SUMMER CLOTHING HAUL! Dollskill, Vintage, Luxury!

SUMMER CLOTHING HAUL! Dollskill, Vintage, Luxury!

42 Replies to “SUMMER CLOTHING HAUL! Dollskill, Vintage, Luxury!”

  1. I love that butterfly outfit!
    I don’t think the music is too loud btw but maybe it’s louder for earphone users?

  2. I hate when people go at other peoples throats for SOMETIMES buying fast fashion… if you want to live your life 100% sustainable, go off, but don't go telling other people how to live their lives. Do you boo. Loved this video

  3. Is dollskill considered fast fashion? I thought they stocked a lot of alt designers with limited stock. I always considered fast fashion as shein, romwe and all those cheap sites. Aliexpress.
    Someone educate me plz.

  4. Loved that purse and that pink and white top but I can't wear top like that because of my stomach I hate that

  5. You should not be sorry for the things you buy from your money!!❤️❤️❤️
    Fast fashion is part of our life whether we like it or not:)
    Love you and your style sis❤️❤️

  6. Love a good sit down video, espacially a haul ♡
    PS: principessa is just the italian word for princess (and it pronounce printchipessa 😉)

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