Splitting knit fabric into two pieces, a very quick trick

Splitting knit fabric into two pieces, a very quick trick

So what I want to do is remove the top part of this sleeve and I want to remove it along this
stripe and because it’s a stripe it’s very
easy to see the row along which, I want to remove. So, this is a trick for removing very quickly
quickly and what I’m going to do is snip here **SNIP** and then I’m going to snip again just somewhere a little bit further down
that same row **SNIP** and now I’m going to insert the needle in the middle of that run so it’s snipped on
both sides and i’m just going to pull –I’m just going to pull and pull– and it’s going to come out on both sides, and now I’ve separated the fabric very quickly. As I get towards the edges I’ll be more careful–I’ll sit and unpick it for this main run, this is a very very
fast way of separating one piece of knitted fabric from another. When I have them both separated, I’ll be able to easily unravel this top part and re-use it. And, that’s all!

4 Replies to “Splitting knit fabric into two pieces, a very quick trick”

  1. I hope you'll post more videos demonstrating some of your techniques. You always have such interesting information.

  2. You sent me a video last month, but it was in French, it was for a knitted cowl – I believe was knitted with the ruffle wool, or the Pirouette wool, or possibly the Twist and Twirl wool, I would like that video resent to me, it was knitted in black wool (I think)


  3. Hi Andree–Unfortunately, I cannot re-send the video you want because I never sent the original. I hope you are able to remember where you first saw it. Best regards, TK

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