Styling Tip Every Woman Needs To Know | Slimming & Affordable For Mature Women Over 50

Styling Tip Every Woman Needs To Know | Slimming & Affordable For Mature Women Over 50

today I’m going to show you a styling
tip that every woman needs to know it’s affordable its slimming its DIY and
it’ll come in at under $20 hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s today I’m
going to show you how to make something like this which cost me four hundred and
fifty dollars I’m going to show you how you can make it at home yourself for
twenty dollars and it’s so easy you’re not going to believe it and here are all
the benefits of this particular garment it moves like magic so when you walk it
kind of sort of moves with you which is very very feminine and I love that and
the other thing is it’s very slimming because the lines coming down and the
drape of this fabric is really just giving length to my body
another major bonus is it covers your belly fat so anything that you’ve got
hiding underneath that you’d like smoothed out can be achieved with making
something like this and I’m going to make it a little bit different length to
the one that I have here just to show you the difference of what you can make
at home depending on your body shape I’m also going to show you how to tweak it
if you have a big bust and what to do if you’re smaller on top I’m going to show
you how to tweak it if you’ve got a big tummy it hides arms and it’s just flowy
and beautiful step number one is the easiest thing you go to the store and
you choose a piece of fabric this size and you choose a fabric that has a nice
drop on it and what I mean by that is when you let it fall it just falls
nicely it’s not stiff and whether you’re going to make this the summer or for
winter the same rule applies it’s got to have a drop and that’s what gives you
the beautiful drape of the fabric so this is kind of heavy this is a little
bit of a knit and it’s stretchy the first thing you do is hold it up to your
neck you decide where you want this piece the front piece to finish so on
this one here it finishes quite high and if you’d like to cover your tummy
and disguise that you make the length lower which is what I’ve done on this
one here and I’ll show you in a moment and I like my length to come down a little
bit lower because I don’t like this look here of just plain pants and I’ll
just quickly show you what I’ve done here which is another little tip okay so
I would not like to wear this just by itself because I don’t think that looks
very attractive or very feminine so what I do is just get a piece of fabric like
this and it’s stretchy this is fake suede and then I wrap it around my waist with the long bit down and a short bit
here and then I tie it just like that for me I like to just cover it up it’s
given me a asymmetric line here and that brings the eye down so it makes me look
a little bit taller than what I am I’m five foot three and if you’ve got a big
bottom it covers your bottom as well that’s just a little extra thing that I
wanted to show you but that’s what I do anyway back to the top after you’ve
found the perfect length for you and you’ll measure that out depending on
your body shape you’ll take the piece of fabric and you’ll fold it in half just
like that and take this part in the middle and put
a pin there so you know that’s the center and the center here is going to
go over your head how simple is this this is the exact
same pattern that I have with this beautiful blue Kashmir four hundred and
fifty dollar top and then we’re going to have one sleeve which is only a cut one
head and neck and then another sleeve it couldn’t be simpler I’m gonna show
you three different ways to wear this okay this is what I made for 20 dollars
and all I’ve done to those places where I cut holes in my neck and my sleeve
here and my sleeve here is just over lock I just over locked around where the
frayed edges were and that’s all I had to do if you’re fancy and you know how
to sew properly you can do a proper hem on that but it’s not necessary so as you
can see this moves beautifully it’s very soft and flowy my arms just have the
perfect amount showing so if you don’t like your arms very much and it’s summer
this is the most perfect thing to cover your arms because this is all you’re
going to see and this is the nice part of most people’s arms and here are
things that you can tweak first of all you can tweak the neck so cut the neck
you know just enough to get your head through and start there so once you’ve
got it on go to the mirror and stand there and have a look at yourself and
just see where it looks better with the cut if it looks too much like it’s
suffocating you cut a little bit more and if you’re very
large in the chest just cut a little bit more again because you’ll notice the
more you cut the better it’s going to look so you can cut this right down so
it’s off the shoulder and you can sort of bring it down I like to have it up
high that’s just how I like to wear it but there’s so many different ways
because we’ve all got different body shapes so cut enough to fit your head
over and then start tweaking once it’s on and then you won’t go too far that
way another thing you can do is adjust this height and this is about the height
it was for my blue one and if that was the case I’d wear something like this
and these are just Spanx tights so they kind of work really well with everything
and suck you in which I love and you know when you walk you’ve just
got this beautiful goddess thing happening and I love it that’s how
simple it’s literally one bit of fabric with three holes one two three plus I’ve
got an extra bit of fabric which I cut off the bottom here and I have also over
locked the edges and if it was cold I would fold this piece in half wrap it
around my neck and loop it through and then that’s just a little bit warmer
also you can take this piece put it over your shoulder so you’ve got another
piece of drape and take this piece tuck it in create a different line altogether
and then you’ve got it’s just a different thing that you can make and
you can create no one else will have the same thing I’m going to show you now how
to wear it in a different way this look can be very very summery too so I’ve
just put white jeans on and a contrasting color necklace and ring take
this bottom edge put it up here on your shoulder and pin it now you’ll hide the
pin so that you can’t see it but I’m just going to show you what it looks
like and you can put a brooch there as well but it just gives a different look
and it’s very very summery no matter what you’re hiding under here your big
belly or your big hips or your big thighs everything’s concealed and it
just all skims over your body rather than clinging to it so if you had a very
sheer fabric you could wear this over your swimwear or you could wear it just
over shorts and a singlet and at nighttime you could wear it over a tight
skimming dress now for summer you can wear a sarong any kind of sarong just
tie it so that the angle of the bottom is going downwards in an asymmetric line
take the hem and tuck it in and then you can take your sleeve up and up so you
can wear it with sleeveless and look how beautiful that just drapes
or you can take another piece of fabric and then thread that through the neck and that’ll just give you another way to
wear it and wear this sleeve down so that would look really nice just going
out for dinner and you can create any of these looks with one piece of fabric
ten minutes worth of sewing and zero skill in cutting so it doesn’t matter if
you’re too tall too short too wide underweight overweight this will work
for you it’s just a matter of how you wear it
and you’ll always feel good because you’re never going to have to hold your
tummy in and you know hide the bits you don’t like I really hope that you got
inspired to get creative and make something for yourself you’re going to
look amazing and you’re going to feel amazing
please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with your
friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week

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    DO-able! Thank you so very much for sharing such marvelous concepts and how to implement them. Even though I am far from a seamstress, I with a bit of practice on inexpensive fabric, I believe even I can accomplish such a project! And, if not, then, off to the tailor I go with my selected bits of material!
    Enjoy an amazing day!

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