Steps to Wear an N95 Respirator

Steps to Wear an N95 Respirator

Select the correct mask size which you
were fitted. Place your palm through the loops of the respirator and cup it over your face With one hand holding the respirator, use the other hand to place the first strap onto the crown of your head and above the ears. Then place the second strap onto the back of your neck. Using two fingers of both hands, press down the metal piece according to the contours of your nose bridge. Do a respirator seal check before use. With both hands over the respirator, exhale and inhale strongly to check for any leakage around it If air leakage is noted, adjust the respirator, straps and nose piece to test again. Without touching the respirator, slowly lift the bottom strap from around your neck and up over your head Lift off the top strap. Do not touch the respirator.

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  1. As long as your n95 mask is not moist nor distorted in shape, you can continue to use it for protection against the haze. Hope this helps!

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