30 Replies to “Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | Express Try On Haul”

  1. I’m so surprised you didn’t like the blue jumpsuit, it looked stunning on you!! Great video 💞

  2. I love watching your videos 🙂
    How about must have summer items – from clothes to shoes jewelry makeup and bags etc. thank you for the great content! 🙂

  3. Very good video. I like it a lot. Maybe you can try to do challenge videos too, like other youtubers. I came to mind one for nominating you. I dare you to take a cold shower, but will all your clothes on. And for be more funny, first, you will have to dress up and put on nice clothes, makeup, a cute hairstyle, as if you were going to go out to a night party. And when you are all ready you will have to take the shower. And for do it funnier you will have to sing a song under the cold water. I hope you dare to do it. You are nominated for it now, so you will have to fullfil it XD. Keep me informed, pls. big kiss!

  4. you would look gorgeous in a paper bag. love jumpsuits and these are all winners. thank you for the work that you put in to making amazing video's.

  5. I have that jumpsuit in turquoise (the first one you tried on in black and red). I love it! You are absolutely correct about the sizing; I wish I had gotten the size 4 so I wouldn't need to wear a bra. I got it in a 6. I also have similar nude shoes to wear with it. Great video!

  6. My favorite outfit is your last one. I do love all the jump suits too. Thanks for all the outfit ideas. : )

  7. Love your try on hauls. Especially the affordable ones but in case you wanted more video ideas, I’d love to see a hair tutorial video. I like your effortless look like you tried but not too hard.

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