Swimming Pool Wedding Dress Prank!!

Swimming Pool Wedding Dress Prank!!

– [Kids] It’s swimming time! – [Bryan] Look at you,
you’re gettin’ married again. – Whoa, I just came out of a magic portal! – [Bryan] You’re still
wearing the wedding dress. ♪ Wherever you are ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be, yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where, that’s
where, that’s where ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – [All] Good morning! – Hey guys, and welcome
back to our channel. Be sure to click that subscribe
button if you are new, and click that bell icon next to it so you get our post
notifications in your feed. What’s up, you guys? Today is a very important day because we are throwing
Auntie’s wedding reception here at our house, right? – Yeah ’cause some people
didn’t come to Auntie’s wedding. – That’s right, Auntie
got married on a boat and there was very limited room, so we’re having another party
so that the rest of the family can come and celebrate Cassie and Carlos. So be sure to hit that
thumbs up button, you guys. And if you have not seen
Cassie’s wedding on the boat, you have to see what
happens, it was hilarious. Do you remember what
happened during the ceremony? – Um, what happened? – [Bryan] Someone made
a mistake, was it you? Was it Finn? – No! – Okay if you guys have not seen it, I’ll have that video
linked above in the I card so you can watch it, so go
check out Cassie’s wedding. But today we’re throwing
her wedding reception and (mysterious music)
hey, what’s that Ollie? – It’s the magic door! – Oh, it’s the magic door! What do you think, you think
we should go through it? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Bryan] All right, Ollie, you go first. Whoa! (machine whirring) – Whoa, I just came out of a magic portal! It’s a bouncy house! – [Bryan] All right, Finn, you next buddy! (machine whirring) – Whoa, Finn, you just
came through that portal! – All right guys, I’m gonna
go through the magic door and see where it led ’em. Hey, Ollie, grab the camera! – [Ollie] Hey dad, you just came through a magic portal into a bouncy house! – Whoa, how did this
bouncy house get here? – [Ollie] I don’t know! – It’s crazy you guys, look at this! We’re in a bouncy house! Woo! Yes, that’s right you guys, it is Auntie’s wedding reception, and you can’t have a wedding reception without a bouncy house, right? Oh, hey babe! – Hey! – [Bryan] So we just went
through the magic door and it took us into this portal. – Amazing. – [Bryan] I know, right?
– Amazing. – [Bryan] Wasn’t that cool, Ollie? – Yeah! Amelia! – Hello! We just dropped through a magic portal over to this ginormous bouncy house! – Yeah, ’cause it’s
actually Auntie’s wedding! I think there’s gonna be
cotton candy here, guys. Go down the slide, okay? Cool! – That is right, we
are actually putting on a second wedding for Auntie,
I don’t know why (laughs). No, actually, I don’t know
if we even explained this, for the wedding, Mom, do you
wanna help me explain it? – [Mom] Oh yes. – We did not have a lot
of room on that boat. There was like, what, 50 people allowed? – There was room for 60 and so she had to be very
particular in who she invited. – So we basically could
only choose aunts, uncles, immediate families– – A couple of friends.
– and a couple extra people, but really there was not a lot of room, so we’re putting on an actual reception at my house with everyone invited. So we’re really excited just
to have all families together, super extended, you’re
probably gonna see people that are like–
– You’ve never seen before! – You’ve never seen before,
but they’re family members, and so it’s gonna be really exciting. But, whew, it’s been a lot of work! It feels like Auntie’s wedding’s been going on for a month. So we are just putting
together this little table. Says just married, I still
gotta put all the stuff on it. And we’ve got a bounce house,
we’ve got a dance floor, we’ve got a DJ, it’s gonna be so much fun, and apparently I said the
invitation is semi-formal, so I was so excited to
wear this dress today, but I don’t think it’s
gonna be fancy enough. And you’ve gotta get
out of your sweatpants! (happy pop music) – [Bryan] The party has begun and the family has started showing up! Check out my little
chocolate fountain creation. Got a Rice Krispy treat,
a banana and a strawberry. What?
– I don’t want this! – You don’t want that chocolate cupcake? Thank you! (“Let’s Get Together” by Al Green) We have a dance floor, babe! (Missy laughs) The party has started,
people are showing up. Look, we’ve got a bouncy house. – Yeah!
– Look at all our fancy tables set up babe, it’s lookin’ good. I love you!
– Love you, too! – Can you believe your
little sister’s married? – Again? – She got married again, you guys. (Missy laughs)
Carlos wasn’t cuttin’ it, she needed another one. Cassie, you look so good! – Hey!
– Look at you, you’re gettin’ married again! – I think so, it’s like, are
we gonna get married soon? Like, where’s like the ceremony? – [Bryan] I think everyone’s ready to meet your guys’ new baby! (Cassie and Bryan scream)
– Just kidding. We’re not pregnant. – You guys didn’t know.
– Aw. – Cassie had a baby. – [Bryan] Look at this little thing! Look at this little thing!
– Look at you! – Oh, she’s so cute!
