Swimwear parade. Parada costumelor de baie. Probez costume de baie

Swimwear parade. Parada costumelor de baie. Probez costume de baie

Hello dear friends and well I found you on a new video! It’s summer, it’s sun, let’s go to the sea, to the mountain! Actually the song was not that way. I guess… It is very hot and it is vacation! Of course, everyone is escaping. At the mountain or the sea. But don’t forget! When you pack, don’t forget to put on a bathing suit! What colors? See who will be fine. Don’t just take one. Take more. Two, three. To match you! With nails, with makeup. Even with the hair color. Maybe you have purple hair. I haven’t done a swimsuit parade in a long time, and I know you liked the video posted two summers ago. You know, the one where I made the bathing suit parade. So I thought I’d make a bathing suit today. Let me show you what swimsuits I bought this summer. I have yellow, black, with prints, two pink… Not so many. I was poorer this year. I joke. Let’s see what I bought. There are two-piece suits, one-piece suits, what’s not fashionable anymore? There are no thong suits anymore. But something new has emerged now. But I do not like it… Girls, the crocheted suit is fashionable! Yes, the crocheted suit. I do not like and I will not buy a crocheted suit, because two reasons, it dries really hard, right? And the other reason, the suit is not elastic, it can be moved. And another reason, you might be warm with it. I really don’t know why these costumes came out. But I’m not going to buy that. Okay, if you like it and you think a bathing suit will be fine, like that, ok! Why not? Buy two, three! Let’s now make a bathing suit parade. Of course, men will be in ecstasy! Because… Why are you in ecstasy? Because you will see some beautiful swimsuits and so you will have an idea what suits to buy to your girlfriend! And you girls, you will have an idea what colors to wear, what patterns. However, you already know what you are wearing and what benefits you. So start the swimwear parade! Dear friends, I know I shot in the hall of my house, and maybe you wanted to film in a more beautiful place … But that’s it. However, it is very warm to me, because it is very warm in the corridor. But it’s ok, a video, it requires sacrifices. I want to find out your opinion, which you liked the most. But I like it the most, the yellow one. It is a beautiful color, a summer color, and it also has some rhinestones. And the two pink swimsuits, I like it too. I hope you have noticed that there are different models. I like this one because it ties in with the cord. I don’t know what the brand is … I know I have one from Jolidon, I don’t know which one. What do you say? Leave me in the comments the one you liked. Don’t forget to give a like, okay? And if I get a lot of likes, I’ll do other videos with clothes, parades, etc. Until then, let’s meet you well, I wish you all the best and … As usual, I kiss you tenderly! Wait! Oh, poster with no parking is visible :)) Something seemed grammatically wrong in my expression and I laughed with my daughter. Here I forgot what I want to say :))

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  1. Ați sta excelent an toate costumele de baie ai gusturi bune la culori galben frumos ca soarele, violet culoarea bujoreilor de munte. Vacanță plăcută,, pupici

  2. Bonsoir VIVIANA
    BEAU DEFILE DE FEMMES EN MAILLOT DE BAIN , il n'y a que le choix ! excellent création

    Je vous souhaite une belle semaine et toutes mes amitiés

  3. You have the most beautiful, and incredible body, elegant, and very graceful!
    above all, you are very clever and intelligent! Thumps up!!!

  4. VIVIANA BELLISSIMA MIA DOLCE SIGNORA DOLCISSIMA grazie per il tuo dolce e stupendo video complimenti per il tuo eccezionale FISICO GRAZIE di cuore e dalla sicilia un caro saluto tuo giuseppe tuo amico caro

  5. A fantastic swimsuit parade, Viviana…you look awesome in all styles….you know how to work a runway!…we like the black and white bikini.

  6. Why I think you look absolutely gorgeous in all 😍. But if I have to pick one it would be the yellow ones. You look totally awesome and beautiful in the yellow ones

  7. 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  8. Полезная информация , давайте дружить . Мы уже с вами . Подписка и одобрение под видео . Ждём вас гармони канале с ответным визитом.

  9. ptiuuuuuuuuuu ! ce slaba si pricajita ai ajuns . of ! urato ! ti se vede oasele . mai haleste si tu neata bre ! te tzuca nenea :-*

  10. Great swimwear parade , you are beautiful and your body awesome like model fashion. good day Viviana

  11. Muy bonitos tus bañadores amiga el blanco y negro muy lindo.Gracias por compartir.Bonita tarde besitos.Mua

  12. Hola buenas noches amiga cómo estás 😃 buena suerte y yo estoy aquí buena suerte 😃 مرحبا

  13. Very nice video my friend!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Big Like 110.
    I always support you.
    Have a happy time.👍👍

  14. I wish I could go swimming, it's raining here again! Salutations from misty Ireland!  ☘️💪🏽👀👍🏽☘️

  15. Hello dear Viviana! Very nice whole video – it was nice to see it all – thank you! With a smile, best wishes and all the best 🙂

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