Style With Me for Cabo! Vacation Outfit Ideas 2019

Style With Me for Cabo! Vacation Outfit Ideas 2019

hello everyone welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you are new here my name is Kelsey I'm gonna start off by saying today's video is a style with me I've done that like one of these before where we come into my closet and we style a bunch about this and it's gonna be like a try on style with me which is why I'm in my pajamas because we're just gonna be trying everything on and styling a bunch of outfits I'm going on a trip to Cabo soon so so here's the little story time basically I'm going on a trip to Cabo which is what we're going to be styling for I'll see you guys it'll get a blog with that in the future basically backtrack if you saw my last chitchat get ready with me I mentioned that we are in the process of moving so we had to pack up most of our stuff and all of my clothes is just what you see behind me this is what I'm working with which still technically seems like a lot right but when I was packing it was still pretty cold outside meaning I wasn't thinking and I packed most of my summer stuff like I didn't leave out any flats like all my slides beach shoes sandals I have none of it the closest thing I happen to that is like sneakers or kitten heels like I have no flats I'm living off of two tank tops like it is hot and if I'm going to Cabo and I have to take tops so we're in like a bit of a dilemma she and she and just flew into my emails like the rest of the Avengers coming to fight Thanos Thanos being my empty closet thank you so much to Shion they came in clutch right on time and they were like we want to send you a bunch of summer clothes to do a really cool summer fashion video I was like yes so now thank you to Shion thank you guys for sponsoring this video I have a ton of really cute summer clothes we're gonna style into outfits to bring on my trip with me so as always all the links for every item that I'm gonna show you guys will be in the description so you guys can shop she is not only a super portable website but I also have a 15% off code for you guys to use so you're welcome on machine also offers free shipping on orders over $49 and free returns within 40 days so it definitely makes sure to go check out all the links in the description for everything I'm going to show you guys in this video and make sure you guys really cute comfortable summer clothes okay so yeah I'm very excited let's just get started I have like a little collection of like blue things in my closet because I plan on going to Greece at some point this summer I think that's kind of like my goal so I'm just saving blue things to have my Mamma Mia moment so I bought two different matching sets oh she and better this baby blue color and they're like the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life so these are the two sets that I got I'm gonna start with this one this one's more like a dressy set and then this one's like a casual set this is a skirt and off-the-shoulder set I love like the shape of these skirts I feel like these are like the most flattering okay this is definitely my mom of me a moment okay who gave she and the audacity to be this good it's just so perfect okay this is like exactly what I wanted it to be it's like it's doing what I am asking it to so I'm very happy about this you know it just gives me very like dancing queen young and sweet only seventeen vibes we're gonna try on the next blue set which this one is more of like a casual set so this is like a nice like going out to dinner on the beach just eating my kabobs you know this is a more casual set we're like it kind of looks like cute like sleepwear but I would it's so cute I definitely wear it out you know I love spending my money on things like the shores are definitely too short for my personal liking but I mean they're perfectly fine if I'm just using this as a cover-up which is probably my plan shirt is like perfect though like this I could just this is so cute but I like it as a set this is like a good pajama set to you know like take cute like breakfast in bed in the morning picture and I really like the set and it's really comfortable like it's not like hot or anything like cuz you think like okay I'm going to the beach and I'm wearing like a long-sleeve shirt but I honestly like to do that to avoid sunburns because I'm like the most susceptible to easily getting sunburned so normally when I have cover-ups I do actually wear something along the sleeve so for the next look I have one more matching set I really like matching sets for the summer and like for the beach specifically because I feel like it's a time when I you don't want to style outfits it's like the one time I don't want to have to worry about my outfit and like I feel like matching sets or just like the perfect combination isn't already picked out outfit but it's still really cute so I have this other one look at how much color is in this video right now is this a kelsey simone video i don't think so here is the next set I really like it I know it has I mean I don't even think you guys can probably see that one on camera this set does have a lot of colored stripes in it but I feel like you can't even tell that much cuz there's like green and pink in here but then the rest is just black and neutral and white so I feel like it still looks neutral tone to me so you just throw this on honestly this is one of those looks that I feel like is good for just like therapy walking on the beach she'd grab a little coconut water sip sip perfect yeah I think this is perfect definitely bringing this one on my trip next thing we have summer dresses summer dresses are the next easiest thing to a matching the set they may be even more easy than a matching set because it's not even it's just one piece you just put it on that's it you're done this one you guys already saw in my Instagram it's like this little white body con ruched it's like off the shoulder it's got cute little details little puffy sleeves here we go I love this dress so much I've already worn it like three times yeah I think so like this is just like perfect for the beach this one's obviously like a little bit dressier because maybe just because it's like body con so I instantly think it's like the rest of them are just like a little flowy like more casual dresses but this is definitely something that's nice to plague a dinner where it's still like really easy you just like throw this on with like little strappy heels you're perfect you're ready to go so I have these two dresses I'm pretty sure they're the exact same yeah they're the same dress just in two different colors and prints so I've got this yellow one with this