Stylish With A Beer Belly? | Dress Sharp With A Gut | Clothing For Larger Men

Stylish With A Beer Belly? | Dress Sharp With A Gut | Clothing For Larger Men

So, do you have a beer belly? Are you the kind of guy that when people see
you they don’t think you’re overweight? They believe you got a normal shaped face,
you’ve got normal shaped arms, normal shaped legs, but you’ve got an extra 20, 30, 40,
maybe even 50 pounds right here in the midsection. It is you’ve got the stomach you’ve got this
gut which just sticks out and you’re doing your best to get rid of it. You know it’s not healthy, but you need to
dress for the body you have. Guys, this video is about dressing when you’ve
got a gut when you’ve got a beer belly, how to help cover that up. Guys, you’ve got to dress for the body you
have. And you can’t go into a big and tall section
because you’re not super tall maybe or you’re not really big as they define it, you just
simply have this extra weight right here and you want to dress in a manner that you can
present the best you. Guys, in this video I’m going to give you
five tips so that you can go do that. And, gentlemen I’m going to point you over,
if you have not seen my fifteen free e-books over at Real Men Real Style, you need to go
check these out. I go into a lot more than just what I’m talking
about in this video. I talk about sunglasses, I talk about accessories,
I talk about shoes, watches, everything is covered here. Because style is not just about your clothing
it’s also about how you present yourself, your accessories, and the man that you are
on the inside. All right, guys? Let’s get into the five tips. So, tip number one and you guys have heard
me say this. You need to get comfortable wearing a jacket. No other piece of clothing is going to do
a better job of hiding a gut of at least making you look larger in the shoulders and in the
arms than a jacket. That’s what this is specifically designed
for. And, guys when I say jacket, I’m not necessarily
talking suit jackets although I think suit jacket and if you decide to go casual, there
are so many options there and you can stand out from the crowd. But, sports jackets, this is a sports jacket
right here and, yes, you can wear them four seasons. I know some of you guys are saying, Antonio,
incredibly hot and, I’ll get into that in a second. But, for most of you guys, you can actually
find you can — I live in Wisconsin, I can tell you I can wear a sports jacket, yes,
even in the summer especially if it’s unlined. Maybe down in South Florida, I wouldn’t be
able to get away with it, but there are special materials. There are tropical light wools. You can get these jackets very pretty much
unstructured. But, let’s talk about other types of jackets. Jean jackets. Guys, jean jackets actually will help a large
man especially if you’ve got a gut, they will help you. The thing with jean jacket, so a lot of them
have a slimmer profile, so you’re going to go to want – you’re going to want one
you can actually button up. Another thing, look at a leather jacket. There’s a wide range of leather jackets. You can go with a fatigue, maybe something
a little bit longer, but a leather jacket is going to be a great way to build up the
shoulders, make your arms a little bit bigger. And all this does it doesn’t make your stomach
looks smaller, but what it does is make you look more proportioned and that is the key
point to pulling off a jacket. Now, tip number two is to wear long sleeve
shirts. And to look for shirts that actually have
epaulettes, that actually have double breast pockets. And I know some of you guys in hot weather
are saying, okay, Antonio tell me more about this. Guayaberas, go check them out all. All of a sudden, a guayabera and this is a
shirt specifically made to be worn longer and it’s going to look better on you than
simply if you’re wearing a tight t-shirt. And, that’s what a lot of guys with guts think
that they can pull off. And I will say stay away from t-shirts, always
look to go for shirt that’s going to be long sleeve. It’s just going to look more proportional. And there are so many materials out there
that are lightweight breathable that that is going to be just as cool if not cooler
than a t-shirt. And if it’s that bad, roll up the sleeves,
all the sudden it’s going to look more, again, it’s going to keep the proportions better
looking and, overall this is going to be a much better look. Now, I talked about the epaulettes on the
shoulders and the pockets. The reason you want to go for that is it’s
going to build up your chest it’s going to build up your shoulders. And you want to sometimes look for a little
bit of a rigid material something that’s going to give you a little bit of a point out here. Again, we’re looking to build up the shoulders,
there’s no way I can reduce the size your stomach, but overall I can affect the way
that we see. And that takes me to point number three which
