STOP Wearing This! | 20 Things Men Should NEVER Wear | Men’s Fashion Faux Pas | Style DONTS

STOP Wearing This! | 20 Things Men Should NEVER Wear | Men’s Fashion Faux Pas | Style DONTS

So, I don’t care how confident you are.
There are some pieces of clothing that a man should not put on his body. In today’s video, gentlemen, twenty things that a man should never wear. Number one on the list, too much fragrance. Okay, guys don’t overdo it. Remember, you
want to be discovered. Don’t walk into a room and announce yourself because think about
it, it give some people migraines, other people they simply don’t want to have to smell
you all day in the office. Start off with one spray and make sure that you do yourself
a favor, find a fragrance that works for you. Number two, large logos and we’re talking
those huge logos. Unless you’re getting paid by the company to spread the word about
their brand, why in the world would you wear that huge logo?
Next stop, let’s talk about those logo-embroidered trousers. What is up with these pants? I see
these out there and are men actually wearing this? Come on, guys. Again, getting back to
point one, unless the company is paying you to wear these, do not wear those pants.
Number four, the side cut tank top. Some guys think this is their greatest do-it-yourself
project. Guys, that’s great that you’ve got a good body that you take care of, but
understand that you can wear a normal t-shirt and show off your body. If the t-shirt actually
fits you, you don’t have to be, you know, giving us that side view, really unnecessary.
Number five on this list, pointy shoes. Now, I’m all for a nice blade coming out of shoes,
that’s pretty cool kind of James Bond-like. But, we’re talking about those pointy shoes
that that is the style and if it looks like you could kick somebody and pierce their skin,
guys, try to avoid that particular style. Next stop and almost a complete opposite of
the pointy shoe is the square toe. So, guys it’s about extremes, don’t go with this
square-toe look. Look at this picture right here. Avoid this type of shoe. Notice this
is not a chiseled toe. A chiseled toe is one that has much more curve to it, maybe has
a little bit of a square at the end, but there is a big difference. Guys, you want to avoid
the square toe. And, while we’re on the subject of the shoes,
let’s talk about Velcro shoes. So, understand if you’re a kid, you can’t tie your shoes,
okay, you got Velcro shoes or if you’re an older adult, you got maybe arthritis in
your hands and you’ve got a medical disability, okay, I get it then. But if you are a grown
man, very capable of tying your own shoes, don’t go for Velcro.
Number eight on this list, skinny jeans if you are not skinny. So, a lot of guys they
try to go with the fads, they go try to go with the fashion. I’ve got friends that
love their skinny jeans. For me in general, I do not like to see a big man trying to squeeze
into those skinny jeans and showing the world what he got. Guys, we just don’t want to
see it. Number nine on this list, bling jeans. So,
these are types of jeans that use sequence that use a little bit of sparklers on different
parts of the jeans. I have seen them crop over into menswear, so you got guys walking
down the street and they’ve got all these little sparklers in and around their buttock
area. Guys, I don’t know what attention and why you’re trying to attract there.
I mean good luck if it’s working for you. For me, I would say avoid them.
Number ten on this list, the deep V-neck t-shirt. So, if you’re showing a little bit of collarbone,
that’s fine on a V-neck t-shirt, but if your V is going all the way down to your navel,
that’s a little bit too much, guys. We’re not wanting to show off your man cleavage
here, it’s just something that the society and men and women in general, I don’t think
we really want to see it. Number eleven, studded belt. Studded pretty
much anything, you want to avoid past the age of 10.
Next stop, baggy clothes. So, if you were to take your belt off and everything falls,
you need to get new clothing that fits you properly. If you were to put your arms out
and your shirt can catch enough wind that it’s going to knock you over, you need to
get a shirt that fits you properly. Number thirteen, Ugg boots. Sorry, Tom Brady.
Number fourteen, the choker necklace. Unless you’re into being choked.
Next stop, let’s stalk about wearing a dress shirt untucked. I’ve talked about shirts,
I’ve gone into this in great detail. Gentlemen, if it is a dress shirt, it is made to be tucked
in. Always tuck in a dress shirt. Now, a casual button down, you can wear untucked, they are
often made to, but make sure that you take the shirt to get it adjusted that it’s the
right length, it doesn’t hang down and cover your buttocks that’s going to be way too
long. You want to go about two to three inches below and if you raise up your arms, you should
be able to you still cover your midsection. That’s going to be the good length for a
shirt, but if it’s a dress shirt, it is always tucked in.
Shiny club shirts. I think they had a moment back in the summer of 2001 and since then
you probably need to just get them out of our wardrobe.
Number seventeen, anything with wings anything with flames. In general, unless you are a
TV celebrity, you want to stay away from it. Now, wolves especially multiple wolves on t-shirts
or on any type of clothing, good to go. Pajama pants in public. Gentlemen, you want
to try to avoid it unless your house is on fire. You grab your kids you run out, then,
yeah, it’s perfectly fine. But, when I see you at the convenient store, you’re grabbing
you know that case of Old Milwaukee’s Best Iced and you’re wearing your pajama pants,
try to do a little bit better. Now, it always amazes me that I still have
to say this, gentlemen. Sandals were not made to go with socks, so try to avoid that combination.
Number twenty on this list. Well, gentlemen, that’s up to you. I want to hear from you
down in the comments below what did I miss, what is it that you see men wearing that you
just wish they would stop? And being a little bit serious here, I wanted
to put this video out not because I wanted to degrade anybody. I simply want to remind
you all how important it is even if you’re going to the gas station, even if you are
simply just going to meet with your child’s teacher, how important it is to put your best
foot forward. People make split second decisions based off of how we look. So, always think
about am I controlling the message, am I putting my best foot forward.
Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a community of over twenty thousand men to help you make
your transition when it comes to men’s style, go check out our free Facebook group. An amazing
group and what I love about this group is the guys over here answer you before I ever
could. I try to respond to every e-mail, but sometimes it takes three or four days to get
back to people, you know I’m human I’m sorry about that. But, when it comes out the
guys in this Facebook group they react instantly. In addition, if you want some great fee e-books,
you want to just sit and read through some of these information, I’ve got tons of free
e-books over at Real Mean Real Style. Go grab these e-books. I change them in and out, I
occasionally add something new take something off so you better go grab them before they’re
gone. And, finally, gents, if you want to learn
this stuff at your own pace, you’re tired of watching my video and you feel like, Antonio,
your video has gone way too long, I’d rather just listen to this. Guys, I’ve got a podcast,
an amazing podcast with over forty episodes of solid information. Go over there, listen
to it, download it on iTunes, leave me a cool review. But, guys understand I’ve created
these tools so that you can take the steps so that you can take the action to be the
best you can be. That’s it, gents. I’ll see you in the
next video. Take care.

