Start Your Online Clothing Store Today! | How To

Start Your Online Clothing Store Today! | How To

so you want to start an online boutique so the first thing that you need to do is get a key I in so you can go to slash small business slash self-employed slash apply for an employee to get yourself an EIN the second thing that you need to do is apply for a hotel's slash resale permit or license you're going to need that in order to buy wholesale items and resell them so you go ahead and get that number three you're gonna have to get incorporated so it depends if you really want to get incorporated or not you don't have to get incorporated broader way you can start as a sole proprietor you don't have to get incorporated immediately so but if you want to get incorporated you can head over to Rocket Lawyer com Joanie cost you about $100 maybe more depending on the texture depending on what state you're located in and the fourth thing that you need to do is buy wholesale clothing now please beware I've seen a lot of host Ellis going around and I would say basically buyer beware be cautioned when buying these lists because a lot of these lists are just simple Google searches and they're putting it on a list and they're selling it to you when you can go ahead and do the research and find it yourself now based on the research that I've conducted buying wholesale lists is actually always the money this is just my simple opinion but when you're if you're going to buy a house unless you need to read the reviews and then once you read the reviews you need to research the person who is giving the review because even though the review might be super awesome and they say they love the list and thank you so much and descend another go check them out because maybe their style doesn't match your style maybe the clothing that's on the wholesale list doesn't match your brand or fitting fit into the type of style that you want for your boutique or whether a case may be so make sure you research those things and I know some people are having Co solace and they're selling different versions of it and I just believe that it's really a big scam there's like places that you could buy wholesale like um some of the places in the UK it's like style-wise calm you don't need a wholesale license for that I believe it's diva diva like or Guardian like calm you don't need a wholesale license for that a lot of these places require you to have a merchant account and even if you have a merchant account they require you to have made two purchases for your business in order to purchase for them so that's very difficult if everyone's requiring that it's like who do you buy from to purchase for your company initially so you can have the proof saying that you're a legitimate business so I would use style wise and a couple of the uk-based online wholesale clothing stores to buy your merchandise first and always always always always test out the product ask them to send you a sample before you go ahead and buy everything in bulk don't buy a whole thing in bulk and then get it and then realize that it's not the best quality or it doesn't match your style or it doesn't look anything like the picture make sure you get samples I multiply by one should get all that in order and you did the research I would actually get off the internet because a lot of the wholesale companies don't really advertise on the internet and it's going to take you days to even like search through the internet and use different things on the internet maybe like wholesale clothing or women's home so clothing or maybe boat clothing or manufacturers actually I would get in contact with the manufacturer because usually the fan manufacturers know the best wholesale companies who usually don't advertise and don't get stuck with the middle person because if you get stuck with the middleman you have these companies are buying wholesale and then selling it to you almost at retail value and that way you have to sell it to your customers at a ridiculous market price in order for you to make a profit don't use the middleman you need to do your research and make sure due diligence to find a hoe so a wholesale vendor that's going to actually meet your needs because that whole seller is going to be the you know the glue the whole tree company together so make sure you do your research and get a manufacturer and if you're stylish you start your own cause you know I would go with manufacturing because a lot of these businesses like H&M forever21 um even Zara Topshop there's a couple more they have a lot of manufacturers they don't really get a bunch of stuff from wholesalers they like have one thing made or in-house stylist and they send it out to my interaction and they get it back out to their stores that's how they can sell clothing for an inexpensive price and then you see these boutiques that have outrageous pricing probably because they got their merchandise from the middleman so don't um be that boutique that's just extremely expensive for no apparent reason and the quality of your clothes is not very great so 5 find the host so you can do Shopify com volscian com BigCommerce um Open Cart now you can go visit all these websites that have hosting and see which one matches your needs and your brand and your budget and whatever the case might be so market use social media to market Market Market Market Market Market but don't just stop at social media you can have a fashion show for your launch party like when you're watching have a fashion show go get business cards made and go pass them out at the malls or wherever the case may be where you where your target market is don't just stop at social media and the internet get out there and do the work because word-of-mouth still trumps everything I believe because if my friends telling me that oh you should try so-and-so i'mma believe that over seeing it on social media from stranger I don't even know so I would say get your butt out there and do the work so 7 drop shipping now drop shipping is basically we're the manufacturer the wholesaler does all the backward so basically when a customer places the order on your site that gets pinged out to the manufacturer and then they handle all the shipping and handling and all that now that could be a pro or a con simply because if you know something goes wrong on the back end it still gets pointed back to you you're still responsible so if they don't get the product out on time or they you know have some mishaps it's still going to get like ping back on you so with me personally I'd rather do everything myself that way I know that it's going to be done on time and it's going to be done the way that I've heard to be done so um it so if you are so proprietor and you're starting up by yourself and you have a budget I would just say hold off on hiring a customer service representative just do all that yourself just make sure you stay on top of it because customer service is key that's like a make-or-break point if a customer's going to come back and shop with you again so make sure your customer service is absolutely great okay so number nine is getting photographers models and brand ambassadors so when you get a photographer and make sure you do your research and find a photographer that's going to capture the brand or capture the style that you want you can even do start with doing your own photography at first and then once you start moving along hire professional photographer as far as models now a lot of people start off with their friends modeling and I