33 Replies to “stalker update/$4,000 trendy clothing haul hahahahahahaha”

  1. She literally said at the beginning that she JUST put all of her shoes on the shelves right? Then freaks out cause her phone was under shoes on her shelf??? SHE OBVI LEFT HER PHONE THERE WHEN SHE WAS PUTTING THE SHOES ON THE SHELVES! HELLO AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTCIED THIS!!! No stalker did this! Tana didn't fucking realize she JUST LEFT IT THERE! OMG

  2. “mY StAlKeR BrOkE iNtO mY hOuSe To PuT mY PhOnE uNdEr My ShOe” ……. come on… I think she’s delusional

  3. “Sometimes you just wake up craving like Starbucks and a good tit moment” favorite quote from this video. Thank you for bringing me laughs.

  4. Hey FUCK THAT DUDE!🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽Tana baby, find you a human that recognizes you as their ONLY queen. Not some dumb ass bitch ass cheating ass bitch that fucks around the palace. Like someone seize this boy and off with his dick! 👑⚔️🚫🃏✂️🍆 ❗️❕❗️❕❗️

    Sorry had to go off for a sec there.

  5. Like, why didn't you try on the clothes? Yes, I heard ur rag story but I could've went online & looked at the clothes to get a better idea of the fit. Go back to story telling, that's your skill set!

  6. “I don’t really think this a good video to start on” bish “I GOT BANGED WITH A TOOTHBRUSH: STORYTIME” got me started😂😂

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