Summer Outfits of the Week: HAWAII | Summer 2019 Outfit Ideas

Summer Outfits of the Week: HAWAII | Summer 2019 Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone, it's Morgan Yates I recently took an eight-day trip to Maui and Oahu with my sister and I thought it'd be fun to film an outfit of the Week video while I was there. I also blocked the entire trip over my vlog channel So I'll hop those vlogs leaked most items shown in. This video can be found linked below So let's go ahead and get into what I wore This is the first outfit I work on our trip on day one when we just went to breakfast and got some coffee You'll see later in this video that I was living in maxi skirts for the majority of this trip This is my first one suit look when we were in Waikiki I've been loving these like skirt wraps from H&M that are really affordable and just make for a fun easy cover-up on the beach How studying it was our beautiful balcony view on this night we were going to get dinner at a sushi restaurant nearby They love these pants with summer because they're super lightweight and since there's a pattern on the main. It's a darker color You can't really tell that these are kind of wrinkled on my suitcase On this day we decided to go to the North Shore and on the way there We stopped at some Botanical Gardens that we got kicked out of Locke famine knows what happened with Thatcher I was just wearing at this pretty red dress because I thought it would contrast well with all of the green background for a photo For the rest of that day, I switched into a comfier outfit that I was actually wearing over my swimsuit So we just have a little t-shirt going on and some old denim shorts Also this entire trip and pretty much for the past few months I have been loving these purses from H&M highly recommend if you guys are looking for a small bag For this next one suit look again, we have another one of the little cover-up skirts. This swimsuit top is from Target They have the best form suits my opinion Then the next day we were in in the car again and decided to put up more of like the southeastern part of island of Oahu where we saw a ton of really pretty lookout points like this and this is kind of like a Half output half swimsuit look again I was wearing my bathing suit just under these pair of pants and I liked the swimsuit top because it kind of feels like there Are no two swimsuit top so spirit valve are exploring Later on we stopped at another beach. This is my favorite Beach my camera, but it's called so consoled the Hawaii And then it was time to apply to the next Island, which was Maui Now we pretty much just hung out at our resort for us evils were consumed and this is the first one see look my words there The following evening, we couldn't leave Hawaii without going to a luau so this is why I weren't there Then lastly our final night's dinner outfit another skirt, and I have to shout it out to Lulu's for these basic talks I would have this linked below Tonight we got this delicious sushi dinner then the following day This is what I wore in our few hours before we had to head to the airport And that was it for when I were in Hawaii hope you guys enjoyed it I was seeing

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  1. Wow, every thing is so pretty, thank you for sharing your outfits of the week!ย  I miss these kind of videos! <3

  2. I seriously love these types of videos! Iโ€™m actually honeymooning to Kauaโ€™i, Hawaii in November and have been trying to start buying tropical outfits early! Definitely will be buying the Lulus tops and H&M skirts. ๐Ÿงก

  3. Love the editing and how this was filmed! Honestly I donโ€™t comment on videos cause I try to stay away from reading comments, but I had to let you know this was so good๐Ÿ˜Š one of my fav videos of yours!!

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