Tall Girls Wear Heels For A Week

Tall Girls Wear Heels For A Week

– I’m sure Steve Madden
is a very nice man, but these heels are not nice. (upbeat quirky music) – I’m pretty confident with my height, except when I’m around people who are all sort of in the five three, five four and you go shopping and
you’re the green giant. – I’m nervous about wearing heels because I try and not seem tall. – I do like wearing heels. I feel super fucking
fly when I wear heels. I’ll walk around and be
like, “I look so good” and then I go back to my car and be like, “My feet hurt so bad.” But I feel like if I wear heels it’s very aggressive, so I don’t do that. – I’m basically the exact same height as my boyfriend right now. I don’t think he really cares if I were taller than him in heels, but I feel insecure
about it for some reason. – I feel powerful. I think I’m going to get
a lot more attention. I think you’re going to get the overt sort of up and down stare. – I’m definitely not
getting drunk in these. This would be very bad. – I’m going to scare small children, large children, adults,
I’m going to scare adults. I need to learn how to stand up straight. It’s clear because I’m already like, “No, like don’t look at me!” – I’m excited! My feet are not as excited. (laughing) But I’m excited. – I just walked back from
where we were shooting to the office and my feet are killing me. But I’m almost as tall as
Garrett, which is a fun thing. – The toilet is really far
away when I go to sit down. It’s very far from my butt. – Oh beep, you’re so tall. You make me feel shorter than usual. You’re like a giant
though, look at these legs. – I look like a giant. – So, I just finished
being at an awards show for the Latinos de Hoy. I definitely stood out, I was
definitely the tallest person. When I say person I mean man or women or beast really, but it was awesome, they put be in V-I-P
and I wasn’t at V-I-P. But when you’re tall and stand out, apparently it means you’re something. – Okay, so this is how
tall I am next to Ty. What do you think about me being this much taller than
you, with my heels on? – I don’t care. – No? – Yeah, I don’t mind, it’s kind of fun. – I’m over the people
caring that I’m taller than them because I’m
six three in these heels but I really would just like my shoes back so I can rush to class
because I’m running late. – One of my coworkers called
me The Statue of Liberty which I don’t really get
because Statue of Liberty I think stands for freedom
and not tall women. Overall, it’s been a great experience, I feel like I’ll be
wearing heels more often. It was a good look for me. – I’ve stopped really noticing my specific height difference. I’m not nearly as self conscious today as I was the other days, about being taller than my boyfriend. – I am officially very
sick of wearing heels. I don’t want to wear them anymore. – So, it’s been a week. – It’s been a very long week. – But an empowering week. – It was amazing. I feel
sexier, more confident. – It was interesting for me to have to face my fear of being really tall. – Look how little I am! If
you put it higher, I’m gone. – My boyfriend didn’t seem to mind at all. Which I wonder if it would be different if we had just started dating, but since we’ve been dating for a while he just felt kind of like a baller. – Do you feel like a baller
with a tall girlfriend? – Hell yeah. – There were just so many things that the six inch heels
just wouldn’t let me do. I was running late to class
because it makes me walk slower. I had low grade anxiety about falling over or being bumped into. – I got a lot of phone
numbers, so that’s always good. You know when you’re the
best dressed in the room it’s a different sort of energy. An energy I liked, because
people paid more attention to me. – I think I really did
get over my fear of that, “Being the tall girl thing.” – Sometimes I want to wear heels, and now I actually feel like I will. Yeah, because no one gives a shit. It’s just all in my head. Here they come, they’re coming off. – [Safiya] Oh my god, literally my toes are so numb. – It feels good to be back on the ground.

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  1. I kind of hate it when people comment on videos about tall woman with "omg I'm so short though." And "haha lol I'm short." Like, I'm quite tall for my age and honestly I'm insecure af about it and I was kind of hoping the comment sections would help or something :')

  2. Once I went to Seoul, SK, and befriended a korean woman whose height is 6 feet. We went to a conference and she was literally the most stood out person in the room. For Asian which average height is just 5.4" to 5.7", seeing a tall woman is a quite intimidating for them. I asked her whether she experienced difficulty in dating and she said "Absolutely, all males are intimidated by my height. they feel belittled when I'm around them."