– We’re actually her godparents. – [Bryan] Oh, you are? – Yeah, we’re actually her godparents. – [Bryan] That’s amazing, you guys. Congratulations!
– Thank you. – [Bryan] How was the honeymoon? – It was amazing!
– Oh my gosh, it was amazing! – Hawaii?
– Yeah, Maui, Hawaii. – Maui, Hawaii, yeah. – [Bryan] Cassie, why
didn’t you come back tanned? – I did, this is tanned!
(Bryan laughs) – It’s been two weeks! (Bryan laughs)
– See my lines, this is tan! (happy dance music) ♪ Despacito ♪ (“Despacito” by Justin Bieber
ft. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee) – And it’s the next day!
(all cheering) We had such a blast last night. Literally, partied and
danced, and had so much fun celebrating Cassie and Carlos. You know, it’s the next day, you cannot keep wearing that white dress. (Cassie laughs) – It’s not over yet! I thought we were gonna do another party tomorrow, later today.
– No! The days are over, you’re
no longer the bride. You have dragged this
out for way too long! – Okay, the real reason
is that I stayed the night and I didn’t bring extra clothes, okay? (Missy laughs) – I did. – Yeah, he did. Not very smart, Cassie! I swear, we had to have
a bachelorette party, the night before her wedding
we had to do something, her wedding we did something– – [Mom] Don’t forget the bridal shower! – [Missy] Oh yeah, bridal
shower, how many days do you– – This is the longest wedding
celebration in history. – [Missy] Yeah! – We’re already almost a month into our marriage and we’re still–
– We’re gonna milk it for the rest of the year. – Yeah, make it another year. 2019 is our year! – Yeah! I wouldn’t be surprised
if by the end of the year Cassie announces that she’s also pregnant! – Whoa!
(Missy laughing) Whoa, whoa, I don’t know. – [Missy] I don’t know, Leave down in the comments if you think Cassie’s gonna be pregnant this year! – Who knows?
– No. (Missy laughing)
– You don’t know that! – Well, maybe, who knows. – [Missy] And look at these boys! – Hey!
– This is kinetic sand, look at it! – [Missy] Did you guys have so much fun at the party last night? – Yeah.
– Ollie, Finn, you passed out! – Yeah, so Finn, we
lost Finn around seven. – [Missy] Yep, in his bathing suit. – Yeah, he fell asleep in our bed in his bathing suit, right behind the DJ. – Yes.
– The speaker was going crazy and he–
– He didn’t care. – He didn’t care. He was so tired.
– He was so tired. – We had so much fun though, babe! – I know!
– We danced, and– – And we jumped in the bouncy house. And look at it, guys, it’s still here! – Yes, it’s still here!
(Missy screams) – In fact, even the dogs had a blast, because I woke up to the
entire yard being trashed. There’s even a little bit
of trash still out here, because in the middle of the night, the dogs always ask to go
out to go potty, I let them, and there were trash
cans all over the yard that they had just dug out and ate everything inside of them. – Yeah, apparently you’re
supposed to recycle the recyclable trash,
not just leave them out. – Yeah, so we’ve been in
clean-up mode all day, and I will say, Bryan, Cassie’s still wearing that white dress. – [Bryan] Oh yeah? – And I think I’m actually
going to finally end it. – Uh huh.
– Because she’s still pretending like she’s the bride. – Like she’s the bride, and
it’s her thing, or whatever. It’s like, we get it. – [Missy] Yeah, I think
I have a little plan, and maybe you can help me? – [Kids] It’s swimming time! – [Bryan] Yeah, let’s go to the pool! Last one there’s a rotten egg! Who’s gonna hop in the pool first? – [Missy] Oh, he’s in! – [Bryan] How’s it feel, dude? You got your giant donut? – Yeah. – He’s got his donut,
he’s gonna go nuts, right? – Woo! – Auntie! – I’m not wearing my swim suit. – [Bryan] You’re still
wearing the wedding dress. Cassie, get over it, the
wedding is over! (laughs) – You’re jealous!
(Bryan laughs) – [Missy] It’s time we finally kick the wedding!
(Cassie screams) – [Bryan] Oh, what! Did you just?
– That’s so mean! – [Bryan] Wait! – You can’t be your wedding day anymore! – [Bryan] She was holding her phone! Do you still have your phone?
– I can do whatever I want! You’re lucky I didn’t have my phone. I should’ve, though! – [Missy] We pushed her in! – [Ollie] Yay! – Now we have to get mommy in! – No, no, no, my hair is
way too precious for that! – Oh, oh, so now. – Oh my gosh, babe. I can’t believe you pushed
your sister in the pool. You’re so mean! – Oh no, it was time. – But she’s right, it’s over. You’re married now, so stop milkin’ it. We’re not throwing any
more parties for you. Officially married and
pregnant and ready– – She got hitched.
– Wait, what? Anyway! (laughs) But anyway! – Make sure you guys are
subscribed to Cassie, actually. – Yes.
– She’s got some really awesome videos from the
wedding, from all the fun stuff that we’ve done.
– Woo! – #NotPregnant. – (laughs) Yet! I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Give it a thumbs up if you did.
– Thumbs up! – And we’ll see you guys in the next video!
– Thumbs up! – [Bryan And Missy] Bye! Boop!
(chalk scratching) – Kids are at home and me and Bryan are officially starting a secret project. – [Bryan] I feel like that’ll totally work for what we’re doin’.
– Oh yeah. (happy electronic music) ♪ I am home ♪ ♪ Na na na na na na ♪ ♪ Na na na na ♪ ♪ I am home ♪ ♪ Na na na na na na ♪ ♪ Na na na na ♪

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