Stolen Valor or Worst Army Uniform ever?

Stolen Valor or Worst Army Uniform ever?

my name is chaplain Ernest Walker. Thats the most ate up uniform, I’ve ever seen.
(transformation grunts :D) ohh November A chaplain?! oh you’re gonna need to talk to
Jesus when this is done! obviously I am a military veteran. why aren’t you saying
army? did you forget what uniform you picked out of the dumpster? you decided
to put on the most jacked-up pair of dress blues I have ever seen.
your slick sleaving it up! you got nothing on there. dress blues were issued
to enlisted men in 2010 that’s barely seven years ago how horrible a soldier
were you you couldn’t even make it to E-2. where the frig are your
service stripes guy? you saying you spent less than three years in the Army?
how long could you possibly been in? things that are longer than your
military career Bergdahl’s imprisonment most of my pairs of underwear Chelsea
Manning’s pecker. where the hell’s your army service ribbon? the rainbow ribbon.
the one everybody gets just for passing basic training. did you not pass basic
training? the only medals you got on your chest are for marksmanship, and they are
so jacked up. looking like Helen Keller tried to put those things on, or you came
from a bad game of pin the medals on the dipshit. now I’m pretty sure they’re
crossed rifles but I know your insignia on your collar did a freakin 90-degree turn
just to get away from your stank ass goatee. LEFT FACE! OH SHIT!
I’d ask you why you didn’t shave before you put on your
uniform but you already answered that question
showing up in a uniform looking like a bag of smashed assholes speaking of
loose sphincters that freaking beret looks like you took a dump in a diaper and
turned it upside down. and that flash ain’t supposed to be in the center of
your face make you looking like a handicap Cyclops. it’s supposed to look
like this. over your left eye TLC. unless you’re
Special Forces. like this. see you can’t even tell who I am right now until it’s
too late! Special Forces! now I noticed you got a
25th ID crest in the center of that buddy. who was your platoon leader? the
Tropic lightning sure laid a tropic deuce with you. who served with that soup
sandwich? Oh God keep your shirt on Pillsbury Dough douche NO!NO! The US Army does not take a knee. we didn’t take a Knee for our
independence, we didn’t take a knee at Pearl Harbor
we didn’t take a knee when the twin towers fell. soldiers drive forward and execute
their mission and personal goals. the US Army stands tall as an amalgamation of
people from all walks of life we stand ready to deploy engage and destroy the
enemies of the United States we do not wear a garbage uniform so we can open up
our shirts like some Superman with type ten diabeetus. I’m Wilford Brimley and I’d
like to talk to you for a few minutes about diabeetus, about diabetes, about
diabetes, about diabetes

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  1. 0:57 made me nearly piss myself laughing so hard however stolen valor is no fucking joke but this dude cracks me up.

  2. I saw a guy on a YouTube video who was in ACU and was wearing a Minecraft t-shirt underneath. I lost my shit.

  3. You are amazing. Since watching your videos I have become less angry as an Airborne vet trying to be a civilian.
    (developed medical bs that prevented me remaining a Paratrooper)
    Civilians are so irritating I am considering a POG MOS as an officer now that I have a college degree from my GI bill. I miss the organized environment where the mission was always focused and completed properly.
    Civilians are such lazy distracted people they persistently get in the way of every task.

  4. Chaplains were officers and still are no ribbons WTF you need your ass beat. As a vet I can tell you are NOT. DD form 214 says dishonorable. Moron

  5. People get so fired up with this stuff, let them dress up in miss matched uniforms, it doesnt take away from your personal accomplishments or the fallen. There will always be mentally ill people "dresing up" for attention and claiming to be SEALs or cops, we all know they cant help it.

  6. The US Army does not take a knee, we didn't take a knee for our independence, we didn't take a knee at Pearl Harbor, we didn't take a knee when the Twin Tower's fell, soldiers drive forward and execute their mission and personal goals. the US Army stands tall as an amalgamation of people from all walks of life. We stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States. We do not wear a garbage uniform so we can open up our shirts like some Superman with type ten diabetes.