is to have a monochromatic look and in general go for darker colors. So, darker colors and you’ve probably heard
this black is a slimming color. Women talk about this all the time, but it
does apply to guys. Basically, what we want is allow the eyes
to go up and down. What you don’t want to do is wear something
that draws attention to the midsection. So, belts that have a high contrast with what
you’re wearing, you don’t want to do those. Instead you want something — and you can
go with lighter colors you can go with medium colors, but I find darker are going to be
the best for slimming you up. But if you are a lighter-colored guy, then
simply make sure that everything you have is lighter colored that way again the eyes
can go up and down. Tip number four. Look for shirts look for jeans that have stretch
fabric in them. And the key here is that not that you need
stretch fabric because you want to wear it tight and you want it to stretch, no, that’s
going to be a horrible look. What you want though is as you move around
as you bend over that all the sudden the clothing is going to have a bit of a gap. So, whenever you go like this whenever you
move around it’s going to have a bit more stretch and it’s just going to be more comfortable. [0:05:09]
You don’t want to have hotspots. There are jeans many of them out there with
stretch fabrics and they — actually, they’ve come a long way. You want to go with a regular cut, do not
go with slim do not go with baggy, just go with our regular cut because I know that your
legs are, you know, for a lot of these guys they’re just they’re normal proportioned. It’s in and around the gut area and it’s
the waist that you want to pay attention to. So, make sure that they do not cut in your
waist. You’re going to probably want to go for a
lower rise that’s going to work. If you have a real issue, you can look at
trousers you could — can wear them high. You’re going to have to make sure the trousers
do fit in and around your stomach and you’re going to need to utilize suspenders. Tip number five. Get everything tailored and adjusted to fit
you properly. So, you’ve heard me say this before, but I
think with a man that is actually carrying a little bit more weight around the midsection,
I find that a lot of these guys with the beer gut, it goes straight out. It doesn’t necessarily go out on the sides. And what that means is that when we wear a
jacket you can actually have it brought in a little bit on the sides and it’s going to
give you a leaner cut. Now, again, you go in with darker colors,
I get up close, yeah, I can start to see that you’ve got a little bit of a pouch right here,
but still I can see that you’re well put together. And there’s a big difference between a guy
that is fat and sloppy and a guy that is sharp, large, and in charge. Very different, you know, type of feel and
people, you know, they’re going to be noticing this stuff. Now, all these works in with the points I
said earlier about wearing a jacket, wearing darker colors, going for long sleeve shirts. Now, with your shirts you want to make sure
especially in and around the stomach area, there’s no tension on the buttons. So, you may have to gets in — I talked about
tailoring getting the shirts actually custom-made. What you don’t want to do though is you don’t
want to get it too much tighter in and around the chest especially if your stomach is a
lot bigger. It’s probably going to be better to be a bit
loose right in here, but it is going to be something that you may want to look at custom
clothing. You definitely want to get everything adjusted
to fit. Also, I talked about trousers how sometimes
they cut in, you can actually have sometimes trousers opened up. You can have suspenders, buttons put right
onto those, so it’s going to be easier to wear. Or, you can actually even some cases they
can actually bring the jeans down just a tad. Now, it may not be worth it, I always think
it’s going to be better to find a pair of jeans than having them adjusted especially
up at the top. But, if it’s cutting into you, then look to
have I think they’re called comfort sides and basically with these comfort waists have
an elastic on the side. There’s a few companies that make these, but
you can sometimes have a tailor put them on it. But, if you’re out there search, you know,
searching for clothing, I like to actually have that on some of the trousers because
a lot of the bigger guys your waist is going to expand in and out. But, okay, guys that is it for the points. I have a lot more that I cover in my fifteen
free e-books over here. I’ve got stuff for all different body types,
accessories and watches and shoes and all this other stuff that you may need. But, guys I would love to hear from you down
in the comments, what are some of your best tips for guys that have a beer gut that have
a little bit of extra weight. If you’ve got some good tips, I would love
to hear them. Guys, that’s it. I’ll you see in the next video.

