? – Get it. Where is it? – You ripped the bag. That’s going to tire him out. – Ah, good one buddy. – [Dad] (makes noise like a drum) – He doesn’t like this one. – Yeah let’s take this
suit off so he can relax. – Houston, Houston.
– Houston. – Where’s your tiger, get it what’s that what’s that who! – Let him play with Alison – He already had sweets. – Isn’t there any more? – Yeah, we are ready the last one? – Oh! – Houston, Houston, come over here – Houston’s treats
– Party! – Whoops
– Oh – Oh, there it is – What’s in there?
– It’s mine – Give him a couple. – See it’s your birthday,
look at all that. – Yes, good boy
– Look at all that – He’s gonna get chubby (all laugh) – You gonna get chubby. – Ohhh! – Yay (clapping) – What is it? – This is Houston’s dog dream. – The whole thing? – Houston. – Not good. – Where are you going? – Spit it out
– Alright, good party, huh? – Nah. – Well, good boy, happy birthday. (country music)

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  1. So cute dog happy bhirthaday houston👑👑👑👑💟💟😘🌌🌌🗽🎉🎉🎊🎊🎇💯💯🚼

  2. Happy birthday Houston. Nice pun Braxton, it made me chuckle. I think we know what treats Whitney doesn't want for her next birthday, although I do admire her give it a go attitude.

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