Step-Up Casual Style With Leather Dress Boots | ONE Men’s Shoe Upgrade To More Fashionable Wardrobe

Step-Up Casual Style With Leather Dress Boots | ONE Men’s Shoe Upgrade To More Fashionable Wardrobe

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today, we�re going to talk about one simple
way to level up your casual style and, no, I�m not going to cover the leather jacket. And I know many of you guys are wondering,
�Antonio, why are you wearing that leather jacket?� I�ll
get to that at the end of the video, stick around I promise it will be worth your while. Today, we�re going to talk about stepping
up your style with boots. Boots are one of the easiest very simple to take your existing casual style
take it up to another level by introducing the right pair of boots. And, what I mean right, guys, I�m going
to give you six points to look at when you�re going out there to purchase a pair
of boots so you can get the right boots for you. in addition, I�m going to give you a few outfit
scenarios so that you can, you know, think of, okay, I�m already wearing this. It would be very easy to incorporate one of
the sample boots I�ve got here. Now, everything here is from JL Rocha and
I want you to go check them out right over here. Guys, this is a one hundred-year old company
down in Leon, Mexico. I�ve known them for years. I�ve been wearing their gear, wearing their
boots and I love them and Jose Luis, a good friend, good company. Go check them out. So, let�s start off with how simple of an
upgrade this is going to be. Men reach out to me all the time, they�re like, �Antonio, I don�t
really, you know, I�m a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I�m already or I�ve already got my style down
and I like to wear casual suits. How can I take it to the next level?� Boots are such an easy upgrade because you
take your existing footwear and you just simply replace it with a stylish pair of boots because
they�re going to work with a casual suit. They�re going to work with jeans and a t-shirt. So,
now, I�m going to get into the six points, the six key things that you need to be looking for when
you�re going out there and you�re finding the right pair for you. And that�s the key, guys,
is you need to find the right pair for you. You do that by understanding what do you need for your lifestyle,
what do you need for your needs. You want to find the right pair that�s going to suit
you and that�s going to make you feel like a million bucks. So, let�s start off with the western boot.
The western boot, I�ve covered I�ve got an entire infographics on this. I�m going to link
to it down in the details, but this is something that�s very regional. It�s very noticeable, very stylish,
but something that you need to know how to wear and, guys, go check out I�ve got an entire
infographic on this. I�m not going to spend much time on that one or the chukka. Now, I love the
chukka, it�s a great boot, but I�ve got an entire video an entire article on this. I�ll link to
it down in the � the description down below, but it�s a great style so if you don�t have this, consider
it. Now, I�m going to dive into the Chelsea.
This is one I�ve never covered before, but is actually one of my personal favorite and there�s
a couple of reasons why. When I travel I love how it slips on and off. You�ll notice that this
particular design, it�s go a bit of elastic right here, nothing really that you�ve got to lace up or down,
so when I�m going to security, I love it. But, it actually has � it goes back about fifty or seventy
years. It was made popular by the Beatles. They love this design. And, really, I just find it�s
very elegant. I can wear it with a suit. I�ve also worn this with a button up and jeans. You can dress
it up dress it down. A very I would say versatile design that I personally love. Now, let�s talk about the high lace-up boot.
Now, this is something there�s two different places where it�s came from and it has a military
history coming out of the combat boot. We also have seen other designs where they�ve come out
of the dress shoe in particular the chukka, but how the chukka you notice it�s an ankle boot
and it doesn�t go very high. This boot right here is going to go up much higher. What this means is it�s
going to give you more support, it also means you�re going to have to lace it up a bit
more so it�s going to be harder to get off harder to get, you know, to take off or put on. But, when
it comes down to it, I think it will be one of the most stylist boots out there, I just find that
this is one that works great in my casual wardrobe. So, we talked about style, now let�s talk
about silhouettes. Silhouette is going to be the outline of the shoe. Sounds pretty simple, but it
makes a big difference. Understand and let me just show you really quick. So, let�s look at
these two shoes right here. You see that? Both of these are ankle boots, both of these are chukkas.
However, one of them is � has a much clunkier, therefore much more casual actual design.
While this one right here, much more delicate and much more cleaner and therefore, is going
to be dressier. So, the silhouette makes a big difference
of what you can wear. When it�s a more streamlined and simple and delicate silhouette, it�s
going to be dressier and worn dressed up, but if it�s going to have those clunkier lines like a
very thick heel very blunt toe, then that�s going to be something it�s going to be much more casual. So, now, the color of your boot. The color
of the boot is going to make a big difference. Something like this it�s a beautiful elegant
design, but the � and assume that it wasn�t suede, let�s assume that this was just a regular
leather right here very smooth, because of the color, it�s always going to be casual. While this
one right here, it�s actually the same exact design pretty much the same boot just in a darker
color. This one right here is going to be dressier, so usually the darker, anything that�s going
to be the solid black made from leather can actually in many cases be worn with a suit. The darker
the boot usually the dressier it�s going to be. [0:04:59] 3 Next, let�s talk about the upper material.
So, by default you could just fall to a great beautiful leather like this. I think you can�t go
wrong with this. And if it�s your first pair of boots, why not go with something dark, go with something
that is a very simple cut something that you can dress up something that you can dress down
is going to be versatile. But, if this is maybe your second pair of boots or you really want to