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  1. – Click Here To Read The Article – How To Stay Stylish With A Beer Belly?

    Video Summary:
    1:20 – Wear A Jacket
    2:57 – Wear Long Sleeve Shirts
    4:05 – Go For A Dark, Monochromatic Look
    4:45 – Get Clothing With A Stretch Fabric
    5:47 – Get Your Clothing Adjusted

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  2. Well, I have "kind of a tip" here. For many guys who tend to have a beer gut it's much easier to build up some muscle on the top than to lose the extra weight, since this is often a genetical issue. A little workout just for chest and shoulders is relatively quick and you can easily do it at home. You can even do some pushups on the toilet before a meeting and the "pumped up" effect will go a long way.
    Side effects include better overall fitness (missionary anyone?), health and more fatburn even when you're not working out.
    I work out something like half an hour each week (3×10 minutes) and i look super fit, even with a little gut, which is fine and pretty normal in your fourties.

    Keep in mind, I don't say change your life and become a fitness freak… just a little shoulders and chest and you'll quickly become far more alpha looking.
    Great channel btw.

  3. Or in other words…..your middle aged ha ha, I have a big waist but Im not fat or a big drinker, the rubbish food we eat gives many of us IBS

  4. Marks and Spencer do great concealed waist movement, you literally cant see where it comes from, they give you a good 2 – 3 inches of breathable space. Also If your wearing a suite braces are fantastic, belts cut into you and why be uncomfortable, braces are invisible when wearing a suit

  5. Thank you for the tips. I'm not huge or obese, but I am carrying a bit more weight around my midsection than I would like, and I have limited options to get rid of it due to a back surgery and ongoing serious spinal issues. The rest of my body is proportional, but I have to deal with a protruding midsection. For everyone just saying "lose weight" or "slim up the midsection" I want to remind you that not everyone can do those things easily with significant spinal and/or back problems.

  6. Hello…. one rip I didn’t hear in this video is attention toward posture and how much it helps any man in any style of clothes. Posture and alignment “speak alot about the man”….and enhance the effort he’d make in clothing choices, how comfortable he presents himself and in making others more comfortable too.

  7. And if all else fails. . .just give in. Add a KEG to your attire and be the hit of every tailgate party at the stadium.

  8. Do what I did,find a woman that loves you for you and return that love no matter what.Been married 35 years and have never been told how to dress.

  9. Your first statement is KEY! "Dress for the Man that you are!" Nothing looks dumber than a man my age (60's… I don't look a day over 75, I know) trying to look like he is so cool and dress like a kid. Look in the mirror and dress accordingly to give yourself Confidence! Remember "Good Looking" is largely displayed in your attitude and how you carry yourself.

  10. What was the name of the shirt in this video that was white was a little longer than normal and had dual breast pockets? I want to say that you called it a y Barrett? Could you please give me the proper spelling and where I can look to see for these kind of shirts? Thank you for your help

  11. I get so annoyed with clothing. I have broad shoulders and arms a a lit bit of a gut but the jackets that fit my shoulders are always way to big around my belly making them baggy and makes me look bigger. Even altering starts to look goofy when bringing in the belly as much as needed. Example I wear a 52R jacket but pretty much it's still a bit tight in the shoulders and need a 50R jacket belly area.

  12. The open shirt with a suit looks bad. It looks like the guy forgot the tie and ran out the door. How did this become an acceptable look?

  13. Great video! Your style is easy to listen to, you come off as sincere, and you don't use 'presentation clichés'.

  14. Wearing dress shirts untucked over jeans or shorts. Works for me. I'm very muscular but with a gut. If you looked at me straight on, you can't really tell but from the sides I look like I'm in my 3rd trimester.

  15. Former US Marine in my late 40s, 6'5" 270. I was 210 when I graduated boot camp in 89, and rocked everything I put on. I'm stuck in this netherworld of not looking fat, but not in-shape anymore either. At my age you really have to switch up your strategy about exercise and food, because your metabolism changes. If you don't work a bit harder to stay on top of it, you start slipping. And at this age you start to have just a bit less energy and work is in full swing. giving you less free time than ever. Easier to keep the momentum going rather than get it started, so younger guys….take heed. Prepare now for what's to come.

  16. Suspenders beget jackets. I live in Arizona. Even a light weight sports jacket can cause heat stroke. Therefore, in the summer, the jacket goes to the closet and the trousers go back under the belly unless there is something I missed in the video.

  17. Always topical. Always informative. Thanks! Your videos are always informative and on point. Very helpful

  18. I appreciate the advice. After losing 45lbs since January, it’s been a little frustrating to STILL have a gut. I’ll give some of these tips a try until I lose the belly.

  19. Glad you made this video. I'm such a guy. Normal body, but big gut due to IBS. Which is a total pain, but it could be worse. Some guys are big all over. So thanks again Antonio. Is there anything that reduces that man-boobs situation?

  20. I like the vest for casual wear. I don't often "dress up" anymore since retirement, but vests are out there now in many colors, cuts, and are very functional. Summers are hot where I live but a light weight vest helps me with my considerable girth and is usually not commented on especially worn over the venerable t-shirt or worn closed over a bare chest.

  21. Good straightforward advice, without the flashy youtube drama of the other fashion channels. You'll feel better about yourself and people will treat you differently if you take the time to be presentable and pay attention to the clothes you wear.

  22. Great tips. I have a big beer belly which I just CANNOT seem to lose. Wearing a pair of suspenders instead of an painful overtight belt has changed my life.

