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  1. You could also use the back of a t-shirt you just cut to use as a pressing cloth if you don't have any extra fabric or muslin big enough to use.

  2. I’m not sure what I saw you did when you came to the end of a seam. But it looked like a little square the you put under the needle hat was that

  3. Hi, I’m in the process of making a t shirt quilt. I purchased the P44F and I wanted to make sure I was bonding correctly, so I looked up the instructions and on the Pellon website, it says to use a damp press cloth + steam to bond.

    1. Pin pattern piece to interfacing following grainline arrows and cut.
    2. Trim seam allowances to 1/4″.
    3. Place fusible side of Pellon® against wrong side of fabric.
    4. Pin, then steam-baste along edges with tip of iron. Remove pins.
    5. Set iron on Low-Permanent Press setting. (Use steam iron with metal sole plate. Hand-held steamers will not permanently bond interfacing to fabric.)
    6. Cover with a damp press cloth and press down firmly for 10 seconds.
    7. Repeat, lifting and slightly overlapping iron until all interfacing is fused.
    8. Steam press on right side.
    9. Let fabric cool, then check bond.

    Just wondering if you’ve ever used the damp cloth method and if it works any different than using a dry muslin cloth + steam.

  4. Great video! Thank you for sharing 🙂 How do I know how many shirts I need for the various sizes of quilts?

  5. I tried your glue method today on a quilt binding – oh my gosh – so easy and had perfect mitered corners

  6. I just found your videos.  They are going to be great as I start my first t-shirt quilt for my grandson.  Your methods are so easy to understand and I look forward to getting started.

  7. How large do you cut your stabilizer? /Also, do you stabilize front and back? Also, do you stabilize the entire side when it's a small logo? Lots of questions! LOL!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us! I have made a T-shirt quilt and it was really fun ! ! I like your pressing board that is just the right size. Will be making one ! Such a helpful tool ! Thanks

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