Spider-Man's Black Costume is Dope | Tangents

Spider-Man's Black Costume is Dope | Tangents

well more aggressive the logo is on the black costume yes it's got jaws right or pincers pincers of some kind yeah what do you spinnerets what do you think about the alien costume first of all just just I think it's BA I think so too I've always loved the alien costume and I love the design of the black costume despite the fact that it literally is no design whatsoever except for the logo negative space especially when you put the white spider on there like that I think that might spiders a little much really you know it's it's long i I'm not image in that image yes and it really depends on how I'm Holmes drawing it but it does pretty much go down to like like the leg like on there and like how they wrap around their like ribs yeah and it's like a graphic representation of it and like I think that's a really cool like overall design aesthetic on it it's just like sometimes the center part of the spider kind of what our wins it for it gets away from a lot of artists I've noticed like there are a very small select group of artists that do the alien costume justice and it's funny how when it first appeared which is nebulous as to who got it first but the idea is that like you know the origin of the alien costume the first appearance of it is technically an at4 Secret Wars but really the first time you saw it was an amazing spider-man which is going on at the same time as Secret Wars because Secret Wars its own event so I didn't have to interfere could take place right before it and the implication is that like the heroes are snatched that's cool yes the the forward for this volume and anywhere you can find it they have little designs of what would eventually become the black costume when they were launching it when it first appeared when you first see it it didn't have the pincers it actually just tapered off and like better I don't okay I like the pincers because those are not pincers those are spinnerets the pincers would be in the front yeah that's true actually and those are ridiculous those are so exaggerated I agree but like you know I see I like like I said I like the aggression I like the spider bites yes this is a the spider will hurt you right I guess I would like get better honestly if the pincers went up and did the same sort of line mm-hmm there was more symmetry between the bottom and top of it does seem a little yeah like I think you're just like since they're already doing that and they're exaggerating the legs a might as well exaggerate some other features as well and maybe make it more part of it because like this to me is like the first time they're like thinking about design a little bit more I suppose just being like get him get him in the suit you just get it out there the colors we have I don't know who cares like just oh it's for children and now they're like let's try something totally different and like of course like the idea of black conjures like different you know symbolism yes as a color as a whole and like certainly it is slightly easier and yet less easy to draw this because you can't rely on color brakes to determine where the body is you have artists who can actually dry silhouette well yeah but like overall it's like this is cool and this is the way you guys should be going because it's like you thought about the design of this like literally having those white lines like that really cool I saw an image in there where it looks like this exact image is on the back to it is that stupid I love it I love the fact that when you see it in the back it's almost like you can you're in he's indistinguishable from the front or the back can't tell which ways to look it yeah that all you see really and because it would know that means he's not a rapper uncover right he's not no no he's not just a mirror yeah but it is it does the legs join together yes they do but on the side they find m.asam joined together somehow in the back mm-hmm no I don't like that okay I like the symmetry of a flat in the back but what drives new spider what drove me nuts yeah what drove me nuts is when they would draw a venom because it's the same costume with a crazy mouth that's all you do is when they would be like oh I don't want to do with the whole connecting on the sides there's just two big spiders one on the front one on the back and like you lazy jackass connect those things yeah and that's just me being an OCD person so there's no reason we do that upset but that being said little white things oh yeah the pads because with the alien costume they were like well since it's an alien and the webs come from the alien they can they can come from anywhere we've seen them do this forever how about comes at the top and we can change the way in which he like throws his webs so it's it's super sleek it's funny because it's like I like it the black all the way at the bottom I could also see it with some indication of white at the bottom there remember to carry that through right now oh you don't like it I don't I like it I like the only white being the the the logo the eyes and the pads on the front of his you know Pam this is what it's like working with him and design I'm sorry I'm a slave to tradition fine hey you know what it's it's your call yeah it's subjective thing

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  1. I'll never forget when I first saw the cover with the black costume. It was one of my first deja vu ever. It was szarnge and suoer cool at the same time.

  2. My earliest comic memory was the alien costume from Secret Wars. Always loved it and it's been my favorite suit forever!!

  3. I really enjoy the black costume design as well. And great teaser of an up coming episode of Back Issues

  4. You're pulling on too many threads of the web Tiffany. The suit is perfect as is. You start pulling too much and the thing's gonna fall apart.

  5. Agreed! The symbiote costume was always my favorite design for Spider-Man, the classic costume being second

  6. Probably just reading into nothing but does the reappearance of Batman thing on the set mean bat issues is over and he's now back on backissues

  7. The Black suit is my favorite Spider-Man costume besides the classic one can’t wait for this episode of back issues!

  8. I love how the only thing Spider-Man fans can agree on is how cool the black suit is. I'd also love if we saw more casual discussions on other Spidey costumes like this (or alternate comic book costumes in general)

  9. You guys could totally do a regular show breaking down character designs and what works vs what doesn’t.

    That said, the black suit is DOPE and I’d love to see a story where Spidey gets the original Venom symbiote again sometime.

  10. The Black Costume is my favorite Spider-Man design and possibly my favorite superhero costume ever. It's so sleek, simple and minimalist. I also like Spidey's Future Foundation outfit for basically the same reason.

  11. Gotta say Sal, I agree with you 100%, the black suit is not only badass but it is so sleek and well designed the way it is. I see no need to change it.

  12. How I generally feel about the black costume is if he's not using his standard red and blue and the red and blue got destroyed he should be using the black costume unless it's something like Spider-Man PS4 where it's like a sort of armored or some special purpose for the suit

  13. It was one of my favorites as a kid ( as in, less than 10 years old) which is why I REALLY wanted to get web of shadows, but my parents said "no" bebecause of the T

  14. Black suit spider-man is always been my favorite suit of his. Not even because of venom but just because the design is simple but effective.

  15. I love the black Spiderman costume. It's my fav superhero costume. Only, I like when Spiderman shoots the webs from the his webshooters on his palms as opposed to the back of his hand. I'm picky 🙂

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