  7. Embrace the suck! And the U.S. military does not have a political agenda/ view…..if we were ment to have one it would have been issued at bootcamp!

  8. Obvious fake. Interestingly, I support the sentiment of BLM, but whoever put on this shitshow is an asshole.

    How about getting an actual veteran who can express this valid concern without dishonoring themselves or the uniform. OMG!

  9. Of all the pathetic attempts at pushing a stupid political narrative, this by far was the most. Funny thing is this dude literally could've just went on google and typed, "Army Chaplain Uniform" and got his shit straight before he went out there and embarrassed himself, the military, this country, his race, and every veteran that has served, is serving, will serve, and has already passed.

  10. You telling me not one black lives matter activist in the crowd was a military brat. I’m in the army but I still remember my father. Putting on his marine core dress blues every time he had to.

  11. I love how he dies and comes back as the vengeful spirit of Army past. It touched me where my soul would be if I had one.

  12. If you would have been my DI i would have gotten pt'd untill i died. you say the best shit ive ever heard in my life🤣😂🤣

  13. So many of those bastards 😡 😠😤 👿 just need to be SHOT!!! FUCKING IDIOTS can't even get the STOLEN uniforms right!!! DAMN,IF YOU are going to STEAL something, fucking at least try to get it RIGHT!!! IDIOTS!!!

  14. Okay,I just want to state,calling him out on it is one thing,but you,your just a complete asshole,you have no time with your life,who cares,we can tell he is fake,we don't need you to point out every reason why,and also don't make a comment about shaving when your wearing outdated uniform and wrong colored undershirt for said uniform and not clean shaved yourself,we get it he is fake,now go get a life dude,your not cool for calling him out like that,your not funny,your annoying and fucking immature,call him out on it and be done with it.all you had to do,your impressing noone!

  15. I’m from Britain. We call this a Walter Mitty. Someone who says they’re in the military but wasn’t. Pisses my old man off!

  16. Poster boi for BLM. What a fraud and joke. Like Obama, it'll be 3 generations of blacks b4 I'll Ever believe them worthy again.

  17. As an Army veteran of 17 years active duty I am offended with this guy. If I would see that in person I would smoke his ass the Army way. He was no f… veteran he is a joke.

  18. Wow so disrespectful to our military the ones that go over there and bleed, get blown up and sometimes die but the ones that do come home suffer mentally for the rest of their fucking lives from posttraumatic stress disorder because you can’t get the crazy shit that you saw over there out of your fucking mind and then you got this dumb motherfucking bitch posing as one of our military such bullshit go ahead and send him Overseas and see how he likes the front lines

  19. Somebody should have shot that poser on the spot. Pretending to be a veteran and promoting racist balck power bs. One shot = one kill

  20. Well he not fooling any military or former military folk, far as i know a Chaplain is an officer title, and he is clearly wearing a enlisted an uniform, I know there are enlisted who work in religious ratings, but far as I know they dont call themselves chaplains, you'd really have had to been in the military to know how to properly wear a uniform from any branch, unless of course your civilian butt is smart enough to google uniform regulations, their only source is Hollywood which is almost always horribly, laughably wrong

  21. Alright Drill, well said. Laughed so hard I spilled my beer. I’ll knock out 50 PU for the offense. You got a new sub. And fuck that guy. Also the “ranger mode” was on point.

  22. I was an Army brat and my Father was a Special Forces officer and if he was alive today he would freaking snap about this faking assclown! Sir! This guy's uniform is fake as f**k!
    And a US Soldier NEVER TAKES A KNEE,Ever! Sir! Yes Sir!

  23. I realized that the only people who actually saw combat and did crazy shit in the military never talk about it… I had an uncle he was a green barrette.. never talked about it. Except once when my dad came home from Afghanistan… I was like… you where a green barrette? Not once did he ever brag. The guys who remind you every 5 minutes they where in the are the ones who had shitty jobs .. probably never saw combat

  24. Less then 3 is a term used by draftees. They only did 2 – I served with them. 3 first enlistment 4 second in my day. Dress Blue? We had to buy our shit. Beret Christ that was left to special units like snake eaters. We had the "C" covers or saucer covers. FALSE VALOR

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