Star Wars Slip Up Uncovers The Truth Behind Dark Rey

Star Wars Slip Up Uncovers The Truth Behind Dark Rey

Did the official Star Wars website accidentally
spoil a plot point in The Rise of Skywalker? It sure looks that way. In the newest available footage from the film,
first released at Disney’s D23 Expo on August 24 and then released online August 26, Rey
is briefly seen cloaked in a black robe with a stern look on her face as she brandishes
a double-bladed red lightsaber. Her pale skin, rigid movements, attire, and
new weapon of choice that calls to mind the saber that Darth Maul wielded all fueled what
has become a popular fan theory about “Dark Rey”: she’s a vision of a possible future. Fans thought they would only be able to confirm
or cancel out that theory by watching The Rise of Skywalker in theaters, but on August
27, eagle-eyed Star Wars enthusiasts spotted a slip-up published on the franchise’s website. Just after Lucasfilm took the stage at D23
to talk all things Rise of Skywalker, ran a news piece breaking down what was shown
at the presentation. The final paragraph focused on the new Rise
of Skywalker footage, highlighting Dark Rey. One Redditor grabbed a screenshot of the first
version of the post on, which read in part, “The wise words were also part of the first
trailer for the film, but the new footage, including a moment where Rey appears to toss
a fully-ignited lightsaber, and of course the vision of Rey with a reticulated red blade,
was nothing short of thrilling.” The article has since been updated to replace
the word “vision” with “sight.” On one hand, it could be taken as an accidental
leak. Maybe the staff had some inside
information, and that top-secret intel slipped through the cracks and made its way into the
published version of the article. If that’s the case, it likely wasn’t intentional,
but the slip-up is pretty big. “This was a mistake!” On the other hand, this could just be an unfortunate
phrasing. Star Wars secrets are usually kept more secure
than John Wick’s stash of weapons, so it seems pretty unlikely that the editorial
team would be privy to plot details that the general public isn’t. As many Redditors have noted, the writer was
possibly thinking more of the definition of “sight” when writing the post, but used the
synonym “vision.” It’s plausible that the writer was merely
trying to speak about the appearance of Dark Rey, rather than imply something plot-related. The initial use of “vision” in the
article implies that Dark Rey is a premonition of a possible dark future, a pretty common
thing in Star Wars, and the subsequent removal of the word could be interpreted as the website
sealing off a leak. Or it could have been an honest mistake that
led to a semantics argument. “My Vision. They really did take everything from me.” “You set the terms. You can change them.” Though “vision” is just one word, there’s
far too much room for interpretation when it’s used in any other way besides talking
about a Force-fueled hallucination, especially since the hottest theory regarding Dark Rey
is that she is in fact some kind of antagonistic apparition that appears at a pivotal moment
in the film. Fans may be stuck on the idea that Dark Rey
is definitely a vision in The Rise of Skywalker, appearing when Rey is questioning her alignment
with the Force or when Kylo Ren is imagining what would happen if Rey turned to the dark
side and joined the First Order, but there are plenty more possible explanations. Dark Rey could be a clone, or she might be
Rey’s evil twin sister who waited until the eleventh hour to show up. Or she could be real. Rey could fall under the influence of Emperor
Palpatine, whom actress Daisy Ridley has said is “[…] very, you know, instrumental to the
plot of the film.” Will Dark Rey be revealed as a vision? Is she the new emissary for Palpatine, or
this generation’s answer to Darth Maul? Is she a clone? Or is this all very clever, intentional misdirection
from Lucasfilm, with the semantic slip-up published in the article actually
meant to make us even more confused? We’ll only know for sure when Star Wars: The
Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Star Wars
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100 Replies to “Star Wars Slip Up Uncovers The Truth Behind Dark Rey”

  1. Vision and sight mean the same thing. I'm not going to make assumptions until I see the film, but i don't think the word choice was necessarily a raised flag.

  2. It’s nothing. I predicted this would be in the trailer. Just to get you to the theater. Nothing more than a nothing vision.

  3. Theory : it is not Rey, it's Zorii Bliss the only character not seen yet. the face is CGI, the neck is longer and clavicles are skinny just like Keri Russell. look at footages or recent images of both actress and it will become clear that this sequence is misleading people to believe it's Rey.

    the CGI shadow around the face is totally unnatural even tho a lightsaber is lighting her face. the face look so small compared to the hood.

    theory 1 = it's the mask of Zorii Bliss under the CGI face of Rey
    theory 2 = t's actually a CGI merge of Rey and Zorii to have people believe Rey truned to the darkside.

  4. the light saber needs to be changed instead of a folding one which is useless in its folded form two sabers one red one green the connect at the hilt would have been a better visual just saying ;p

  5. Force awakens was okay. last Jedi was the worst star wars film ever. This however if they drop reys Mary sue abilities and turn her dark side then they might be able to redeem themselves but knowing Disney probably not.

  6. "accidently" 😂😂 you do know they are just feeding the thirst and making shit up to keep the fanboys their so they get them in theaters before they figure out the movie is shit

  7. It was obvious that it was just a vision because you won't see that twist on a trailer. It's only for the hype

  8. Of course it's not gonna happen Disney are just merely misleading the fans. This is very similar to what they did 3 years ago before the last jedi about rey going to the dark side and as we all know it never happened did it.

