hi guys welcome back to my channel oh my goodness it's been so long since I've from the video I literally haven't filled the video in like over 4 weeks for this channel I got married I went on my honeymoon I've been having the most amazing time but I have missed you guys so much I have been uploading on my vlogging channel so if you did want to keep up to date with me I'm always uploading on the ragini channel three times a week but I have been having some time off over the wedding and honeymoon but I'm back and I'm back for the summer outfits video because now July like the end of July and I still haven't done a summer outfits video don't worry I will be coming back with some chatty videos ASAP I'll stop rambling now please give the video like if you're excited and I hope that you enjoy the video please subscribe if you are new and if you enjoy the video okay I will leave you all see at the end of the video enjoy the video certainly videos big mistake the phone a little you believe me she look at me she never fear [Applause] you can look at you feel your can look at you she look here but away stay the same beta for what's up and to change I don't like the way that said you hold me down I was lost but now about day but away stay the same beautiful ass up there to change I don't like the way that self you hold me down I was lost but now I'm found baby girl oh dear literally don't know why I finished the video with a black outfit that isn't even that summery but I hope you enjoyed the video anyway let's and get out the ideas don't forget this week to remember that you are enough I hope you guys have an amazing week and don't forget to be who you want to be wear what you want to a focus on your own journey don't allow yourself to anyone else this is your journey this is your life and your friend slash net I'll see you in the next video guys and I love you so so much go please subscribe if you do the video my like and subscribe to my blogging channel if you like blogs let me so much good bye MA

21 Replies to “SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS 2019”

  1. These outfits are so freaking adorable but if I wore them in the summer I would literally pass out bc it’s so hot in NJ in July/August. But y’all bet that once September comes around I’m wearing all these outfits

  2. honestly, you are the kindest soul ever! thank you for inspiring me everyday and help me accepting myself more. ❤️
    wish u the best for your future and never change. You are enough, you are amazing.

  3. So freaking cute Carys!! I live in a more southern state I the USA and it’s always so funny to see summer clothes with jackets in them 😂 some of these will definitely be my fall outfits!! ♥️ Also I’ll be getting married next weekend and my fiancé has called me bee or Busy Bee for years as well, before I started watching this channel! Your positivity raises my mood everyday 😊 thank you!

  4. Oh my gosh, when are those shirts coming out because I'm so desperate for a t-shirt dress and can't find one I like anywhere!!! 😍😍

  5. You pull off every single outfit! So beautiful, so glad your back!! YouTube has been pretty boring without you 😉 xxx

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