  3. Im 6ft and 16 . very insecure and I hate my height . the guys I hang around or just people in general weather I know them or not will look at me and whisper and even sometimes will just be openly rude and insulting

  4. Yeah be a tall person sucks and the tallest girl in my school and everybody ask me to get stuff out of their locker that's why I don't give for kids a big Locker

  5. I myself am a 6’1” tall and a man. In high school, the prettiest girl in school was also the tallest, 5’10” tall, and although she was sweet she wasn’t very academic, so she wasn’t my type. But what I took away from that was that I really, really liked the idea of having a girl who could look me eye-to-eye and stand and dance with me shoulder-to-shoulder, regardless of high heels. I find tall girls very attractive. Just my story.

  6. I'm 11 and I'm the shortest in my class I do wear high heels but only for occasions since they're sorta easy to walk in and make me look taller since I'm only 136cm 1.35m so…

  7. I’m freaking out because that lady is full grown and she’s 5’9 and I’m a teenager and I’m 5’7. I actually love being tall.😂

  8. I’m 14 years old and am 6 foot 3 inches. I hate it. I grow out of clothes so fast and all people say to me when they see me is “omg your sooooo tall” or “ how tall are you” “do you play basketball” it’s super annoying. I’ve been super tall all my life and I still can’t come up with a response to the omg your so tall. I don’t understand what people expect me to say. Sooooo there’s my little rant for the day.

  9. I’m 5’5 and I’m 12 … I find it really uncomfortable since my female cousins ( that are like around on their 20s-30s ) are shorter then me . I remember once me and my friend was at this play center or sm . And my friend was getting annoyed at these boys , so I told them:

    Me: leave her alone
    Boy 1 : was I talking to u
    Me: no but I’m now taking to u
    Boy 2 : ooo u like him
    And I kicked him
    Boy 2 : woah relax long legs


  11. Whenever you're feeling insecure about being tall Ya'll have to remember people like Rihanna, Blake Lively and Nicole Kidman.

  12. Just lol if you are not 7 feet these days. Average girl height in this comment section is 6'1 at age of 10.

  13. I wish I could wear heels but I have foot issues my tendons are VERY tight and wearing heels does not help like one time I wore them to go to a play and my physical therapist the next day told me to never wear heels and I was like yeah I got that

  14. I know that I'm not short, but I just really wish I were like six feet tall. Right now, I'm 5' 7", and I feel insecure because I don't like being this short. I know I shouldn't but all the boys that I was taller than in elementary school are now taller than me, which I really hate.

  15. Its lucky that we tall girls don't have to wear heels ..
    Heels are not good for our bodies..it's scientifically proven

  16. omg i can totally relate i’m 5’6 in 8th grade so i’m kind of taller than everyone ahhh and now i’m having graduation and i’m wearing heels and i’m kind of afraid

  17. I love heels, but my boyfriend is 5'5 and I'm 5'7 (20yrs) 😑 so if I wear them I'm 5'10 or 11 and I just do not feel comfortable being 5ish inches taller than him lol

  18. "Tall women" tall for women isn't 5'6" to 5'10" that's natural for women. Want to know what's tall? 7'2". I'm giant. These women are short. It's just misleading when a video says tall girls and they're shorter or about natural height for women. Just imo.

  19. I go to a church that's full of hispanics, and if you don't know most hispanics tend to be short (both men and women). I'm 5'7 (not that tall ik) and I'm already the tallest girl in my church, but when I wear my heels…I'm the tallest person out of everyone. Funny thing is, I liked a guy who was 5'2

  20. At 1:26 , I can see Zach, Keith and Eugene! Lol. It's kinda weird seeing tryguys and Saf still in BuzzFeed in one video.

  21. I’m 5’5 and 15 and I ain’t even that tall but still often the tallest girl in a group I really hope I don’t grow anymore wish I could just shrink

  22. I'm a Maldivian and woman aren't tall here I'm 5,3" I'm considered tall and it's uncomfortable hanging out with shorties

  23. I am 16 and 5'8 I don't feel happy! I always wanted to wear heel like always! Guys always joke around and make me feel and sad…;/

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