Sue Donnelly – How to wear one dress 10 ways

Sue Donnelly – How to wear one dress 10 ways

26 Replies to “Sue Donnelly – How to wear one dress 10 ways”

  1. I've been looking for some inspiration from someone in my age group that understand this is truely the time in our life we really get to express ourselves, through clothes and hair and whatever tickles our fancy. Love love love your style great job.

  2. I'm just re watching your videos for the third time. Love your styling. Could you made some more videos soon.☺️

  3. Really great tips and I was so impressed with your lecture about Fenq Shui in Fashion. I'm waiting for next videos. Thank you 🙂

  4. I like all that, but I'd love to see a few options for the more "chunkier" woman. Maybe an idea for a video?

  5. YOU look fun and funky!  Love the glasses and hair.  You could wear even basic black and carry off a fun look.

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