T-Shirt Recon: Basics #3–Slashing

T-Shirt Recon: Basics #3–Slashing

Here's a t-shirt, these are scissors, go crazy!
Do I look like a girl who cares that people look at me funny?
Give me a few hours, I could SO make that! Happy Snipping! [sound effect: scissors cutting] Hey, viewers, it's Cara, and this is tip #3
in my t-shirt recon basics series that I decided to do. #2 was the Cut & Tie, which is actually
this right here, and #1 was just simple scoop neckline kind of stuff. So if you missed those,
there's links, you can go back and watch. But this is #3 and we're gonna do some slashing! So I've got my little scissors because it'll
be easier to manipulate that way. Here's my dress mannequin who doesn't have a name yet,
and here's our t-shirt! I know what you're thinking: "High School Musical? Cara, are
you insane?" Well, I kinda liked the first movie at the time that these were on sale
at Walmart, so I got this shirt for maybe five dollars, but of course then I realized
I don't really like High School Musical that much, so I never wore the shirt. So hopefully
I'm gonna make it a little bit cooler and I might be able to justify wearing it. Basically slashing is just cutting slashes
into a shirt and pulling the fabric tight so that it rolls over, because t-shirt fabric
does that. So my example of that is this right here, and I have a tutorial of this shirt
on my channel already. I will link to it somewhere in this frame, but this is the example. It's
always more fun for me if I have inherent inspiration for what to do with my design
in the shirt, so because this is the Wildcats, my inspiration is going to be, I want it to
look like a wildcat clawed this thing apart. You can draw where you're gonna cut if you
like, but I'm doing really really simple ones with this just to show you what it looks like,
so I'm not gonna bother. I'm just gonna cut three or four slashes. Three, three. That's
the first thing I'm gonna do. [sound effect: scissors cutting] There you go. That's slashing. I can end the
tutorial right here. But the really cool part is if you have more than one. [sound effect:
scissors cutting] Slash number two. And now… [sound: scissors cut more slowly] Done and
done! Except I'm actually gonna do a couple this way across the middle. That cool little
stretch is what I was expecting to get over here. I didn't, because the fabric wasn't
going the right way. So you know, you- you come across that kind of stuff, but I still
like that, so now… UH we've got a big "14" on the back, and, um, I wanna slash it. I wanted to do a diagonal slash but now that
I know it's not gonna pull out correctly, I think I wanna do sideways. I think I wanna
just slash straight through the "14" and use the "14" as a stencil and just cut horizontal
slashes through the number itself. [sound: scissors cutting] Okay, here we go! Once I tried it on, I decided
to extend these a little bit more–at least that top one, stretch 'em out a bit–and to
add one more slice, slash on each side there. And on the back I did not pull out the strips
like this because I cut over the painted, designed part, and if you pull that apart, it'll crackle
and it'll look a little bit different. And if I hold my shoulders like this so the back
of the shirt is tight, it looks almost normal, until I do one of these kind of things and
you can tell that it actually is slashed. I think it's a little more worthy of wearing
out now, don't you? Logically to follow slashing, the next tip is going to be weaving or laddering,
depending on what you like to call it. So we're gonna keep the little scissors and I'll
see you in the next video! Thanks for watching and Happy Snipping! [snips scissors] Ahh, it looks like murder, okay…

35 Replies to “T-Shirt Recon: Basics #3–Slashing”

  1. I really think you should save up and get some good quality scissors. I mean your videos are about cutting, yet you rarely know show how you cut. 
    Your ideas are awesome, it'd be great to see a little more of how you do it. 

  2. Wooww wooww wooww it s really short and very helpfull video :)) It s very easy to understand 😉 Thank u cutewitch772 😉

  3. You know, you're not the first person to say that. I finally saw an episode of the show and I don't see the resemblance! But she's very pretty, thank you!

  4. I hate it when I have to wait for people to cut things in these videos… I'm glad you skip that part xD

  5. I grew up in the 80's and cut up tees were all the rage back then. I'm so glad to see it come back! Keep up your tutorials girl…YOU ROCK!

  6. I don't have a lot of other things lying around to recon and show people, so not right now. I have an abundance of t-shirts because I use t-shirt material for other things, but I have limited denim to use.

  7. Thank you for making these! You have such a cool style. I always have this desire to take scissors to most of my t-shirt and other assorted garments, and now I'll know how to do so without completely destroying my clothing. Also, have you ever considered doing videos like these, only with other clothes like jeans?

  8. I do, in another video. "How to Slash a Shape." I also mention in it why I didn't show it: 1) It's just cutting a straight line, and 2) with my old scissors it took too long, and showing a minute of cutting a straight line is a waste of time.

  9. that was cute and true be you, an forever stay awesome i hope that bythis message you can tell i'm a girl!, heh lol:)

  10. Actually you could find anyone anywhere if you cared to lol. But no, I've only ever been to New York once. I didn't go to school there.

  11. Oh I didn't want to find you or your friends… I just noticed it seems that you went somewhere in NYC and I just wanted to see if I knew it. It's no big deal if you say the name like NYU its not like I can find you or your friends there or care to…

  12. 1) I don't, I graduated. 2) I prefer not to say because people who have been in my videos are still there and putting our personal lives on the internet any more than necessary is silly. I'm sure you understand.

  13. I looked up some different versions–there are actually some cool variations people are doing, rather than just the basic one I had already seen. So it is on my list for the future, but I have to find what shirts I'd want to do it to! I may have to get some new ones before I go for it, and then I'll probably sell them on Etsy because I don't need a bunch. =)

  14. The big skull face that's just a cut-out eyes, nose, and then "teeth"? It's been around for years, but there are tutorials everywhere and I have never personally wanted that on a shirt, so I haven't done it. I certainly could, especially since I'm not keeping all my recons now, I'm going to sell some. If it's the one I think you mean, anyway.

  15. @lmerr17 You cut a straight line. I'm not sure why people think I need to show that. I say that I'm going to cut a line, I show you where I'm going to cut, and then you see where it is cut in the next shot. I don't show it because my scissors are crappy so it takes a long time to cut a line and I don't want the video to be super long because you're waiting for me to cut. But that's all I'm doing. Cutting straight lines.

  16. @hummer2406 Because I don't have amazing expensive scissors that ZIP through fabric. I have regular old fabric scissors and it takes a while, so I save about a minute total from a video like this by not showing me cutting straight lines.

  17. @barbieandcarlee "Hang shirts"? I've never heard that term. I have a tutorial on off-the-shoulder, scoop neck shirts. It's my Basics #1 video.

  18. Hey ! You're really good ! I was wondering if you could do a T-Shirt Recon on how to make a shirt hang off one of your shoulders? You know, hang shirts? Please and Thank You !

  19. @NEYAH1 I'd have to see it, I've never seen the show so I have no idea what it looks like. You can message me a link to where you found the picture or a video, if you like, and I'll see if I can figure it out.

  20. @kryzz Yeah, it's supposed to do that. The fabric stretches when you pull it, hanging down loose. It didn't with this shirt because on the front, I cut it diagonally and the fabric doesn't stretch that way. Then on the back, I cut over a printed design, so I purposely did not stretch it out. But it is supposed to hang loose like that, really, so you can weave it like in my Basics #4 video. If you don't want it to gape open, you could tie them tight against you again, or sew them.

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