  9. I think Disney need to stop playing around before they had everybody hates Star Wars when George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney World I think he fuck real bad I think George Lucas need to get back what was stole from him

  10. The double bladed light saber was awesome in ep 1, but this version that can flick up and down genuinely serves no purpose. Having two hilts parallel to each looks like a bitch to hold and what can two blades parallel to each other do that one can't? :s

  11. I was hoping that Rey and Kylo's visions from TLJ would come true. To explain, Rey foresaw Kylo turning to the light, while Kylo foresaw Rey succumbing to the dark. Since seeing some fan-edits that properly show off the work these actors put into minimally written up characters, I see that Rey has a rather dark, forceful, and deeply emotional character, but she actively chooses to try and do what she thinks is right, even when it's against what others may think is right. She is a prime candidate to fall to darkness if only for a moment (Bastilla-style for us Legends fans). I'd love to see her sample the darkness and grow from the experience, somewhat like Revan did.

  12. Grew up on Star Wars. No longer even slightly interested in the emasculated franchise of Darth Emo. Nice job Disney… not.

  13. Oh fuck.. what if dark ray is a clone that guarding a sith temple and thats why shes got a temple guard style light saber.. or it's a sith taking her face and fighting her in a temple of some kind.

  14. Here’s an idea, how about people make their mind up when they see the movie. So many people on here with their so called theories that at the end of the day mean absolutely nothing. I saw Star Wars at the cinema in 1977 and the following 2 movies also. When the trailers were shown no one started blurting out all these different theories, we just waited until we saw the movies and enjoyed them. No theories, no disappointment.

  15. Only fake Star Wars fans actually care for this utter garbage.

    It's up to us real fans who don't fall for this sequel trilogy trash to single them out for their utter shillery.

  16. Nope at best a vision with her new nutcracker light saber

    C3po will get possessed by ghost Palpatine

    Jajar will bring balance to force

    This will be last Jedi good so they are just trying get you excited and use of the real starwars to try get people interested who dislike first 2 Disney starwars movies

  17. Remember that on Rebels, Ezra discovers "The world between world's" the only other one that has access was the Empire, so this could be a "Way" to enter in the Death Star Ruins. What do you all think?

  18. Yes… The truth is errr ummm… She has no clue what she's doing. Just look at her overswings and horrendous fail fighting vs the dual dagger pratorian guard. 😌😏🙄 whistles i do historical European swordsmanship. So this Hollywood stuff is atrocious.

  19. Ah, that Disney Lady on the stage… Just not natural and living in her own shared ideology… and I'm gonna buy my ticket because that is Star Wars. Yoda said: The Force is just not in the right powerful hands.

  20. Badas* Dark Rey is just too smart and good to be true it's going to be a 2 second dream that she has or someone has. Also Palpatine will probably get 10 seconds of screen time

  21. No way I’m paying good money at the cinemas to watch this after the complete let down of Episode 8, thanks a lot Rian Johnson

  22. Darth Maul's double lightsaber intro was a lot better. BRING BACK LUKE AND SIDIOUS , Rey and Kylo dont matter.

  23. I don’t understand why people trying to figure it out just wait until the movie come out and enjoy it be surprised

  24. We see Rey and Kylo fighting on the death star wreckage. In almost all cases, lightsaber duels are saved for the end of the film. The only exceptions are Maul and Qui Gon's quick dual in the desert, and pretty much the entirty of Episode 3, because there was a ton of lightsaber duels throughout. If we assume that the death star wreckage duel happens near the end of the film, then it only makes sense that the "dark Rey" scene would be a vision, as we would not have enough time to explore that concept before the end of the film.

  25. Wow, yeah I thought they were gonna make her evil. Guess it was just a bs vision of the future if she follows a “path” of anger. Smh I rlly hope they don’t fking ruin this…

  26. Looper videos are so annoying. What's the point in this video?

    A similar thing happened in The Last Jedi trailer… remember?

    It won't be that important, the clip of her dancing with Ren on the remnants of the death star is definitely from the final third of the film.

    … Disney can't have their hero turn evil.

  27. I think Palatine's force ghost used the force to control Rey like what happened to Asolka tano In the clone wars.

  28. Star Wars is dead anyway, who cares the Evil Mouse Empire Disney destroys everything!!, the MCU is next than Pixar.

  29. I don't trust trailers anymore after infinity wars and avengers endgame trailer came outalso they know what they were doing they knew they put that in there in that was a very important seen it plays out how you think it could be a complete troll

  30. The writer may have not known the true context of the scene and was just describing it with a poor word choice. This could simply be a matter of semantics. In fact, I could see myself phrasing it that same way without having any knowledge either way of its true context.

    Even if the writer didn't know the true context of the scene, it could be exactly that in the film ─ a vision. Even understanding that this may have simply been a poor word choice, doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't also accidentally the right choice of words as well. . .albeit completely coincidental.

  31. or, now hear me out. They used vision but realised Sight would sound better so changed it. OR , even more likely. It's a vision. Or something, I don't know. Guess Disney got my money again.

  32. It’s just a set up, the real twist will come at the end when she reveals she is really the long lost daughter of captain marvel and Wonder Woman.

  33. At this point they'll use any ACCIDENTAL leaks they can to try and drum up enthusiasm.

    No one cares about the dumpster fire that is Star Wars nowdays.

  34. The most plausible theory is that of a vision. Even though time travel is something we saw at the end of Rebels with Asohka's return. My only concern though is no matter what, let it be a good story and a deserving end to this amazing saga. ((No, not you Episode II))

  35. My take on it is that the word "vision" was replaced with "sight" because it sounded too specific. I think it was one of those things were they initially intended to use a fancier word to describe the scene (vision being used as in literally what is being shown to the audience, not a mental image of possibility) but changed it to make it more vague and to hopefully avoid stuff like this.

  36. Did Vader and Yoda have it wrong? Could one person harness the good and bad of a person like that is in us all? Use the dark side as well as the Jedi way? That being the true mastering of the force. Balance as it's always been said. Perhaps not balance of good and bad as whole of all beings, but master of balancing both sides in one being?

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