"Spiderman" incident | PBA Philippine Cup 2019 Finals

"Spiderman" incident | PBA Philippine Cup 2019 Finals

28 Replies to “"Spiderman" incident | PBA Philippine Cup 2019 Finals”

  1. Papansin lang yang spiderman na yan kasi pba finals e tsaka crowded para makita siya para maging sikat. Pasikat lang yan.

  2. Mr stark: i will give u a mission, write in the paper thanos will snap and go over the stadium
    Spider man: ok mr stark i will do my best


    * all people became a dust *

  3. he's trying to say…

    bong revilla for the win
    Edit:joke lang to dont take it seriously

  4. The PBA Is A Joke Anyway. Spider-Man Just Boosted Their Ratings Through The Roof. The PBA Should Be Thankful That This Happened.

  5. Shame on Fajardo and to The commentators
    Akala ko good sportsmanship kayo
    masahol pa kayo kay Thanos

    Next time Avengers na susugod sainyo

    Shoutout ngapala Kay kuya spidey sana ok kana kasuhan mo yang pba and yung mga commentators

    Edit: sana makita mo to kuya Spidey

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