27 Replies to “Stylist explained why Jennie is biased to get the best outfits in Black Pink”

  1. And lisa get the ugly clothes
    Why my bias always get the ugly clothes or outfits 😥😥🤧😩😭😭😭

  2. Rose is my bias and all 4 blackpink members are perfectly beautiful. The stylist need to focus more of the 3 members instead of Always Jennie

  3. I hate it even morw 🤣🤣 They will shineee really bright in gorgeous clothes as well!!!! Damn stylist and yG!

  4. You say Rose and Lisa being discriminated… THINK!! You don’t always count Jisoo in discrimination and your discriminating Jennie cause you assume it was her fault.. GREAT! Now every member is discriminated..

  5. Wait ,
    Lisa , since she is a rapper , so is styled with boyish nuance.
    Are you kidding me 😏, jennie is rapper too, even she is main rapper in this group..
    Don't get me wrong, i don't hate jennie, but their stylish 😑

  6. are they blind ????????!!!!!!!
    Rose is not outstanding WTH
    She is really attactive and gorguse then other memers really and jennie sute every thing i thing every member should be treat in the same way like jrnnie 😡😬😕

  7. I can assure you Jennie isn't perfect. If you call dating a man 10 yrs older than you perfect, then you're an idiot.

  8. Perfect girl Jennie? That made me laugh 😂 Excuse me, Rosé is an outstanding member of BP like the others. That stylist is saying rubbish.

  9. Anyone else noticed that in their dance practices for "Kill this love" and "Don't know what to do"
    Jennie stands out.
    In kill this love, her outfit had white on it, unlike the other members (That most people can see properly)
    And in dont know what to do, isnt it weird that Jennie was the only one wearing long sleeves (I know lisa was wearing a sleeveless top, but some people cant see that clearly.)
    Im not hating on Jennie, but I am saying YG is unfair to the members, especially to my bias Jisoo, (Dont know what to do, Lisa and Jennie stand out most. In kill this love, Rose kinda has white in her outfit, and jennie. I feel like Jisoo never got a chance to stand out and have her spotlight, unlike the other members.)
    Also I got lazy halfway through the comment 😛
    And I forgot to meniton in boombayah isnt is funny that Jennie is the one to be carried by the other members? And in as if its your last, jennie gets her "Special Scene" of her in a glamorous bed, none of the other members ever got a chance or a scene like that.

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