think that is a good thing and a bad thing I think it's a good thing because you don't have to pay the models um anything or they're your friends so they can just you could just call them up whenever you get new merchandise and you don't shoot them and then put it on your website but I think it's a bad thing as well because you want to make sure whoever that you're getting to model matches your brand whoever that's modeling for you is going to be the person who's representing your brand so you want to get someone who's going to make people want to buy that item so if that's your friend and your friend is a person matches your brand then so be it if not the Nikko on model I'm calm our different model websites where you can go and browse different models and locally in your area and you can even put on there if you don't have it in your budget like it's going to be non paid but it fit but when your business grows you know it has a potential to be compensated so brand ambassadors so basically what a brand ambassador is is someone who um basically you know goes out there and represents your brand not a lot of people get brand ambassadors that have a lot of a huge following on social media and um that could be a good a bad thing as well because it like I said if you're on a budget then the people who have a lot of following they're probably gonna charge you more money for their time and yeah it's like representing your brand then someone would that Geno doesn't have that great of a following right now but you know can eventually grow and actually um you know help your brand in the long run now there's also people who are on like Instagram who will you know do like spot advertising basically you pay a fee and then they'll post something that's from your website and you know the advertiser – they're following that way I think that's a cheaper version to go to go that way I've seen a lot of people do it if they have on their Instagram page usually in their bio there's a link either a link or email address that you can email them and ask inquire about those things even celebrities do it a lot I know I've seen a lot of celebrities start promoting for different companies clothing companies as well so that's another thing that you can do so I think that's the end of my list but I actually have a little bit more tips if you are in Southern California I would head over to the UM la fashion district because there's a slew of wholesale companies over there and you can physically see the merchandise and you know test it out and you know order in bulk and certain things like that and you don't have to have a lot of the things that they require the hat if you're doing everything online I will go to a lot of trade shows like there's magic show happens in Las Vegas I think about twice a year and agenda that happens in Long Beach California and I'm in Southern California so I only know about the things inside California I know when I visited Atlanta last week they were having an event over there a showroom of the over there so I'm not sure if those things go on and consistent basis you could just research um you know those type of shows online and I think that's about it for sorry like I have my notes here I'm trying to give you guys as much information as possible I would definitely do my research there's a lot of bucket for selling accessories I would say you know online it's a pretty good way to look for home sellers because there's a lot of online accessory accessory wholesalers that are actually really legit you just get samples first and actually after you get samples then you could go ahead and start buying in bulk and then pushing yourself out there so um I think I pretty much covered it up all you get a ein you need a seller's permit you need to get it wholesale um clothing you need to get a hosting you just buy a domain name you need to come up with the name um I think those are given I should have said that first but when you're coming up with the name I've seen a lot of companies use a different spelling for the name and that could be a bad thing only because if someone's telling another person like you should go to this website and they know go and try to google it on their own they can't find you because the spelling is a little off it or it's different from the original spelling that could be a bad thing so um keep that in mind when you're coming in from the name and the name that you pick should represent your brand and should have the longevity of growing so don't pick a name that's going to have you stuck like don't pick something like the Sonny's and then all of a sudden you want to sell something other than sunglasses then you're just stuck with the name and you did all this branding and marketing and put all this money into that name and now you want to change it so it's just it's just a little bit of a hassle I mean you can definitely do it anything is possible but I would just you know get a name that's gonna be solid and stick with you that way you don't have to change it and their customers know when they hear your name okay that you that's your brand that's what you represent in things of that nature so yeah and that's pretty much it um if you have any more questions you can leave it in the comments below and I'll try my best to answer it I know this is kind of like an impromptu video but I just wanted to get it out there and help new business owners that want to start a boutique get up and running and start a boutique because I know when I initially wanted to start a boutique there was no videos out that was telling you exactly what to do and where to go and from trial and error I've learned several things but I know that as far as um wholesale vendors and stuff like that I wouldn't reach out to different boutiques because what makes you think that they're going to give you other information that they you know took the time and had to you know research for years maybe to find and give it to you that's like a direct competition and also with the wholesalers like I said but I would beware because if they're selling all these lists to all these people then BAM you already got more competition and already saturated market you don't want that you don't want to have the same clothing as the next girl or the next girl the next business on our boutique order or whatever the case may be you want to stand out from them you want to create a different client base you want to be come out on top basically so in order to do that you need to do the research find the merchandise that you want to sell market it properly and go ahead and start selling and as far as shipping a lot of people use um USPS which I believe is the best option to use when you're first starting out once you get bigger then you can like you know make accounts with you P ass or fedex or any other carrier that you want but I will start off with USPS you can actually go into the post office and they have like small business representatives that will actually take the time to sit down with you and explain the whole shipping process and give you like a stone buy zone basis and if you ship here or you can offer flat shipping rates and things like that so just do your research you know even look up even don't even stop at my video because I don't know everything about the clothing business and I'm just here to share the info and I hope you guys enjoyed my video and again if we have any questions leave it in the comment box below and I will try to answer them

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