– [Holly] Today, we’ll
be dressing up as the magical and mysterious Starbucks Mermaid. (mysterious music) Let’s start with her main
accessory, that fabulous crown. The first we’re gonna do,
is create a five-point star by folding a regular sheet of paper. I have a tutorial for this, and will link it for you guys, if you need it. You basically just need to
fold, fold, fold, and cut. And, voila! A perfect star that we’re
actually gonna fold back up again. Adjust the size of the star,
based on the size of your head. We want it to be the same
proportions as in the logo. And, as you’ll notice, we’ll
be referencing the logo continually throughout this tutorial. Obviously, why wouldn’t we, right? Once the star is the size you want it, trace it onto some foam board, and cut it out using an X-ACTO knife. Now, sketch out the peaks of the crown. When you’re satisfied
with them, fold the paper, and trace the same
peaks on the other side, so it’s symmetrical. Trace those peaks onto the
foam board and cut it out. Now, start bending this main piece so it can wrap around your head. Take some wire and make a circle the size you want your crown to be. Twist the ends together
and poke them straight up. Now, stick those wires into the center of the foam board piece. And our crown is starting to take shape as we tape the wire, the
peaks, and the star together with masking tape. Here, I realized that
something was missing. It just didn’t look
complete, so I created these long, thin triangles, and
taped them down, as well. With the foam board crown ready, I took some white polymer clay, which is that stuff you can
bake in the oven and it hardens. Cut off a slide, and roll it out between two pieces of wax paper. Make it as flat as a pancake. (laughs) Now, we’re gonna wrap
the crown with the clay, a somewhat tedious process,
but also a very fun one. To reinforce the star, place two pieces of wire on the inside. And finish covering the crown with clay, until you love the way it looks. I really like the
fingerprints being visible, it gives it that homemade touch. Now, go ahead and put it in the oven, making sure you follow the instructions on the polymer clay package. Once the crown comes out of the oven, make sure not to burn it and of course, once it’s cooled down we’re gonna coat it with Elmer’s Glue, and sprinkle white glitter all over it, for that final touch. Crown’s done, next step
we have the mermaid tails. And yes, it is plural because
she’s actually a siren, and sirens have two tails,
and it’s this whole ordeal, and I don’t even know why I’m
still calling her a mermaid, but the point is, we care
about what she looks like, and everything that surrounds her face. Keeping an eye on that
logo, roughly sketch out the shape of the tail on a sheet of paper. Make any and all adjustments before tracing it onto some foam board. And once you cut it out, trace another one to make an exact copy. Trace that shape one more time, onto some card stock
paper, it can be green, or any other color really,
it has, you’ll soon see. And try to mimic the
shapes of the wavy stripes on the mermaid tails. Notice how, at the top, they’re thinner, and the white spaces are thicker? And then, as you go down,
the widths actually switch. Take your sweet time on this. You want it to look good. Cut the strips and trace them,
to create two identical sets. Flip the second set and, if you don’t like the original color, you can spray paint them like I did. Although, you really don’t
have to ’cause, glitter! Of course we wanna kick
up the pizzazz a notch. I chose two shades of green
glitter to create this beautiful gradient effect. And I feel like it’s more fairy-like, but it also plays up
the whole scale thing. And I think our siren can appreciate that. We need to make these tails easy to wear, so we’re gonna this white foam sheet, see that soft, malleable texture? Mmm, love it. And we’ll cut a few thick strips. Now, this part can be
a little awkward, but figure out your ideal arm placement, and, based on that, stick the
straps down with Krazy Glue. Reinforce it with some duct tape, as well. Now that that’s done, we
can stick those wavy stripes on the tails with Krazy
Glue, very carefully. Last minute decision, I decided
to add some white glitter, just so that the tails and
the crown feel like a set. And there you have it! Our siren now has her two
most important accessories. In order to prepare for the big day, you’ll need a few more things. I’m gonna provide links
below, if you need them. A green wig, six white hair extensions, a white dress. I actually bought two, since white tends to be so transparent. And of course, makeup, including a light-to-white foundation, or face base, and a few
tones of green eyeshadow. If you can get some shimmery shades, that can be really beautiful, as well. And now, it’s time to put it all together, to create magic. We’ll start off applying primer, this is the Angel Veil Skin
Perfecting Primer by NYX. And you’re gonna smooth that
all over your face and neck. We’re also gonna apply
primer on our eyelids. This is the Urban Decay
Eyeshadow Primer Potion. We’re gonna be using lots of colors, starting with this
brownish-beige transition shade. Just sweep it across your crease. Now, let’s put some Scotch
tape under our eyes, so the eyeshadow stays in place. Next, we’ll pick up
this cream color by NYX, that’s a nice, bright, grassy green, and apply it all over the lid. Since our skin is gonna be white, I put the lightest foundation I could find on the brow bone, and blended it out. We’re gonna do a nice
gradient on the eyes. So, I chose this deep, jade green and placed it on the
outer corner of the eye, blending it in toward the center, applying an even darker shade of green to deepen the outer corner, and always stopping to blend
out the edges, as well. This eyeshadow’s more
of a spring green shade, and I’m applying it
close to the inner corner and blending out. Or in?
