SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Interview: Tom Holland wears Thongs?! (2017)

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Interview: Tom Holland wears Thongs?! (2017)

whoa dude here you going tonight I can’t tonight I got the astark internship what’s up guys welcome to the life interview with a very much hello to everyone watching back home hope you enjoy this video me fuck everyone what would be your favorite Spidey willin or do you have any wish for next villain for spider-man homecoming – um not too sure it definitely won’t become spider-man homecoming – it’ll be cool like I don’t know but it won’t be spider-man homecoming – it would be something else but I think Mysterio was a really cool character we haven’t seen him I’m very keen to bring villains to the screen that we haven’t seen before and I know John and Marvel are very keen to do that also and but but yeah as of now I have no idea what the future villain will be Mysterio is actually a very interesting choice um but we already know that tom hollie is going to be well yes but that movie I believe takes place in a different universe not in the MCU so would you have any interest to like fight a Tom Hardy women well I mean if I had to choose to fight Tom Hardy I’d probably say no because he would beat me up because he’s super tough and but so ya know I mean if there was ever a world where we can make that happen it would be very cool and very exciting but I think Tom Hardy and I maybe be fighting in a different movie one day in the future hopefully do you have a favorite spider-man actor like is it more Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield which cake would be um I’m gonna have to say my favorite actor is Tom honest okay no I think I couldn’t choose my favorite you know because they’re both so different they didn’t play the same character twice they made the same character but very differently so it’s impossible for me to choose and you’re spider-man again very very different yeah even yes I think my character my version kind of sits in the middle of what Toby and Ambu do you know I found a sort of like comfortable spot in between to them how does it feel to stack on the spider-man costume oh it’s a very hot mess weighty very tight and it looks awesome though you know the fact that I get to wear the spider-man costume is such a privilege that it outweighs any sort of discomfort ever I can remember because last year with the setlist is another young and to set it’s unbelievable how many people actually want to touch the suit so badly and it’s like we’ve been it feels then it’s definitely not thin and it’s 3d printed and then there’s a layer of fabric and then there’s the muscle suit that goes on underneath which basically makes me look super jacked which is awesome I always wanted to like take it out and go to a bar in it but they would never let me keep it on but ya know it’s definitely really hot but when I came out in the suit for the first time everyone was like woah dude so cool I’d like to touch in me and there’s another question – your costume I’m most interested in the question if you’re are you allowed to keep it I usually no no I’m not allowed to give them they’re so expensive and also you can’t put them on by yourself you need to have a special person put them on because it’s so difficult and so tight and they’re zips and clips and all sort of stuff to make it as amazing as it does some specs really awkward like are you completely naked underneath because pretty much I don’t wear a thong underneath and other than that that’s it you know the first time they ever gave me the thong no I can’t put this on like no why would I wear a thong and they were like yeah you have to because it makes a suit look better and I’ll never be the same because never be the same again how did you prepare for such a rule this one took a lot man this one took a lot of preparation you know physically having to get in shape and be physically prepared to take on this character and the accent was something that was very important to me like learning how to do a proper American accent I read all the comics to just learn about the rich history of this character and make sure I knew everything I could possibly know and then the last thing was formerly just working through the script with the director you know going through every single beat and figuring out how we can make it funnier and heartbreaking scary and more epic there’s loads of things I screwed up in essence of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders I want you to understand I’ll do anything to protect my family I know you know what I’m talking about I don’t mess with I’ll kill you and everybody in your work you like to read the comics I didn’t read the comments as a kid but I started reading them when I got cars and I so wish I’ve been reading them from from a young kid because they’re so magical and I fell in love with him and I had so much fun reading the comics I went through hundreds maybe maybe even thousands of comics in the space of like six months prepping for this movie and yeah I loved it do you like the comic from did 60 more or is it like I definitely have a lot of respect for the comic in the sixties you know a lot of my character comes from that I think the biggest influence for me was the ultimate spider-man comics yeah is what really sort of you know was modern and really sort of reflected of what of Who I am as a person so that for me was where I took most influence from my versions although my favorite two teeth oh yeah they’re a lot of fun yeah they really are and sometimes interesting toy in America yeah such as some of it gets super crazy the whole Clone Saga for me was my favorite yeah that was local world or Native time I was a sword with Robert Downey jr. and if you have funny guy behind the scene he is a funny guy bouncing he is so sweet and so fun we had such a great time working together and he brings so much to his clarity you know you really get to see Tony Stark sort of come to life in front of your very eyes and we were just lucky that he came along to help us out we really needed him to really ground this film in the world of The Avengers and we’re just lucky that we had the man himself to help us do it have I joined the Avengers no I haven’t joined the Avengers yet no I haven’t I’m still auditioning but like Tom Holland has got the part in the Avengers but Peter Parker is still still battling it out to become an Avenger now one day he’ll get there I’m sure but not just yet Kevin Feige already taller than a buzz interview that you already shot all your cameos and everything like for future things that are they at least got a plan out i think kevin has it planned out oh i don’t know anything i just show up and do this on told and i yeah i don’t i don’t really know what cameos they have planned for me in the future and but i’m sure there will be some really funny ones i’m coming up but i don’t know you’re not gonna sake [Music] you know em – yeah delish you

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  1. It was my second Interview with him and he is just a nice guy! Still looking forward to see the whole movie =)

  2. Sony needs to let go of the Spiderman rights all together.Everything they touch they destroy would love to see them go under as a company

  3. Dude, tom holland can avoid questions like a pro. The favorite Spider-Man actors and the venom questions were very tricky because they aren't a part of Marvel. You can see him look to the side, probably towards his press team. He never answers the questions fully because he can't.

  4. laugh at his jokes dammit! lol
    If i was interviewing him i would laugh at every sentence he spoke 😂😍

  5. Jesus, Tom Holland is so fucking hot. Like, I don't know what the hell my body would do if I saw him in person. I think I'd have a seizure.

  6. Dafuq is wrong with these interviewers? 😀 They aren't interacting with Tom at all.. So dry and awkward

  7. If Vulture says that he is gonna kill everyone Peter loves, is he actually saying he is gonna kill his own daughter too since Peter is in love with Liz lmaooooo

  8. the interviewers seem weird. They don't add up to the atmosphere. But Tom is so funny ,amazing and handsome 😍

  9. "I'll never be the same" oh my god I laughed my ass off. Tom and his spidey are perfect. I adore them both so much! (P.s. how tf is his jawline so sharp and beautiful???)

  10. the reason tom doesn’t know anything is because marvel knows that he will tell everyone everything he knows 😂

  11. Damn, tom went through a tights phase in billy Elliot and know he’s going through a thong phase. Nothing stops this man from the entertainment business 😂

  12. I like all the Spiderman Actors but for me it goes Tobey, Tom, then andrew but they are all good. I just really like the Sam Raimi Suit and character development of spiderman with Tobey Maguire

  13. Are the interviewers germans? They sound german! Fuckin germs! No humour! No interaction at all! These interviewers are some real suckers!

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