Stacy London on the Success of 'What Not to Wear' – Media Beat (1 of 3)

Stacy London on the Success of 'What Not to Wear' – Media Beat (1 of 3)

welcome to media Bistro comms media beat I'm Tanya Blais managing editor so happy today to have miss Stacy London here how are you good stacy is the co-host of what not to wear on TLC which is in its 9th season now yes when you signed up for this show did you have any idea that it would resonate so much with viewers oh my god not at all when I signed up for the show I thought it would be 11 episodes and I would go back to styling and that I'd be able to charge my clients more you know because I could say hey had been on TV and that was nine years ago I haven't had a client since so in all 9 years who would you say is your most memorable guest or the one makeover that you just are proud of or never forgot or just god they're there there are quite a few I mean um there was Belinda in season 2 who had hair down to her tush and we cut it all off and she cried she said it was like losing a limb but she looked so stunning it was so amazing at the end of it it was such a revelation to her there was joy who used to pin a raccoon tail to her butt for attention and we taught her how to dress and she wound up looking like Faye Dunaway and Bonnie and Clyde amazing there was Amy who had been recovering from thyroid cancer survived and came to us about a size 14/16 she had such an incredible experience on the show when she left she went on Weight Watchers she dyed her hair bleach blonde she lost 60 pounds met the love of her life got married had baby Wow all because of you hey Clark yeah I I take some responsibility I mean the fact is that you know one of the things we say about the show is you get as much out of it as you put into it and those women did they they sort of let go of their old ideas about themselves let go of their self-consciousness or their insecurities and allowed the process to work and that's why the show I think succeeds because it's not just about the clothes it's about the psychology behind them can you give us some behind the scenes scoop was there ever like a total shutdown or somebody agreed and then say well it was never mind I mean Clinton walked off set once in a huff he was very angry with one contributor but we caught it all on camera so you know they're behind the scenes is more like okay hurry up and wait okay we shot that one scene now we're going to change the lights it's it's I got to say after nine years it pretty much is clockwork you know we've got a staff and a team that really know what they're doing Clinton and I do spend a lot of time behind the scenes with the contributors in terms of that's what we call them victims that's what we call the people on the show who've been nominated because I mean one they have to contribute and two it's a really diplomatic thing to say but but but we spend time with them because a lot of the emotional stuff it does happen on camera but sometimes you know they need extra hand-holding or they want to talk to us more about what it means to change their style or why it frightens them or why they really are desirous of it and you know so we pal around and you and Clinton have such great chemistry it seems like at least for as if you were these guys get along so well how did that how did you work on the chemistry or did you have to you know we didn't we didn't work on the chemistry at all but I mean we've heard we're so tired of that word well nine eight years of hearing it actually but no we had it from the start we joke around when Clinton did his audition I had already been on the show and we were sitting doing a kind of cold read together to see you know how whatever whether or not we had any chemistry and we were laughing so hard and he put his hand on my knee and that was sort of it and he was like oh my god I just touched her Dee I'm so sorry I don't even know you and it's been that way pretty much ever since we we refer to ourselves as like a brother and sister on a very long car trip do you know what yes so sometimes like we were totally best friends we loved each other and the other part of the time like we want to kill each other but yeah that's that's what happens to most married couples too and that's why works that works that's why people love the show so much yeah yeah so in part two I want to talk a little bit more about your fashion tips and advice I'm sure you get accosted on the street every day for people asking you to help them so if you have fashion tips or fashion questions for Stacy London we're going to do that in part two and hear from mark winter fans oh that would be great if they have tips I'd love to hear in those two if you want to give Stacey some tips you let's hear it this is media beat on media Bistro comm stick around for part two with Stacy London co-host of what not to wear

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  1. She's amazing. Even better in person. I was one of the "friend's" on an episode & was beyond thrilled b/c I'm such a fan of the show. She was so funny & charismatic, I had a crush on her by the end lol.

  2. I agree – she is gorgeous and funny!

    You know what I hate? The various TLC logos they put at the bottom right of the screen that block my view of Stacy's long, beautiful legs! Why don't they put that on Clinton's side – he's wearing pants anyway.

    I think I'll write to TLC and suggest it.

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