Spring Clothing Haul | Zoella

Spring Clothing Haul | Zoella

oh oh oh I should have probably covered up this offer 5050 yo hello everybody and welcome back to my channel oh I'm a little bit pale hello oh I feel that was a bit of hair it's not the corner of the bed don't know why I'm a really weird mood today huge in today's video I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the clothing bits and pieces that I picked up recently because spring is is has sprung spring is here and I feel like there are so many great clothes available for all for all – lets angle is a bit odd is it no well I can't I do anything today and I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite bits and pieces I picked up recently first one is actually this jumper I love this color it's like a purpley Oh covered in dog hair I feel like dog hair is basically like the accessory that goes with all my outfit yeah my earrings and you know necklace and some dog hair like it's just become part of every outfit I wear which is I mean that's what having a dog is but also when you have a dog in spring they shed hair or more hair than normal well neither does anyway so it's this jumper it's a small but it's actually from the men's section in Urban Outfitters so I've like roll the sleeves up and it says thank you on your collar bone and then on the back it says thank you have a nice day I just really like it I'm loving like oversized jumpers at that moment like ones you can roll the sleeves up and they're just like super baggy and quite like 80s just quite like it with some mom jeans I have got a lot of color which is quite surprising because I feel like in winter I live in Gray's whites and black but there are so many amazing like colorful clothing items and so my wardrobe has had a complete color injection which I'm really happy about because I actually really love wearing color I think it brightens my mood let's get started I've been out bitches I actually went here the other day oh I left my person there does anyone else do that when you're paying at the checkout you can't be bothered to put your plastic in your handbags they just throw it in your bag I mean I wouldn't recommend it especially if you're shopping somewhere where there's quite high chance of theft it slightly more easy to take a personality shopping bag so I wouldn't advise it the first thing I got is this lemon yellow hoodie oh and gee if it's plain but the thing that made me love it so much it's a because it's yellow and I love it because it just feels so spring but also it's so much lip and soft or all in it's so soft inside I love things like this yes loving it it's actually by BBG that's the brand which is actually the same brand of jeans I'm currently wearing and lemon hoodie I don't know when I'm gonna wear this but it made me think of a Barbie so I've got it it's a pink Malibu is it Malibu Hawaii her mouth Hawaii t-shirt short-sleeved cropped pink it's got palm trees on it I love it I can't wait for it to be like a little bit warmer so that you can like bring out the crop tops again I mean you can still wear the hood highway and then I also or this is the Malibu one I also got this jumper again I flip in love this color it's a really lovely look how lovely these colors all go together like past all again this is like an oversized jumper and it says take me to Malibu H soft yes this is a sauce if at eight o'clock all of that top shop that's talk shop first thing I picked up with these pajamas I don't need pajamas like when do I ever need pajamas let's be honest fifty percent of my wardrobe is the jobless but I do kind of love it these are from new look but I got them on a soft and it's just a short sleeved t-shirt but the sleeves are like frilly and it's cropped and it says weekend fives and it has little roses on it huncles Merlin I've studied Christie's and it comes with these little checked shorts with a little red bow I also got these pajamas but I did the classic thawing was a set it wasn't a say was just the top so I also need to go back online and get the trousers but it's this like satiny I think these are river island yes River Island pink satin short sleeved pajama top with cactuses on it anything that's pink with cactuses unlike this needs to go straight in my basket oh look it has like a little tired beside that's so cute do you need to get the trousers though how many times have you done that on a soft I tend to do it quite a lot and this is the first thing that doesn't have very summery colors or spring-like colors but it's a maxi dress and I just really liked it because it looks quite simple simple straps this is Vera Moda best some really nice things I find a lot of items buy them and it's just stripey all the way to the bottom so maxi dress this is the first maxi dress I bought this year you know how much I love my maxi dresses this one I'm not sure about it looks much nicer on the model but this is by misguided and it's like a baby doll poppy dress that has white poppies on it it's long sleeves but the sleeves are like is it how do you say that it's like a puffy at the end with like a tight fit bail and don't know them and then it's quite short but I thought it would look quite nice with and alls I haven't worn a dress so far this year I don't think how boy I must have done maybe I haven't you know but I thought this is quite nice I like the flowers I like that they're poppies and I poppies I think they are I'm not sure and I like the blue I'm just not sure about style but we'll see we'll see what this looks like on ah there's someone at the door why does this happen every time I fail the other thing I ordered was from the men's section again and this is actually something I took inspiration from my brother with he came to my house one day wearing mist it's a pink oversized jumper that says out of service and it had like a t-shirt a fake t-shirt so min underneath it which I actually didn't realise I thought that was legit my brother's t-shirt hanging out and bottom and I just really liked the color of the jumper I'm like loving pink right now and again it's this whole oversized to roll up the sleeves wear it with some nice baggy boyfriend style or mom jeans so thought that one could be you Joe the next thing is black and white again but it's this really lovely