Spiritual Scripting for your Creative Business, Design Business, or Textile Design Career

Spiritual Scripting for your Creative Business, Design Business, or Textile Design Career

Hey, what’s up fools in this video? I have the best conversation with Tyrone Webb jr on the practice of spiritual scripting Scripting has literally changed my life, and I’m so excited to teach you guys about it we dive into 10 deep questions on how scripting works and how its dramatically impacted our lives if You’d like to listen to the entire episode while driving. Be sure to head over to the design tribe podcast on iTunes You can listen to the whole episode there So don’t forget to like this video and subscribe To my channel and leave a happy comment. Alright, let’s dive into the content Hey everyone, welcome to the podcast. This is Lauren Lesley Lauren with Lauren Lesley studio And today we have special guest Tyrone Webb jr. And I’m super excited to introduce you guys to him. He Tyrone and I met about two and a half years ago, and he introduced me to this practice called spiritual scripting and it basically completely changed my life and It’s really encouraging for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to have this type of Spiritual journaling practice. So Tyrone if you’ll go ahead and introduce yourself And just tell everyone a little bit about your background in How you got into scripting? Sure. Thank you for having me Lauren and my name is Tyrone Webb jr and I’ve been doing spiritual scripting for about four and a half years now and I got into this because I Was searching for something more something deeper and I always knew that I had power in me But I was always afraid to tap into that power and one day I went to this church called the spiritual living center of Atlanta and I saw Joyce Reynolds speak and She offered us to go to a class on Tuesday where you can learn about spirit description which is all around the law of attraction and So I’ll stop there and I’ll give the audience a little bit of my background I moved here six years ago from New Jersey and I had no friends. I had a little bit of family but not him that I was close to and during from my time of Not scripting and to scripting four and a half years ago my life has changed tremendously to Buying a home having a car. I want the career. I wanted traveling the financial. Well the friends the family Even giving and being grateful even that whole aspect has changed my diet would I eat how I See the world how I view the world and I can say fast forward to 2018. My life has completely transformed with the mixture of spiritual scripting and taking ownership of my life and I just had to say it’s a beautiful thing yeah, so awesome to hear you say that and I can say similarly for me like it’s really impacted my life and also, like in a my career I would say for sure and Just for those of you who like may not be as familiar with what scripting is Tyrone. Will you tell us what is scripting? Sure so scripting is this unique cool way of I Don’t want to say journaling but it’s really owning your life and you write up your life the way you want it the way you see it all your desires and everything that you want to manifest so a great example would be if You want to buy a home in Inman Park and you’ll free something as divine right action? Or you can say divine right order divine god, whatever you call your God divine right order It’s taking place in my life right now for me to buy the right and perfect home in Inman Park And then from there you have to embellish for what you want. So that’s going to be the color the price How many bedrooms how many bathrooms? If you want a lawn if you want to swing if you want to porch whatever you want you want satellite TV I even script down to my neighbors and I even take it so far to when I’m going on a plane I have the opportunity to travel for working for pleasure That a week or two or sometimes two days before I go on the plane I’m scripting for what I want my plane neighbor to be like and I’m scripting out that entire detail of the conversation I’m scripting with the flight will leave one or before time that I land on or before time weather’s perfect and it completely changes your entire outlook on life and It allows you to just have control and not have that worry or that anger that fear, which is what this world really instills into us So are you writing in? The future tense or how are you? You know right now on your plane ride I’m doing everything now and you don’t do anything in future tense. Because if you do future tense, it’s always going to be I’ll eventually get there. So it’s like one day I want to buy a house and it’s like, okay Well that one day it could be in 2025. Don’t set your intentions out to Stop the universe delay the universe from giving you for what you want now, so everything that’s now so I’m having it I’m buying that house in omim Park now. I’m having the right imperfect flight now Everything is in the now because time is time isn’t an illusion. It is an illusion and we get caught up on Oh, I want to have kids by 29 I want to be married by 28 and I would have my first house by 32 and I want to do this by 35 and it’s everything now Do you and people always say you can’t have it all I disagree? I think you I believe you can have it all it just might not be at the same time Because you’re gonna outgrow things you’re gonna outgrow Your career your job – that opens up the door for Entrepreneurship that opens up the door for a marriage that the door for kids and the list goes on but everything is in the now Hey, thanks so much for watching. We continue to the next question in the next video So be sure to head over there to continue watching for the next question We are also giving away a free pdf guide to the practice of spiritual scripting it explains everything. So check out the description Down below for a link to download. It’s awesome And don’t forget to like this video subscribe To my channel, of course, please and leave a happy comment And I’d love to answer your questions if you have any questions about scripting So just leave a question in the comments or just leave me a hell. Yes if you like this video. Alright? Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next video

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