really pretty floral print they have like cowl necks in the front which is my favorite neckline at the moment and then like a little matching string to cinch at the waist a little bow there spaghetti strap just super flowy perfect and easy for the beach and then I've got this green one it is actually a little bit different these ones tiny little bows on your shoulder which is so adorable and it's got these little white flowers on it and I don't think I'm gonna bring this one to Cabo just because green isn't like the beach vibe I feel like this I'm just probably gonna like we're here so I'm thinking for styling it up a little bit more instead of just wearing like the plain dress because like I said I've worn this on my Instagram already and typically when I wear something hey Instagram I don't like bring it on a trip if I'm going on one because I don't want to have like I know I'm gonna be taking pictures so I don't want like the same piece multiple times so I'll try to like style it differently if I'm gonna wear the same piece but I love this white dress so I'm thinking I'm gonna put like a pinstriped little blouse over the top this is definitely a summer go to cover-up so I have to bring this with me and then wearing my little white bucket hat I think these are adorable especially for the summer I think they're so cute and then I have these white sides also from shine with this little gold chain I think just like an all-white look I need at least one for the beach come on I'm Kelsey Simone you guys so I totally forgot that I did actually already wear this on my Instagram already I love this dress I love the little flow enos I feel like it's so flattering on me like these fits of dresses like these are my favorite so I love that it cinches at the waist and I love a little like a dainty bow and I love the cowl neckline I love these and even though yellow isn't something I commonly wear I feel like it still goes with my style because of how many neutral tones I wear and I feel like yellow can easily like match and go cuz like in my viewfinder right now looking at it it looks like I'm just wearing a beige dress yeah this is perfect I'm definitely bringing tons of stuff like this with me to the beach I'm probably gonna bring this one to Cabo okay that's definitely coming with me so here we have this dress very comfortable very casual perfect for just like a little airport look this would be perfect which is like my Stan Smith sneakers just like my little bag imagining my passport perfect I love this I'm if super comfortable like it's so I don't know I just said that it's super comfortable like it's just really slinky and just like I could take a nap in this that's what I'm going for when we go for airport looks ladies get something that you can take a nap in I never sleep on planes but I still like to wear stuff that's comfortable enough that I could take a nap in it next thing I have the world's most simple summer outfit cute little white crop top denim shorts now for this look to style it up a little bit more I feel like because it's so slinky you know how I like my son waste I probably wear this with a belt I have this really cool one right here and then I'd probably just wear it with something like this like little black slides or white sneakers I mean I guess it really depends if I'm wearing this like to the beach or the airport so the airport I'd probably wear sneakers Beach I probably change into my slides but I have these little black leather ones with this little buckle from chien and I think that this would just be perfect I think that that matches really well I love like the detail of like having the black belt match with the black shoe I think that that's perfect so yeah that's definitely how I'd like dress it up a little bit more this is so adorable they're shorts always fit me so well so when I wear stuff like this I feel like it's a little bit it's super simple so this is what I like to get these summer accessories out so I have this bag which is like my dream bag I posted this on Instagram and everybody was like oh my gosh that bag this is like my favorite bag right now it's so summery and like just perfect little perfect yeah it's just a simple comfortable outfit I could wear this anytime I want I'm gonna bring these shorts with me to Cabo just because I need denim shorts actually to style it up a little bit more dress it up a little bit more I'm gonna keep the top on and I'm gonna style it with this skirt instead of the short round leather I know that that's such a fall winter thing but I've been so in love with this that I feel like I'm trying any which way to be able to wear it in my summer wardrobe so finding a little short slip skirt that was brown leather was like Oh heart explosion I love this I am this I love the brown leather it looks so good I love it that's like a little little slit right there it fits so well and it looks so good with like this little white top this is perfect this is like exactly what I was wanting this looks great but I don't think I'm gonna style it with this shirt I have my last piece sadly that I think I'm gonna style it with and this might be my like Airport going home look maybe let's try it on even will sleep okay so I styled it with this top which is definitely more of like how I pictured myself wearing it so this shirt is also from she is adorable I love the fabric that Shion uses for their t-shirts on their website because it's not just like your typical cotton t-shirt it's so stretchy and like comfortable I feel like this definitely dresses it down more ikemen this would just like my Stan Smith's and on my like airport stuff this is me holding my duffel bag and this is me holding my passport by the way this is perfect I also print on bringing this to Cabo just to wear it as like a cover-up I always bring my t-shirts with me I mean honey you're not gonna become in a white t-shirt with you and very sadly this is the last look of our little style with me I hope that you guys enjoyed the style with me and if you guys are gonna see more style with these in the future make sure to give this video a thumbs up to let me know that you liked it so like I said everything that is in this video that you saw will be linked below for you guys everything was frumpy and calm they have super affordable prices and like I said I have an extra 15% off code for you guys that will be on the screen here somewhere and also in the description so that you guys can get yourself a beautiful summer wardrobe make sure to subscribe to my channel I post two videos a week one on Tuesday and one on Friday sorry it's been a little bit spotty this month but I love you guys so so much and I will see you in my next video