step up your style, you want to look at suede. Suede, a lot of guys stay away from, they�re just
scared of the maintenance, but understand, gentlemen when you bring something like this
in your wardrobe, you�re going to take care of it, you�re going to feel great when you wear
it you�re going to get compliments and that�s what we�re shooting for here, for you to get
compliments and for you to feel like a million bucks. Next, let�s talk about the sole material.
So, you�re going to see leather and you�re going to see rubber. The reason leather is so popular is
leather soles are great indicator of quality. If a manufacturer spent the time and spent the
money with the materials to have a leather sole, you pretty much know that he spent money elsewhere.
So, that�s one of the reasons it�s so highly priced. The problem with a leather
sole is it doesn�t have much traction especially at the beginning. So, if you�re looking for a boot,
make � and you want to make sure it has traction, you had issues slipping or you know you live
in a part of the country where you�re going to get weather where it�s going to be slick, you
want to find a rubber sole or if you get a leather sole, you want to get a rubber sole attached on
it. It�s usually not that expensive. There are even some kits, I�ll link you down in the description
in the video, I�ll put a link to a kit that you can actually get. But, I personally love these pair of boots
because and, here are the ones I�ve been wearing. I�ve been wearing this for about six months. I
love them. I little bit different style, but as you can tell I�ve already started wearing into this.
But, I wore this through Wisconsin winter, they worked out very well, gave me great traction. And,
that is what you want to pay attention to when it comes to the sole. The final point that you want to pay attention
to when you�re looking for that perfect pair of boots is the styling details. And what do
I mean by that? Guys, I�m talking about straps, I�m talking about buckles. Those little things
that add a bit more � a bit more style to the boot. They are small things because I mean look at this
pair right here. This looks great, I can probably very simple, got a little bit of contrast stitching
on it. But then, this pair right here, not only does it have the contrast stitching, but it�s going
to have the wingtip right here, it�s going to have a bit of broguing in it. This pair right here, look
at that we�ve got, again, the wingtip, we�ve got the broguing. A broguing is going to be the cutting
into the leather and the design. The contrast stitching actually doesn�t stand out too
much. So, you can see that there are many different ways to get to the same place. All right. So, I promise an outfit ideas and
I�m going to deliver on that. Now, I know many of you guys like to wear khaki trousers with a blue
button-up shirt. The problem there is that almost every guy loves that outfit at least in your
office. So, you�re looking around and it�s like everyone is wearing about the same thing,
how do you up that style? Well, I always recommend you take your clothing and get it
adjusted, fitted by a tailor, but you could also 4 bring in these pair of boots right here. Bring
in a pair of suede, the contrast stitching, the wingtip. I think this would really up that
look. You could also bring in, you know, these gray ones right here. Gray, a very underused color.
A little about gray is it�s not black, it�s still a non- color, so that you can wear it with a wide
variety of other pieces. So you could wear it with pretty much any sports jacket you have in
your wardrobe. You can wear it with blue jeans, you can wear it with black slacks, you can wear
it with brown slacks. It will work with pretty much any pair of trousers. Outfit idea number two. Dark jeans, light
blue button-up shirt, sports jacket, and instead of pair of dress shoes, you bring in right here these
lace-up dress boots with a rubber sole. And, the great thing about this is at night you�re
taking your wife out, starts to rain, you have a bit more traction when you�re walking around. You
still look great, but you give off a much more I would say, you know, this right here, it�s a casual
masculine feel and a lot better than those dress shoes that you would have been sliding all
over the place. Outfit upgrade number three. You�ve got
your favorite casual blue suit. You usually wear this with your double monk straps. It�s a great
look, but you want to change it up especially since you�ve had people, you know, complimenting
you on this, they know that suit, it�s one of your favorites. Well, guys, look to get compliments
now on your beautiful clean designed Chelsea boots or even take that up a notch, bring
in suede. All of a sudden, people are no longer complimenting you on the suit which still
looks great, but they�re starting to notice your shoes and say great things about them. All right, gentlemen, that�s it. Hopefully
you enjoy this video. I enjoyed putting it together. Now, the mystery of the leather jacket. Why
am I wearing this? Guys, it�s tied to these boots, tied to these boots, tied to this beautiful
piece of luggage, tied to this beautiful piece of luggage. What else do I have here? Some beautiful
backpacks. The point is all of this was made in Leon, Mexico. My friend, Jose Luis, he�s
making some amazing stuff there, JL Rocha. I want you to go check them out. [0:10:03] And, let me know in the comments down below
which of the items, it can be boots, it can be jackets, it can be leather bags that you love
and why. Be specific, tell me exactly the item why you like it, how it�s going to look great
in your wardrobe. Gentlemen, and I�m going to be sending somebody
here in the next couple of weeks, somebody is going to winning maybe more than one person.
Guys, I�ve got tons of gear, I�ve been giving a lot of it away in my free Facebook group,
but I wanted to thank you guys at YouTube. And, I wanted you to go check out JL Rocha because
basically they�re looking to break into the US market in the description of this video. Check
out, I�ve got a really discount code. This is going to be a huge on, this is only good for a limited
amount of time, guys, so take advantage of it while it�s there. It�s a great company.
I�ve been wearing their boots for six months. Love them. 5 That�s it, guys. Let me know what you think
of the comments. I�ll see you in the next video.

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    thank you and keep the great videos coming!

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