Summer into Fall Outfit Ideas & Lookbook | September 2016

Summer into Fall Outfit Ideas & Lookbook | September 2016

hello friends so this summer I have been traveling a lot and I would kind of film my outfits when I remembered to and I was looking through a lot of this footage and realized so many of these outfits were perfect for kind of this summer into fall transitional period so that's what I'm going to be showing you today these are for outfits that I think are perfect for if you're like yours truly and you're living in a place that is still blazing you can kind of bring the fall into your wardrobe with different colors and styles so hope you guys like it and just stay tuned for this first outfit we're kind of keeping it simple with a black floral dress I think that using darker shades like this black and bringing in more rosy tones as opposed to like super bright colors is a really easy way to transition that summer floral dress trend into fall and I love this one so much it has those lace details all I did for accessories is just pop on this little crystal necklace I got it from eBay as well as this little elephant charm bracelet and for shoes I just wore sandals but you can obviously pair this with like little ankle booties and like socks and stuff but just depends on what style you're going for this next look takes one of my favorite summer trends which was lace bra let's oh my god I wore these like crazy when it was literally like 102 out these were my best friend because they really made it look like I was putting together a full outfit I mean they're so cute but they're like barely there I like to pair these with like high-waisted shorts as you can see these also tie in that lace theme plus you're not really showing any skin then to kind of bring in that fall theme you could do a cardigan that would look really cute with this you could swap out the shorts for jeans or in my case all I'm going to do is toss on a little rose kimono and I think that's so cute but the outfit without without it it is really cute as well if you just don't feel like letting go of summer which believe me I'm there too so this next look is one of my favorites and I've honestly repeated it so many times this summer and I do feel like it sort of brings in those fall tones I started out with this little mustard off-the-shoulder blouse from forever 21 for accessories I am wearing a long line necklace in these bracelets to bring in some of that summary like pop but you can do whatever shades you would like and then my shorts are the same black lace shorts for my last outfit they are from ASOS by the way and they're amazing I think this is actually a very fall outfit and you could take this in a million different directions but I love that mustard with black something about it is very reminiscent of autumn to me and again this was an outfit I repeated so much so so much this summer now this last outfit I didn't get the best footage of I was filming it at Santa Monica Pier but it brings in pastel pink which I can't get enough of my jacket is actually from boohoo although you can find similar ones at forever 21 pretty much wherever you want and then I'm wearing a little sequin tank top from Hollister my super rip distressed jeans are from Wet Seal and my booties are from Target I really hope you guys enjoy this lookbook if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you have not already I love you guys so much and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. I'm huge on cute, but versatile outfits. I really want to put together outfits that work year round, and is more fair palettes, which I have trouble with

  2. I was a little late on the video and missed out on the black floral dress. Walked into my local Torrid and there it was, the only one and in my size ^^
    thanks for uploading or I never would have even tried it on

  3. I'm sad the 3rd outfit link the shirt isn't a larger size and looks nothing like it in the video πŸ™

  4. You are so inspiring to me. Beautiful and incredibly smart and successful. Thank you for being so wonderful

  5. Hii i just came accross your channel. Iv been a thick girl for as long as i can remember lol after having my baby i gained some weight now im trying to get back in shape, but even at my lowest weight i still have huge hips and legs. You are so beautiful and i love your style! This has given me new ideas on how to dress my body and still look good.

  6. You are SO beautiful 😊 please stay body positive, I know that woman have a hard time …. but pleeeease never let someone bring you down, not even if it's yourself ! you're soooooo pretty ❀❀❀❀❀❀

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