cropped stripy jumper which I think again would just look nice it does think of it wig I'm buying so many jumpers for spring/summer but it's not like warm yet and I can't let go of the jumpin one thing I really like about this is how wise the sleeves are look how chunky they are I could fit like my neck in that from Topshop I picked up these trousers I like these like smart style trousers and these are in a navy blue and white gingham they're like rolled up at the bottom and they've got like this little frilly bit at the top I haven't actually tried these on yet these are a size six but they look quite wide around the derriere area so we will soon see but I'm loving the idea of gingham trousers this dress is so cute this is such a lovely pattern it's just this very simple it is called P dresses I'm not too sure but it's very simple floki quite short strappy dress in this very pretty material with little buttons down the front and I thought this would look quite nice with a white t-shirt underneath actually and boots I also picked up this strappy top it's a crop top and it's like free at the bottom I just like this because I thought it would get lovely over high-waisted jeans and I like the color so pretty it's like a dusky pink very hot in here harness open a window just as I said why am i buying so many johnson it's not hot I'm really hot Hazara as always Zara has some great things oh this was from a soft I thought this Lazaro is such a Zara looking item this is a sauce this is River Island a sauce and this is a little dress or is it a playsuit it's a little place suit dress is one of those ones that looks like a dress but it's actually a play suit I really like it it's got this big gaping hole at the back which might be an issue if you want to wear a bra maybe it covers your bra strap I'm not sure got bows on the arms little buttons at back and it just has this really lovely print with bird no no that's nothing that definitely need a much warmer day to wear that Zara how cute is this little smokey crop top I love there it's so pretty it's got like big open sleeves and you put leaves on there like a broidered Lee Tracy looky oh yeah ah this is very daraa ah what's your problem what sin am i right goodness right where was I Zara I also picked up this dress oh excuse the dog barking I also picked up this dress this is very girly I think this will look really nice with sandals or or boots actually it reminds me of like a kid cake look it's got like different tiers I love it and again very pretty little sleeve and embroidery and flowers and it's just very pretty I also got this which I'm not sure about I think I was feeling very brave it's like a faux leather jacket and it's kind of cropped and it pink and it has this like stripy inside bit but I love the color it's like a really lovely baby like bubblegum Barbie pink it's just finding the right thing to wear this where they think because it does feel quite stiff still that's my only kind of vice with leather jackets I think I love them when they go a bit more soft and they're a bit more like slouchy but when they're still quite new and hard I feel like they look very formal on me which isn't the viral going bull when I get a leather jacket I'm going to see very well good let me but yeah I really like that and it's really summery and like pretty so oh do you know what he meant might look quite nice over the black and grape stripy maxi dress another thing I picked up from Zara I didn't shoot recently and the stylist had these trousers right yellow like awkward length what are these cool like Palacio and a plaid the others have cropped hello she had these and I wore these on the shoe and I loved them they're so much fun and I so comfy to wear and actually even though they're like an awkward length they're like cropped I think they're quite smattering on me anyway I quite like this length and I wore this with a really cute like crop top but I decided to order them because I really really liked them and I also got them in plain black which are now in the wash and this color the stripe black red and white I feel like they just go with everything they're comfy they're great for the time of year because they offer coverage but they're quite floaty so you don't get too hot which is why we really like them and I just think they look very flattering the last thing I've got is actually something I haven't opened yet I got sent a couple of t-shirts from Joanie I'm actually wearing one in my last video it said french fries on it and because I love them so much I went on the website and ordered some more here are two more things this one oh it's so soft it's like a jumper knickers maybe baby love that awesome I swear like Aries horoscope or something always has an Aries looks good in red I just remember reading it when I was younger and being like I don't wear enough red and apparently I look great in red so I bought some red not because of that but it just made me think of it which is funny and it says stupid Cupid all these jumpers I can't even tell you how soft they feel so lovely yeah I really like that come do you know what this would look quite nice with these trousers I like that as an outfit so those are a few of the clothing bits and pieces I have picked up recently I hope you enjoyed that or it gave you some inspiration or encouraged you to inject a little bit of color into your wardrobe give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'll see you again very soon bye

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  1. your so confident to be wearing such bright different style clothes I went out of my comfort zone and I wore a jumpsuit that was covered in camo I thought it was cute and so did my friends but the fellas in my class said that it looked like pjs cause I'm 13 the girls my age only wear jeans and croptops and stuff like this help me Zoe I want to wear cute clothes like u but I'm not to confident to wear it out like that it nocked back my confidence help xx -Natasha

  2. Zoë you actually look GORGEOUS!!! I feel you so much with the dog hair accessory!! We have three dalmatians so practically every outfit I wear is coated with dog hairs!!! Love you so much and that yellow colour on the first hoodie is so pretty!!!!

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