21 Replies to “Strong boys wear booty shorts.”

  1. After they brought it up in the intro does anyone else think Steve looks and sounds a little like older Morty ?

  2. This is the episode that made me commit to start all the way back to season 1 to understand the lore. I've made it.

  3. *Me: Walking around the kitchen, fixing up some breakfast*
    Steven: If you're standing, you may want to take a seat.
    *Me: The eggs can wait.*

  4. I like how you guys can go to the beach at this time of the year and we get 5 inches of snow in one day.

  5. “‘He should do the backflip,’ I thought. It would be tremendously exciting, no matter the result. I know this because I myself performed a backflip for a girl I liked in kindergarten. I was comatose for three years and awoke paralyzed. The doctors fed me through tubes. I grew strong—strong enough to rise—and when my feet finally touched the ground, I was six foot three, 270 pounds. This was third grade.”

    —Steven Suptic

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