Sure-Fit Designs Dress Master Patterns Sloper – General Info

Sure-Fit Designs Dress Master Patterns Sloper – General Info

Hi everyone – my name is Glenda Sparling
I’m president of Sure-Fit Designs and I know some of you know me as Glenda the
Good Stitch. But some of you might be watching one of my videos for the first
time and know nothing about Sure-Fit Designs so let me explain. Sure-Fit
Designs is an international pattern fitting designing and sewing company
that gets you a body blueprint based on your unique body shape and size your
measurements quickly and easily. We’ve been in business since 1982 successfully
fitting women men and children literally all over the world. and how do we do that?
Well we utilize your body measurements and we plot them onto a multi graded
sloper pattern. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term sloper let
me just explain. It is a pattern based on measurements that become the building
block for all future designs and patterns. A sloper pattern typically does
not have any seam allowances – it will have a minimal amount of wearing ease. If
you take away all the wearing ease then the pattern is called a moulage. And so
it becomes the building block and when your sloper fits you as well as it will
with Sure-Fit Designs it gives you a fantastic foundation for any design that
you might want to do with a sewing pattern and know that it’s going to fit
you properly afterward. With Sure-Fit Designs you want to start by taking your
unique body measurements and then you use those measurements to plot them on a
multi graded pattern like I have on display here. I’m showing you a skirt
front, a bodice front and sleeve. But we also have multi graded patterns for
pants, for shirts and for children’s wear so we can dress the entire family. Well
how does this work? You take your measurements and you find
your exact measurement on the master pattern. You’ll see on the master pattern
that there are a series of dots going up and out in various locations again those
are called the grading dots. And beside every dot there is a number that
represents your body measurement. You can be as small as 28 inches or 71
centimeters and this goes on up to 62 inches or 157.5 centimeters so
you can work in either the imperial or the metric system which is great for all
of our international customers. So you mark your measurement dots in and you
connect them together and your resulting pattern may end up looking like this.
I’ve drawn off a blueprint and I just used the word blueprint which I’m going
to talk about here in a second. Your pattern could end up looking like this
because these are your measurements. My pattern because I’m different from you
will end up being a different shape. And because it does follow the contours and
silhouette and form of your body that’s why I call it a blueprint. So going way
back to 1982 is when I coined the term ‘body blueprint’. Well I talked about
a bodice blueprint, a pants blueprint, a skirt blueprint knowing that it’s going
to be a representation of your body so it is this sloper or body blueprint that
then becomes the foundation for all of your pattern work. So when you have your
body blueprint done you’re going to have the liberating freedom to design
whatever you want and know that your pattern is going to fit. Think about our
software programs that produce some amazing results – well that’s what Sure-Fit Designs will do for you. Knowing some very simple design changes you’re going
to be able to modify your body blueprint change necklines, sleeve styles, skirt
designs, mix and match them together very simply and easily and again know that
the pattern is going to fit your unique body shape and size. We at Sure-Fit Designs know just how far you can take your fitting and designing with your
body blueprint – the sky really the limit! And to help you on this
journey of fun and discovery we have a plethora of resources available for you.
First of all most of you are likely watching this on the YouTube channel. Our
channel of course is SureFitDesigns and we have over 200 plus free videos that
are educational and informative on fitting designing and sewing. We also
have sewing pattern kits that contain the necessary master patterns, the
instruction books and we have tools and templates to help you further along your
body blueprint to get it exactly the way you want it to fit on your body.
Additionally we have a number of in-depth instructional DVDs and these
DVDs are going to take you deeper into the whole process of getting an
excellent fit and designing with your body blueprint. And to keep up with the
times because we know a lot of folks don’t have DVD players anymore we now
have streaming videos available online. And so we have all of the DVDs
translated into streaming video for you. And when you purchase a DVD you get the
streaming video code completely free so there’s no additional purchase to be
made to watch it online. We also have Design Alongs and Sew Alongs
on that same video platform. In addition to this we also have three websites they
are which is the main website. And then we have the
SurefitDesigns Learning Center and there we have all the articles and
videos we call the article in video libraries. And
is where you’re going to see all the streaming video. And of course you can
watch all that video in the comfort of your home when the time is right for
your learning experience. Another resource available to you is our
international distributors. We have a number of different distributors throughout the world who are there and available to help
you draw your body blueprint if you need help and to design if you need help. And
in addition to that we have an international Facebook group where we
have all levels of experience from beginners to the very professionals who
share their projects and their ideas. Everyone asks questions and we all chime
in with replies. So if you happen to have a Facebook page and would like to
participate in this group I invite you to join our community
it is a private group so just make sure to request to join and answer the
questions that are there and I will approve you. And lastly I would encourage
you to join our newsletter please make sure that you go to
sign up for the newsletter list there are free gifts to get you started
and when I send out emails it will inform you of updates and anything new
that’s happening with Sure-Fit Designs. Thank you so much for watching and I
hope to see you in the next video

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  1. Glenda, this is a great video. I really explains the concept well for people who don't know where to start with this amazing system. Thanks for posting it!

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