Style Rewind 2: 1960’s: One Shift Dress to Help Build Your Wardrobe

Style Rewind 2: 1960’s: One Shift Dress to Help Build Your Wardrobe

Welcome to Style Rewind. Let’s turn back the style clock and dust
off vintage pieces in your wardrobe. What is old is new again. Let’s get ready to travel back through time. In this episode, we’re going to travel back
in time once again but to a different decade. We’re going to go back to 1964. Let’s see. It’s 1964. The biggest star, Barbra Streisand. You could see her there on the cover of Life
Magazine. You can see the gorgeous Vogue cover of what
was in at the moment, all that fur, right? That would politically incorrect today, probably,
to have a Vogue cover with that much fur on it. You could see it says Beatlemania Sweeps the
US. That’s what was going on in 1964. Now, style-wise, what was happening? Well, there was Nancy Sinatra, These Boots
are Made for Walkin’. You can see her there in her dress and you
could see Twiggy. You could see the McCall’s print for making
your own clothes. A lot of people used to actually sell and
make their own clothes at home which is interesting because I think my mom even did that when
I was little and I just thought, “Nowadays, I don’t think people do that anymore.” What you should see is in common in all of
these pictures is that they’re all wearing what is known as a shift dress. You can see this is a big departure from the
previous decade, in the previous series where we saw that circle skirt that had the very
feminine silhouette to it where you can accentuate the waist and then the curves go out and you
look very curvy and hour glass shaped. You can see now in the ’60s with the shift-shaped
dress is more straight. It’s more you’re not really seeing all
the curves underneath it. So it is almost 180 degree turn from what
was going on the previous decade but it was all the rage. I still love them now. It is so comfortable and prim to wear one. You don’t have to worry about tucking in
your stomach or “Do I need to wear spanx with this?” It’s just very nice and comfy and I love
this style of dresses. They have everything form really casual ones
to ones you could wear at work. Shift dress is what we’re after in this
episode of Style Rewind. Again, go to your closet, go to your mom’s
closet, aunt’s closet, grandmother, great grandmother, whoever. Try to raid their closet or head to the nearest
consignment shop to look for a shift dress. You’re going to want to dust that off because
it’s going to offer you so many opportunities. You can see here, you see it’s a simple
black dress but it’s a shift styled dress. You could see it’s almost straight up and
down. It has almost no flair really to it. Like I said, it’s a big departure from their
previous decade. You will love this style of dress. Again, start raiding closets, head to the
consignment shop. Or if none of those work for you, you can
also just from the comfy of your own living room, type that into your Google search bar
to find options for you. How do we modernize this and how do we create
an outfit that will work today? You can see, that’s an outfit I created. Simple little black dress but again, it’s
not form-fitting but it’s still very stylish. I decided to pair it with these great almost
rose-colored bag and shoes. It’s fun loafers. Again, very prim, casual look. You have this dress on, you have these loafers
on. I love it because it’s in this great color. Instead of having a pair of boring black loafers
to wear with this, I was like, “Why not have a fun color, this really fun rose color
again and cross body bag to wear with that.” Because it has the gold chain on the bag,
I decided to do gold accessories. You can see it’s the gold bracelet. It’s the bracelet that has a little thing
hanging from it and these gorgeous gold X earrings to make this outfit very modern. Again, with this ‘60s silhouette, it still
works very much today and go on and try to find these treasures in your wardrobe or other
people’s or like I said the nearest consignment or second-hand shop. There we go. But we’re not done with our time travels
in this particular episode. We are going to travel back in time again
to the decade we looked up before, the ‘50s. How can we pair what we looked up before,
the circle skirt, with the shift dress? Well, I’m going to give you an idea. We have the sheath dress, we also have the
circle skirt. What is great about this is again, it’s
very loose-fitting. This sheath dress if styled correctly you
can also wear it as a top. You can see here I’ve just tucked this dress
into the circle skirt to make it into more like a sleeveless black top. It’s already a little loose blousy effect
but you may want to tuck it in and then pull it out a little bit just so it has more of
a blousing effect where the shirt meets the top of the skirt. So pull it out a little bit and then look
there, paired it with some very fun accessories with lots of pops of color and the earrings
and then again with the necklace and created a whole new look for it. Like I said, it is essentially — and I’ve
done this many times where I liked the top of the dress but not the bottom of the dress
and I’ve actually done this on shoots as well where I take the dress and essentially
make it into a top and add another skirt on top of it. It’s a great way to, again, get more mileage
on your wardrobe. This is just one very creative way that if
you dig into your grandmother’s closet and you’ll find a circle skirt and you found
a sheath dress and you’re like, “Hey, actually, I could put these together to make
an outfit.” There you go for Style Rewind on how to pair
the ‘60s with the ‘50s. Now, we’re going to jump forward again,
let’s go back to the 1960s because it’s time for Hair Rewind. Again, in this series, I’ve been giving
you a hairstyle inspired of that era that we’re looking at. For this one, I mean is there anybody bigger
than Brigitte Bardot, right? I found this great tutorial online so you
could produce this gorgeous Brigitte Bardot style-inspired hair tutorial. I want you to know this is a channel that
I actually love, the Luxy Hair channel. Learn several hairstyles by subscribing to
this channel. This is a great hairstyle that I love, super
simple. I think a lot of you will be able to watch
and think, “I could do that at home.” So follow the tutorial and learn how you can
have this ‘60s-inspired do. You don’t necessarily have to wear it when
you wear the shift dress. It’s one you can wear all the time. But again, modern take on an old ‘60s style
hairstyle. Again, you just follow along. All the tutorials are super easy, it’s enough
where you can sit there for half an hour to be able to do it but I think you guys will
love all the hairstyles and lesson. Again, just follow along. They just require basic hair tools all of
us will probably have. For example a curling iron as shown here on
the screen. So that’s it for our style this time. I think we’ve done enough time travelling. We went back to the ‘60s and then we went
back to the ‘50s and I showed you how to pair the circle skirt with a sheath dress. So now we’ll just go to present day again. Come on let’s go back, 2017, to where the
Kardashians have a billion dollar empire. That’s it for Style Rewind. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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  1. Where is the sac dress? It was popular for a short time around late 50's to 60-61. I can't even find a picture of it! I was a teen in that era, so I didn't dream it up!

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