50 Replies to “Star Wars Wins Costume Design: 1978 Oscars”

  1. They got it right. The costumes of Star Wars are recognized universally right to this present day as iconic cultural symbols.

  2. The fact that "Airport '77" scored a nomination clearly showed that the Academy was scraping for five nominations. They should've stopped it at four.

  3. Oh Robert Wagner and Christopher Watkins please tell us what happened aboard that boat were Natalie Wood mysteriously died.

  4. Amazing to see my favourite actress, Natalie Wood and my favourite fictional character, Darth Vader in the same video.

  5. Nice!! A vast array of ancient gowns to post-apocalyptic armors 😁 It even looks like the audiences watching an inter-galactic invasion on humanity right before their eyes, at some points

    It would be entertaining if they reenacting….like the star trooper kidnaping this guy in suit soon after they presenting lol…that would be fun

  6. Obi Wan To the announcer: You do not want to give the award to the other nominees.
    Announcer: I do not want to give the award to the nominees.
    Obi Wan: You want to give this award to the white troopers who cannot aim their blasters.

  7. This just shows how weird and cutting edge Star Wars was back then. I miss the good old days of the Academy Awards.

  8. Who designed that set? It's amazing no one broke their neck. Only someone who never wore heels would think all those steps were smart. And weren't the cameramen paying attention during rehearsal? They missed half of their cue. All that staging and half of it is in the dar.

  9. Susan George in the Princess Lia outfit — strange. Edith Head for "Airport 77" – stranger ! what a waste.

  10. So so funny, all boring elegant old style dresses, and then out come Darth Vader and a bunch of storm troopers, and then it wins

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