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  1. As somebody working with and for FridaysForFuture – please don't buy items that are produced in a fast-fashion way. Buy second hand, quality over quantity, fleamarkets, there are so many possibilities! You for sure will find cute outfits there aswell, but please, please, please care about our planet and about our future! Every bit helps! xx

  2. You’re soooo cute and perfect!💕🙈

  3. Love you Kelsey ❤️ Just don’t like fast fashion companies like Shein. I've never bought from companies like then and don't plan on ever doing so. 😔

  4. Love the blue two piece. Also you can wear leathers in summer it’s all in how you style it. The shirt looked better with the skirt versus the ruffle tank. 😍

  5. Hey Kelsey ! I just wanted to tell you that shein is not ethical, they don't respect their workers and as an influencer it could be cool that you don't support these kind of brands 😊

  6. At first when I read the thumbnail, I thought that it said "Vacconation outfit" and I was like, "Why do you need a specific outfit to NOT die of Measles?"

  7. I deadass stopped the video when she mentioned shein lmao sorry love i appreciate your videos but ✌️✌️

  8. HER style is legit goals. I wish I had the drive to dress so nice all the time like how she does lol. Seriously never know what to wear. But you are beautiful Kelsey 💕💕💕😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. Kelsey, when you get your hair cut, what cut do you ask for? How do you ask for your bangs to be cut? Thx babe😘

  10. Can you please help a girl out and do a video on how you blend in your hair extensions? Love you ❤️

  11. Love you Kelsey but please stop promoting companies that travel all around the world they have a huge impact on the environement is not very safe for the planet and those poor people who work like slaves in these industries mainly in Asia

  12. OML Kelsey, you’re such a beauty, especially with this hair color. Love from Italy! (I’m from Venice tho🖤)

  13. Shein is fast fashion and doesn’t pay their workers a living wage. I’d really love to see more content from you based around more sustainable and ethical options. I know it isn’t as easy, but it’d be worth it. We only have one planet after all.

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