Super Easy way to Make Fabric Buttons WITHOUT machine

Super Easy way to Make Fabric Buttons WITHOUT machine

If you have not SUBSCRIBED our channel till now, then click on the red SUBSCRIBE button. To get notifications about our new videos, don’t forget to press the bell icon. Hello and you are watching “Best Stitching Tutorials”. Today, we’re going to show – How to make Fabric Button without using any machine and button making kit. You can make these buttons very easily at home. Many a times, we need 5-6 buttons for a dress, and buying machine for such small number of buttons, makes it too expensive. And, some times it also happens that we don’t get desired size and colour in the market. After watching this video, your, all such problems will be solved. For making fabric button, we are going to use these buttons. You can choose buttons of any size and, you can even use your old buttons. We will also use some cotton, fabric from which you want to make button, and thread & needle. So, let’s start. First, we will take some cotton. And we will adjust it & make it circular. Adjust the cotton according to the desired shape of button. Now, we will place this cotton over the button. And adjust it according to the button. After that, we will hold the cotton tightly over the button, So, that the cotton doesn’t get displaced. Then, we will place the fabric, over the cotton. We place the design on the button. We will fold the fabric below. We will hold the fabric very tightly below the button. We will tie knot with the thread. We will pierce the needle to bring it on the other side. We will repeat this process 2 times. And then, we will tie the thread 3-4 times around around the fabric. Then, we will pierce the needle to bring it on the other side and repeat the step 3-4 times. And finally, we will tie the knot. We will tie 2-3 knots, so that, it doesn’t open. Now, we will cut the thread. After that, we will cut the unwanted cloth. So, our button is finally got ready. This is the front side and this is back side of the button. To get better finishing, ensure that you hold and tie the fabric tightly. By using the same method, we have made some more buttons. If you find this method interesting, then hit the like button and leave us a comment. To watch new and interesting stuff, SUBSCRIBE our channel.

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  1. thk me meri beti ke liye jab bi drass ya frock banati batan keliye bout problam hoti ab is vidio ko dekne ke bad batan ki problam nhi hogi once again thk

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