Something like that. The next steps are
pretty much optional, but I found some beautiful pigments that were somewhat shimmery. So, I decided to apply
those on top, as well, following the same pattern. Darker on the outside,
lighter on the inside. To broaden our color
range, just a tad bit more, I applied this MAC
Pigment, called Old Gold. It leans toward green undertones, rather than orange, so it’s perfect. We can take that tape off, now. Man, I’m glad I used it. Now, we’re gonna apply green
eyeliner on our waterline. If you can do it on the upper
waterline, more power to ya. I’m gonna refrain because
it makes me cry like crazy. Next, let’s take some black eyeliner, and line our upper lash line, extending it along the edge of the shadow. We’re doing great!
(laughs) Let’s grab that foundation again. This is the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation,
in the color Pale. And wow, is it ever. So perfect for this look. I really prefer it to an
actual white face paint, since I don’t wanna look like the clown. I wanna look more like
a mystical creature. Try to distribute the foundation evenly, all over your face and neck. We’ll deal with the
rest of our body later. Taking a small Beauty Blender, I’m covering my under eye area
with more of the same stuff. Foundation as concealer, it’s a thing. Let’s seal what we’ve done with this Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay
Finishing Powder by Tarte. Taking those same shadows
we used on the eyelid, let’s smudge some color
under the lower lashes. Next, we’re doing the nose. As you can see, the tip of
our nose is really the only area that we’re gonna shade,
right underneath there. Go ahead and darken it up a
bit with the jade green shadow. And we’ll do the same thing
on the rest of the face, Starting with the bright
green cream color, and finishing with the jade green shadow. The intensity here is
completely up to you. I didn’t want to
exaggerate the contouring, but if you’re into it, go for it. It’s time to apply a setting spray. This one’s De-Slick by Urban Decay, and it’s going to allow the pigments that we’re applying next, to really stick. This first one is MAC
Pigment in the shade Vanilla. And I also mixed it with
a more glittery pigment, the NYX Face and Body Glitter…Brillants. I just realized that’s
French, not English. Place it wherever you’d apply highlighter. Let’s contour just a tad bit more, and give those green shadows
a little more intensity. The mermaid also has a
green line under her jaw, so we’ve got to replicate that. And here come the eyebrows, why
are eyebrows so hard for me? I’m using that cream
color I’ve been using, attempting to round out my brows, because mine are more on the pointy side. Use the logo as a guide, and try to make your
eyebrows look like hers. After applying the cream
shadow, apply the deeper-toned powder shadow on top. Don’t forget to curve them
down on the inner corners. I kept it subtle, but again, you do you. If you’d like, throw on some fake lashes to make her look extra glamorous. I’m not gonna attempt to do this on-camera because it takes me,
like, 40 thousand years. And, we’re back for the lips. As a base, as usual, I used
the grass-green cream color. By the way, it worked quite well. Then, I applied the same
green liner I used on my eyes. And, to give it that final touch, this lipgloss by MAC, called
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. It’s perfectly shiny and sparkly. And that’s pretty much it for the makeup. Now, we’re gonna put the wig on. Actually, wait, let’s finish
covering our body first. We still have to do the
rest of our neck, our chest, our shoulders, and our arms. So, I went ahead and
put on my white dress, the one I found is
strapless, but if you find a long-sleeved one, that
would work, as well. And I’m gonna keep blending
this pale foundation out, all over until it looks good enough to not make my face look out of place. Remember, not solid white, but
you’ve gotta have something. Every once in a while, stop
and apply setting spray, followed by those shimmery white pigments. And of course, only cover what’s visible. Now, we’re putting that
wig on, and pulling out the six white hair extensions. Unfortunately, they’re synthetic hair, so they can’t really handle much heat. So, I actually attempted to curl them, getting them wet, rolling
them up, and letting them dry, but well, it didn’t really work. Plus, they’re too short
and look kinda lame, if I’m quite honest, but oh well. Don’t be like me, get longer ones. After clipping in three
extensions on either side, put that beautiful crown on, and secure it with some
bobby pins in the back. It works really well. And very carefully, if you dare, on a low temperature
setting, try to curl them. And that’s our last step, guys! We’re ready to go out and party, and get people to feed us things, ’cause our hands aren’t
exactly readily available in this getup.
(laughs) I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I know I haven’t done one
in eons, but I wanted to throw it back to my early
days here on YouTube. I love dressing up, and
I really just wanted to try to recreate this look. Thank you guys so much for joining me and I’ll see you in another video.
Bye! (recorder beeps) – [Cameraman] There you go, one, two… One, two, three.
(camera shutter clicks) Awesome.


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