50 Replies to “T-SHIRT WAR!! (stop-motion) – Rhett & Link”

  1. I've always admired stop-motion animations. I just love to think of all the work that somebody had to put into it.

  2. coincidence that a shirt in the thumbnail looks like the red circle shirt in riverdale? sksk

  3. This video is older then some of the people on YouTube. I appreciate they still do videos! ☺️🤗

  4. Am i the only one who watched this in 2010 and somehow this video pop up in my recommended

  5. 2010: nah
    2011: nope
    2012: nein
    2013: no thanks
    2014: I don't think so
    2015: no
    2016: naaaah
    2017: nooo
    2018: NOOO
    2019: hey let's put this in her recommendation

  6. I’m watching this in 2019!! Look at links Justin Bieber hair they made this before I was born I was born on February 25 2010

  7. I watched this 7 years ago and here I am, back here 7 years later because its in my recommendations!

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