  23. my go to garment to look porportional with thicker belly/stomach area is a well fitting vest..dressy casual ones that can be worn with slacks or jeans (both)…in a solid color co-ordinated with whats being worn…yes the mono cromatic look works best most everytime for thick and or tall men…thats a fact..! 👍 rock on guys! 👍

  24. my go to garment to look porportional with thicker belly/stomach area is a well fitting vest..dressy casual ones that can be worn with slacks or jeans (both)…in a solid color co-ordinated with whats being worn…yes the mono cromatic look works best most everytime for thick and or tall men…thats a fact..! 👍 rock on guys! 👍

  25. Hi! This is a great video is made, thank you. I actually fit the exact description of this guy you talking about but the problem with me wearing a jacket is that I am on a wheelchair and I am always in a sitting position making it difficult to keep on the buttons of my jacket. I would really appreciate your advice for people in the wheelchair.

  26. Lot of comments here asking why this video is about dressing with a beer belly, yet all the images are slimmer guys. How about an answer on this, dude? Or better yet, make another video showing how all the advice works on actual guys with beer bellies like us. We don't look like the models in this video. Seriously, WTF? Lol

  27. My husband has a belly but hes normal everywhere else. I prefer his shirt tucked and no high waisted pants – they make him look like he has huge hanging belly. No. I don't like that.

  28. if you give a tip to wear a jacket don't show a model that's slim. We got big bellies' showa model with a big belly that way we can see better What you talking about

  29. Thank you for being so kind in your delivery. Unfortunately we have to dress the body we have not the body we want.

  30. Big belly is not always beer. It's a hormone imbalance due to stress.
    (It's just a coincidence that stressed people might choose to drink to calm down.)
    It's high adrenaline and high cortisol plus high insulin.
    Stress and poor diet = big belly.

  31. Awesome video need more videos for big man like myself please in the future do more big man videos there's a lot of big men out there what style we just need a little help thank you very much

  32. Where are the real-life models with large bellies? Not the slender muscular guys shown. How can we see if the advice is any good?

  33. When i was 20 I had a 20 year olds body. Im now 62 and i have a 62 year olds body. Its called ageing…and guess what its perfectly ok, because it happens to us all. I think most guys who have issues just don’t appreciate that this is the natural way of things.

  34. I am really insulted by the term ‘beer belly.” Yes, I may be heavy but I find the taste of beer to be disgusting. I don’t drink alcohol and I am offended at the implication the term makes.

  35. I appreciate the vid. I do those things. Living in Mexico I wear Guyabara shirts and suits. I even have some bespoke Guyabara sits. I always go with lighter weight shoes and matching belts I also buy and dress in outfits. I use nice jewelry to draw the eye away from my belly. I also wear unlined khaki jackets and suits. Also, I pay extra attention to sharp creases and well-shined shoes. I am glad you dealt with this subject. Where were you 40 years ago when I started in business?

  36. A longish ever so slightly baggy t shirt thats got form fitting arms can be a good look if you try them on in the store , just because it says it's your size dosnt mean it will fit propely.

  37. Too wordy, unfocused. You sound shifty. I don't want to buy anything from you.

    …and if you are in your 20s and wearing blue jeans grow the f k up.

  38. Just watch this video. I love it. My husband is exactly this type. He hates to shop. Wears tucked in t-shirts also. I will definitely use your advice and hopefully so will my husband. He is already a sexy man but there is room for improvement in the dress department

  39. I can't seem to find an answer to my question. I'm straight just fat with a small frame and narrow shoulders. To find jackets that fit around my belly, I have to buy jackets with shoulders that are too wide. What "style" of jacket should I buy. They have classic fit and trim fit, but I don't see "fat" fit, which is what I assume I need.

  40. Good advice, and it helps – but I was a little disappointed. You need a model with a beer gut standing next to you trying on various outfits…sorta like "before and after" shots. Slow down. Point out the clothing mistakes (and corrections)on a real model. But anyway, thanks for thinking of us guys with bellies. The video was useful.

  41. Thanks, but not always beer gut…research congestive heart failure, #1 killer in America. It's a killing bitch. Good tipz, Get info. Keep up the good work!

  42. Jos A Bank makes a “regal” cut specifically for guys with big stomachs compared to the rest of their body.

    Layers are your friend.
    A well fitting vest makes an alright outfit that makes your body look ok turn into an amazing outfit that really hides your size.

  43. I lived in Hawaii, South Florida, I currently live in Texas. I'm NOT wearing a jacket when it is 106° in the shade. No way!

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