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  2. If u wanna look decent… follow these tips. If you're trash and wanna stay looking that way even when on dates… go on ahead. These are just to help to look decent and attractive. Ask all the girls in the world… they'll agree.. so stop your whining men and get out there and change a few things once in your life. It can be fun at times. You'll adjust.

  3. Only douchebags wear sandals in public. The beach is ok but if your wear sandals to a baseball game then your a douchebag

  4. Fuck! I wear a lot of cologne..too much.. But,I take the train to work and it smells like homeless people and even regular commuters,don't bathe in the mornings.. I was on the train and smelled shit..I thought someone passed gas,but it was some guy yawning behind me!!!!! So i stuck my face in my shirt,and my cologne drenched shirt saved me from passing out..

  5. Yeah or you could wear something that says something other than "I´m uncomfortable picking clothes so I just wear the same thing as all other office workers"

  6. Bow ties. Guys it's 2019, not 1919 or 1819. They don't look classy at all (except in a tux, although I think ascots are better there) and shouldn't even be worn by 4 year old boys. Every time some nerd sits in on a news panel with one of these on, anything he says is quickly forgotten due to the distraction and loss of credibility wearing a bow tie causes. He might as well be wearing a clown nose & makeup. Who wants eccentric over timeless classiness?

  7. Totally agree about the logos. I used to do a lot of biking in my 20s and 30s. I was slim and fit. I went into the bike store one day for some reason and ended up looking at some riding shorts that were nicely padded. The downside was that they had the bike store's name on both legs in big, bold white letters. AND they wanted premium dollar for the shorts. I gotta admit, I liked the shorts, but when I put them back on the rack, the salesman seemed surprised. I told him as a business person myself, it violated my principals to PAY his owner to do HIS advertising without receiving something as recompense. Now, had they been willing to sell me the shorts at a discount, say 50% or even 25%, I would have been happy to buy and wear them. Unfortunately, no such offer was forthcoming, so I walked out of the store and bought a good pair of biking shorts elsewhere. Oh, and I NEVER saw any shorts advertising his store worn by anyone, ever.

