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  1. So look forward to your vlogs. Honesty is the best policy and that's why we love watching you. Positives come from negatives and feedback is important. AND when is your fabric ban actually going to start then!! 😂😂 (Not that I want it really) as l just love watching your hauls and you give so much inspiration to other sewists. Keep it up and happy sewing

  2. About that linen that you said ain't linen. Didn't you mention it is mixed/spun with modal? I have a top or two in modal, but the fabric is knitted, so i don't know what it would feel like woven. however, modal feels very strange -cool, my tops are VERY soft and comfortable, yet i have the impression it's polyester. if you dare burn a little corner, you should be able to tell. linen should smell like burned paper, ignites slowly, burns fast with a yellow flame, and continues to burn when removing the flame, and has soft gray ash. Modal is semi-synthetic cellulose fiber – i dont know how it burns (i didnt check). all i know is that it pills less than cotton. In any case, the test should tell you if you indeed have some linen in there or not. If the fabric has slubs (the fiber has thicker sections now and then). We've been bombarded with so much polyester, that we forget how natural fibers should look and feel, and how to test them. [i'm talking in general, especially about the younger generations]

  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed, but the pictures you said you would put up were not there. It seems that has been the case in other videos as well, I just never commented on it before. You have some beautiful fabrics and I would love it if you would show the patterns you plan on using at the same time as the fabric. I for one do not know all the ones mentioned just by the name or number. Thanks

  4. That soft pink mesh fabric is beautiful. I think it would look striking over a black base fabric. Just a thought!

  5. so exciting can´t wait to see everything you are going to make
    pretty pretty fabrics
    I think your new hair cut looks really nice

  6. I simply love your channel. Thank you for mentioning where you purchased the pink Silk fabric – I have just purchased 3 metres. The website provides no washing directions. I will wash at 30 degrees to deal with the initial shrinkage. Thereafter, I think I will quick wash at 20. You are an inspiration. Thank you

  7. Great video again!!. I would make a long cardy/jacket with that pink daisy mess to go over the little black dress (can’t wait to see it) would be lovely for a cool summer evening xx

  8. I’ve found the same thing with sew over it recently, I love their website, videos, patterns, everything but I have noticed a lot of their fabrics can be found elsewhere for a lot less. For instance, I bought myself a crepe from abakhan for £4 per meter and they’re selling it for £12 per meter. Makes me less likely to buy from them, which is a shame, as they really do curate a wonderful selection.

  9. Your fabric is beautiful. My sources are limited here in Georgia, USA … I would love to have access to fabric in the UK.

  10. Ive gone into Coalville fabrics and it said it was on Facebook and is a closed group you have to join.Is this correct.Thanks.

  11. Lovely fabrics. I find that price differential quite a lot. I always check around as have found identical fabrics say from @ the Textile Centre at the K&S show for £5 and other places you mention have it at £15. They have bigger overheads of course but would rather pay less😆

  12. Lovely fabrics, I love making bags as well. Have you seen the convertible tote bag pattern on Myra at So Sew Easy?

  13. Rachel you are a naughty enabler, I'm watching your vlog whilst opening tabs on my browser…and considering the size of both our stashes!!!! Re: Coalville…very disappointing. Their business model concerns me because as customers it leaves us with not much redress if things go wrong. I had something incorrectly sent to me and it took a while to sort out. I was messaging Mark being polite saying I was very happy with the other fabrics he sent me but one of the items was wrong. I got a one line reply to "post in the group you're happy" and I thought…eh?!? They're a shop, buying from them (or having their mistakes sorted out) shouldn't be dependent on going on some FB group and fawning about how fabulous everything is. It's a shame as they do some great cheap fabric.

  14. Loved seeing your haul Rachel, but how disappointing about coalville, particularly as you should be considered a valuable customer. I had a similar issue with a well-known fabric supplier. I purchased what they described as viscose, and when I received it was disappointed to see that it was definitely mam made fibres. I sent a polite email but received a response saying that I was wrong. Even if I was wrong, it would have made sense to offer a refund, but they didn't. Luckily there are a lot of fabric suppliers out there so we are free to shop elsewhere where our custom is valued!

  15. I really enjoyed this,very informative but interesting.The photos of patterns ,dresses people have made did not show up.i was disappointed BUT it did not distracted from a fabulous vlog. I can't wait to hear how the silk linen washes as it was beautiful. Looking forward to seeing all your makes and I'm off to browse and purchase from the websites.

  16. I'd love to see you go through the textile centre website and chose fabrics you like. You have such great choices and seem to spot a bargain (despite that soi purchase) and I am rubbish and need inspo! TBH I've seen this kind of behaviour from coalville before and its why I decided not to buy from them.

  17. Hi I have never sewn with jersey and have some in my stash, which I am hesitating to use. Scaredy-cat cat that I am. After watching u tubes on the pitfalls made me worse, should I be this worried? You have some lovely fabrics

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