  8. There are points here that many people will disagree. It is a personal choice and how you ‘carry’ what you wear in public wether it cost $5 or $300 shirt.

  9. "Skinny" tight jeans or denim shorts on older chaps. Awful!! Any kind of beige or brown ensemble. Tracksuit tops, hoodies (worn by scruffy, low-class BrIrish people), fleeces similarly (they should only be worn by sheep), boring black and grey T-shirts, and pointy, shiny and overly formal shoes with jeans. Trousers that are too short.

  10. Men are warned about what not to wear …by a monkey….
    Monkeys decide everything now …
    This guy is wearing a pink shirt that looks exactly like his skin …he looks almost naked and his neck is short and looks buried inside the huge suit …and makes his head too small for his body ….
    And I don't want to start on the women underwear in his pocket …

    I wish men stop wearing penile implants 24/7. …

    You should warn humanity about these torture devices not simple clothing…..

  11. I’ve somehow never done any of these in my life, and even if I would get paid to, I still wouldn’t. Other things I’d like to add are backwards sunglasses, backwards hats, anything with holes/tears in it, and logos on everything.

  12. Good video. I Carry extra weight. I’ve had people tell me that I dress appropriately. I do some of my clothes shopping at DXL men’s wear.

    What drives me crazy is big men wearing skinny jeans. They look out of place.

  13. Earrings stop it , ball choking shorts at the gym, neck tattoos and sneakers with suits . I don't care if their Jordans ( your not dunking in a suit )

  14. My nieces told me about the socks/ saddles I where ( use too) they were calling me grandpa Armenian,even though I am of Mex heritage

  15. Many people don't care how they look when they walk down the street, which is bad enough. Some dress to reveal where they come from. But I believe it is always very important and necessary to dress for where you are going, rather than for where you are coming from. I mean, who cares about your culture or tradition? if you dress in rags and go to a party just because where you come from, people dress in rags, you will surly not be allowed into the occasion ground. same goes with dressing for formal meetings and other events. people will weigh you and respect you first based on how you appear and secondly on how you speak. so i think it is necessary to watch these two very carefully.

  16. When superman can can wear his undies outside then why criticize who wear belts on lungi , or dinner jacket over lungi. To each his own fashion.

  17. I get what you’re saying but really!? Someone going to write me a ticket or be arrested for wearing socks with sandals! or some meat head going to take my lunch money for wearing too big of logos! Try me 🤣😂🤣

  18. I don’t care what people think, I am 50 stocky built Male I wear skinny jeans an v T-shirt’s not wearing old frumpy stuff

  19. Girls wearing cowboy boots in mid-July with 40 degrees in the shade …. A pleasant foot fragrance when they return home.

  20. If you're over the age of thirteen, don't wear your baseball cap backwards. And if you won't take your cap off indoors or at the table,  just don't leave the house, okay?

  21. Great list that has aged well. One asterisk I'd add is on the deep V neck t-shirt. If it is white, pocketless, and worn as an undershirt the V neck keeps the garment from being visible and the sleeves absorb any armpit moisture.

  22. 1:11 if you in shape and getting ready for a show or an overall fitness addict, coming from or going to the gym or doing any outdoor workouts on the bar I don’t see why this would be a problem. It actually is more comfortable if it’s hot outside and you doing outdoor workouts.

    5:00 if am already wearing Pajama pants late night and decided to go grab something at walmart or go to drive through at Taco Bell don’t see a reason why I should take them off

  23. Confidence supersedes any thought of style because confidence is consistent throughout the ages but style changes daily. Wear whatever you want.

  24. Flat stud belts are fine, deep (showing chest) v necks are fine as long as you have wide shoulders and a deep collar bone skin imprint.

  25. I love wearing my pajamas to go to the mall , while my pajamas i mean im wearing a short pants and tshirt , it just feels good 😂😂

  26. These are so true and man I’m glad none of the offenses I’m guilty of/I love clothes but with a together look. I’ve actually seen dudes young and older In public wearing doing this. Lmao

  27. Some of the points made are valid, but who with any style would listen to a bloke who is wearing a jacket that lacks any style, with a hankerchief that does not match the jacket and who cannot be bother to wear a tie with that shirt. Maybe before he gives advice to others I would suggest he look in a mirror and get his own style sorted.

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